My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 751

Nathaniel Cooper did not answer. Kevin Kyle added, “My daughter has always been a treasure in our family ever since she was young and she was never once mistreated or hurt before. Besides not letting her down, you need to hold her in your arms and care for her like we always do.” This was the first time that Kevin spoke so much to an outsider, and it was not even related to work. Although he knew that he was being a little demanding to request that Nathaniel treated Karen Joy like how their family did, Kevin would never hand his daughter over if he couldn’t achieve this. Nathaniel knew what Kevin wanted very well, but he couldn’t say anything nice to him, so he only kept silent. He knew very well that in his life, besides being loyal to Karen Joy, he needed to provide her the care and freedom of a princess. He had to be her strongest support, so that she would be as happy as she used to be when she was a child. Since Nathaniel said nothing, Kevin was getting more agitated with him. He was only here because he knew how much her daughter liked him. “Mr. President, yes, you are the leader of the country. The Kyle family may not be as powerful as you, but Miss Kyle is a child that we love very much. If you’re not completely devoted to her, or if you’re up to something else, then Director Kevin will definitely not have mercy on you. There was once a very clueless and bold kid, who wanted to win the favor of our Miss Kyle, so that Rovio would provide funding for them. But guess what was the result?” Nick spoke up on behalf of Kevin again. Nathaniel was the President of a country, but he had just taken the position and had a lot of people who did not like him. He was now in a precarious situation, and any slight carelessness could lead to his downfall. The Kyle family did not have the power that Nathaniel had, but Kevin had been running Rovio for decades. He owned a strong business empire, and no one could overtake his success. Nick’s words seemed to be very tactful and polite, but every word hit through Nathaniel’s heart like a sharp nice. “Mr. Black, what do you mean by that?” If Nick could speak up for his master, the loyal Jason Lesley wanted to speak up for Nathaniel too, as he could not take how the other parties were belittling his master. “What do I mean? I’m sure Mr. President understood my words very well” Nick said. “Do you mean to say that Mr. President wants the help of the Kyle family? Bullshit!” As he saw how his master, the President of a country, was satirized by the Kyle Family, Jason was extremely angry. “Jason, back off!” Nathaniel yelled out loud. “Mr. President, L. Jason wanted to say something more, but when he saw the fierce look in Nathaniel’s eyes, he had to back down. After Jason left, Nathaniel looked at Kevin and saw that his expression remained cold. It was as if he was still waiting for his response. “Mr. Kyle, I, Nathaniel, have never thought of getting any help from a girl before. I can assure that Karen is the girl that I want to protect in my life. I have something to attend to unfortunately, so I’m sorry, I’ll have to leave first.” Nathaniel spoke sternly and confidently. After that, he bowed to Kevin and turned around to leave. He admitted that Karen Joy had compromised a lot for him, but he would never let others think that he wanted to take advantage of her Over the years, he had paid attention to her every move and even sent people to be close to her and protect her. He just wanted to know about some of her updates and know that she was growing up healthily. “Director Kevin, he…” Nick had been by Kevin’s side for many years. This was the first person who spoke so sternly with him and even walked away before he did. “Let him go.” Kevin waved his hand to stop Nick, and a faint smile appeared on his face. What he wanted to see was a young man with grit and courage, and the ability to protect his daughter. “Yes.” Nick closed his mouth. “Jayden, what do you think of this Nathaniel? Is he worthy of our Karen?” Kevin suddenly changed the topic and looked at Jayden, who was sitting next to him and had not said a word since they say Even though he was adopted, Jayden had been able to gain Kevin’s trust for so many years. He never interrupted in Kevin’s conversations because he was very cautious. To tell the truth, when he heard Kevin say that he would give Nathaniel a year’s time, Kevin’s words were like a bucket of cold water splashing onto his heart. Giving Nathaniel time to deal with matters meant that Kevin would give Nathaniel a chance to be together with Karen Joy. Now that Nathaniel had an opportunity, what about Jayden? Will he never get a chance? “Dad, to be honest, I don’t know much about Nathaniel. I don’t know if he is worthy of Karen either. But I believe in your judgment, Dad. If he’s worthy of you, then I think he’s not too bad too.” Jayden spoke so carefully that he pushed the authority and decision back to his father. “Perhaps your mother was right. As my children, you should handle your own affairs.” Kevin paused for a moment before continuing, “You’re Karen’s older brother. In the future, you have to help her take note of Nathaniel. You can’t watch Karen suffer any injustice.” “Dad, I will.” Jayden nodded. He was always willing to help Karen Joy. During these years, he had loved her as an older brother. Now that she grew up, he still had to help her watch over her potential partner. This was the first time that he hated his status as an adopted son of the Kyle family very much. However, if he was not an adopted son of the Kyle family, would he have the rights to pursue her like other men? As the night went on, the wind seemed to blow stronger, and the temperature turned colder. Outside the restaurant, Kevin didn’t expect to see his daughter’s slender figure. She was only wearing a thin T-shirt and denim jeans. She stood still in the cold wind and looked at him with an extremely down look. “Why are you here?” Kevin instinctively wanted to take off his jacket and put it on for his daughter. However, he realized that he was not wearing a jacket Karen Joy did not answer him, but she just looked at him quietly. “Nick, turn on the heater.” After giving instructions to Nick, Kevin wanted to bring Karen Joy into the car, but Karen Joy avoided his hand. Her face and nose were red and she sniffled, “Dad, do you still remember what you said to me?” “Of course. Let’s get in the car first.” Kevin already knew why she was here. Before he left the house, he deliberately avoided her. How did she still manage to come here? “Dad, I can’t remember clearly what happened when I was a child, but I always remember that Brother Lionel saved me when I was carried away by bad people.” As she said this, Karen Joy suddenly burst into tears. She wiped her tears and continued, “I remember that Brother Lionel once said that he would protect me for the rest of my life. Perhaps in the eyes of you adults, these were all lies casually made between children. But, these words were embedded in my heart since such a young age.” If Brother Lionel had ulterior motives for treating her well and wanted to use the power of the Kyle family, then why didn’t he look for her before his big election? He had encountered so many obstacles in the process of being elected as the President, and he had even experienced an assassination attempt from the opposing party before, but he never once tried to find her. Even when she found him, he only met up with her quietly. He didn’t want to use his real identity to reconcile with her. She thought that he only did this to protect her identity, and he didn’t want her to help him with her family’s status. This was her Brother Lionel, who silently protected her and almost lost his life for her. Why was her dear father doubting him?

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