My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 750

750 With a cute face, Julien Glover Kyle said seriously, “Mom, I’m not..” “Little precious, little precious, little precious…” Julien had not yet finished his words but Karen Joy Kyle continuously teased him with his nickname. Julien had no choice but to lower his head and eat obediently. As the saying goes, women are hard to get along with. The two women in the family took advantage of his father’s love for them and ran amok every day. No one could afford to offend them. At the end of September, the temperature in Coast City was getting colder. It was especially cold at night. With the whistling of the cold wind, it meant that winter was arriving. But the cold did not appear to affect some people, and they could continue with their daily routine like normal. For instance, Kevin Kyle was one of them. He had other matters to attend to tonight, so he left to the dinner meeting with his adopted son, Jayden Kyle, and Nick Black. When he went out, he put on Karen Daly’s favourite outfit – a white dress shirt and a pair of black trousers. Although he dressed his usual style tonight, but everyone else felt that he still looked different tonight He sat in the car without saying a word. He was a very cold person, but today, he seemed to be serious and a little anxious, which was unusual. “Director Kevin, we’re here!” Nick announced promptly as he parked the car, and he had been working as his chauffeur for the past few days. However, Kevin didn’t hear anything. He was in a daze, and Nick thought that this was unusual too despite working for him for decades. “Director Kevin…” Nick tried to get his attention gently. “Nick, am I overdoing it?” Kevin suddenly asked. He listened to Karen’s advices and understood that he should let his children handle their own personal affairs. It was none of the adults’ businesses, but he still couldn’t help but to intervene. Karen Joy Kyle was his daughter, and the only daughter in his life. He could not watch his daughter fall in love with another man so hopelessly without doing anything. “Director Kevin, you’re already here, aren’t you?” Since their Director Kevin had already made up his mind, Nick didn’t dare to persuade him any further. “Let’s go.” Kevin got off the car. and Jayden walked ahead of him, “Dad, who are we going to meet?” Jayden had already guessed who they were going to meet, but he needed some assurance If their father was willing to meet that person, it would mean that he had compromised and supported Karen Joy’s decision. “You’ll know when you see him.” Kevin took the lead in walking towards the guild hall, with Jayden and Nick following closely behind him. “Mr. President, Mr. Kyle is here.” Jason Lesley saw Kevin’s group of three and reported immediately. Having turned down all his other schedules tonight, Nathaniel Cooper, the President of the country, had already reached half an hour before scheduled time. He had never been as nervous as he was now. Even when he was waiting for the election results, he was not this nervous that his palms were sweating. Because the person he was going to meet tonight was the girl’s father whom he cared about. “Uncle Kyle, nice to meet you!” Nathaniel took a deep breath and hurried to greet him. In the past, Nathaniel had been with the Kyle family for some time under another identity. In order to keep his true identity a secret, he had never spoken to Kevin during that period of time. As such, he had never greeted Kevin before. Today, when Kevin invited him to meet up, he seriously thought about how would he address him. He knew that he needed to respect the generation gap and address him like his senior. This was because Nathaniel knew that Kevin’s appointment with him today had something to do with his precious daughter. Kevin looked at the young man in front of him. He thought that Nathaniel had a strong aura and a heroic vibe. He maintained appropriate eye contact and appeared confident. Kevin could see himself in this man. “Hello.” Kevin answered very minimally. “Uncle Kyle, this way please.” Nathaniel led Kevin into the private room that he had booked. Kevin did not bother to act polite with him. He stepped forward and walked in front of Nathaniel. Jayden and Nick naturally followed closely behind him, leaving Nathaniel behind all of them. “Have a seat.” Kevin sat down first and pointed to the seat opposite him. His expression was calm as usual and no one could see through what he was thinking. Nathaniel nodded and sat opposite Kevin. Jayden sat on Kevin’s left, while Nick stood behind Kevin. “Mr. President, you should know why Director Kevin asked you to meet him, right?” As soon as he sat down, Nick spoke on Kevin’s behalf. “Yes, I know,” Nathaniel answered calmly. In the past, Karen Joy was still very young and did not remember what he looked like. However, the seniors of the Kyle family did not forget about him. Furthermore, Kevin had always known about his true identity “Since you know, then I’ll get straight to the point. Of course, it was Nick who spoke on behalf of the cold and aloof Director “Please, go ahead. Nathaniel said politely. Today, he wanted to meet Karen Joy’s father sincerely, and not as the President of Country A. “What kind of feelings do you have with our Miss Kyle?” Nick directly asked the question that his master wanted to know. “I like her, and I want to keep her by my side. That’s what I feel.” Since he liked her, he did not want to conceal it too. Nathaniel answered directly and didn’t beat around the bush. “You like her and want to keep her by your side, but you can’t even tell her your true identity.” The person who said this sentence was Kevin. His tone was heavy, and his gaze was fiery. He stared at the man in front of him, and he wanted to read through his subtle expressions. If Nathaniel had any concealment or other intentions, even if Karen Joy hated his guts, Kevin would bring her back to New York forcefully. “I will tell her the truth at the right time. This matter was the greatest helplessness that Nathaniel had ever felt in his life. Kevin asked Jayden to check up on Nathaniel before, and he knew that Nathaniel did this to protect Karen Joy. Today, he just wanted to see Nathaniel’s attitude and behavior. “Is a year’s time enough?” Kevin asked in such a cold tone. He asked vaguely, but Nathaniel understood what he meant. He originally thought that Kevin had come to stop Karen Joy from being with him, but now he took the initiative to give him a chance and time. It might not be easy to deal with everything within a year. But in order to be with Karen Joy as soon as possible, he would try his best to do it anyway. “What’s wrong? Is one year not enough?” Kevin continued to ask as Nathaniel did not answer him. The expression in his eyes darkened under his golden framed glasses; he was obviously dissatisfied. “Enough.” He answered him very seriously, as if he was speaking to himself too. Kevin frowned, “You don’t have anything else to say?” Nathaniel was also someone who wasn’t very good with sweet talking. Rather than making false promises, it would be better to use his actions to show his sincerity. Therefore, he shook his head immediately and said, “Uncle Kyle, I have nothing else to say.” Kevin was even more dissatisfied. He sneered and said, “is there really nothing you want to say to me?” Nathaniel understood Kevin’s intention and knew that he was worried about his daughter. So even if he didn’t want to say some pleasant words, he still said them anyway, “I will handle my affairs well, and I will never let her down in my whole life.” “Is that enough?” Kevin raised his eyebrows. The more he looked at the man, the more dissatisfied he was. He came to find him in person, yet he still acted coldly. Was he trying to act as the President in front of him?.

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