My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 752

“Karen, come into the car with me first.” Upon seeing his daughter cry, Kevin Kyle’s heart felt as though someone was stabbing it mercilessly. He felt that he was suffocating. “Dad, I know that you did this because of you love me, you don’t want to see me hurt. But I am already 18 years old, and I am an adult. I know what I am doing.” Karen Joy Kyle bit her lip and added, “Brother Lionel is the person I chose. I trust him, so please trust me, okay?” Karen Joy’s spoke very gently, as if she was begging her father, and yet you could hear a hint of pain and desperation in her voice. Brother Lionel was the person she chose to like and trust. She also hoped that her family could trust him like she did. Just now, she eavesdropped on their conversation and heard Brother Lionel addressed her father as Mr. Kyle instead of a casual Uncle Kyle, like he did when he first greeted him. She also saw the desolate expression on Brother Lionel’s face after being satirized when he walked out. Of course, since he was became the leader of a country, he had heard a lot of criticisms about him. However, this time, it was different Because the person who had said those words to him was not just an average Joe, it was her own father, and he cared about him a lot. Brother Lionel must have felt very sad at that time. She watched him walk away sadly, and she really wanted to rush to him and hug him. She wanted to console him, but she couldn’t He still didn’t know that she already learnt his identity. She had to pretend that she didn’t know yet, so that he could handle his affairs well. “Karen, I don’t want you to be hurt. I’m not forbidding you to be with him.” Kevin explained. “Dad, both you and Mom have told me that life would never go as smoothly as we wished, and everyone will experience different types of twists and turns in life. I know that in my path, I may encounter setbacks, but please let me face them anyway, and maybe you could see how much I’ll grow.” Choosing this life was her own choice. Perhaps the result would not turn out as she wished, but she would definitely not regret it anyway. Karen Joy understood her father’s worries, but if she didn’t try, she would hide under her parents’ wings for her whole life. She would be protected by them, and be a child who couldn’t stand up to any hardships. Would they really like to see that? She believed that her father did not want her to be such a weak and incompetent child. There was a reason why Kevin enrolled her in prestigious schools, plenty of after school activities, and provided her the freedom to do whatever she wanted. “Okay,” Kevin replied in a deep voice. She said that she wanted to get out there and not hide under her parents’ wings, so he needed to let her go freely. He just wanted her to know that no matter what happened outside, she still had a home, and her family who loved her. “Dad, thank you!” After her father heard her out, her tears fell even harder. “Silly child, you are my daughter.” Kevin held the little girl in his arms and patted her back gently. He wanted to see her happy more than anyone else. “Mr. President, don’t take what the Kyle family said to heart.” Jason Lesley, who drove Nathaniel Cooper to the residences on Donder Street, finally broke the silence and spoke up. “Are the documents for the meeting tomorrow morning ready?” Nathaniel completely ignored him and talked about something else. He didn’t intend to talk about the evening at all. Kevin loved his daughter and it was normal for him to confront Nathaniel. If he was in Kevin’s shoes, he would do the same thing too. “Mr. President… “I’ve asked a question.” “It’s ready. Jason did not probe further. “Go back early and rest up.” Nathaniel reminded gently. Then, he turned around and entered his house. The house was still the same as before, but tonight, he felt that it was particularly empty. The house was empty, and his heart was also empty. Perhaps it was because she had been here last night. There was her cheerful laughter in the house, and her lively figure. Today, he came back here again, and the girl who stayed here last night disappeared. What happened last night was just like the dream he often had before, so he felt very lonely When she was thinking about her, Nathaniel’s personal phone vibrated. He picked it up and saw that it was a message from Karen Joy. “Brother Lionel, my father came to Coast City and took me away early this morning. If you got home and didn’t see me around, don’t be sad. The weather is cold, so please remember to add an extra layer of clothing. Don’t catch a cold. If you catch a cold, I will be worried.” This girl’s message came so timely, as if she knew that he was thinking about her. It was a very long text message. Nathaniel read it over and over again. It was as if he could see that the little girl was making ugly faces at him through the phone. “Silly girl, you also have to take good care of yourself. Don’t let those who care about you worry about you.” Nathaniel quickly replied to her message. “Brother Lionel, I know that you were definitely disappointed as you couldn’t see me after you got home. ‘ll send you a photo to lift your spirits up.” Soon, Nathaniel received Karen Joy’s short reply, as well as a selfie that she had just taken He clicked on the photo and a wide smiled appeared on his face, “You are so cute, I really want to eat you.” He thought of sending this out, but he didn’t dare to, because that little girl might misinterpret his words. It was clear that she was in the same city as him, and they were breathing in the same air, but he could not see her. After not seeing her for just a day, he began to miss her. It was more intense than ever before. When he thought of her, his fingertips uncontrollably dialed her phone number. Immediately after, Karen Joy picked up the phone, “Brother Lionel..” Just by hearing her voice, Nathaniel instantly felt better. “Karen..” “Brother Lionel, you’re thinking about me, aren’t you? Don’t deny it. I know you must be thinking about me.” Karen Joy’s soft voice came from the phone. “Yes, I miss you very much.” Last night, she was here in his arms. He could touch her and feel her breath. “Brother Lionel..” Karen Joy sniffled. “Actually, I miss you so much that I wish that you could hug me and I could listen to your voice.” “Karen..” “Brother Lionel…. They just called each other and no one spoke anything more. They were satisfied just by hearing each other’s breathing. After a long, long time, Karen Joy broke the silence. “Brother Lionel, when you miss me in the future, we can try video calling each other.” If it was inconvenient to see her in person, but it would be nice to see her through video call every day. “Alright, I’ll listen to you.” Nathaniel smiled gently. Many times, he could not help but feel happy when he saw how happy she was. “Brother Lionel, it’s getting late. Let’s rest early. Wait for me tomorrow night.” “Alright.” “Good night, Brother Lionel!” “Karen, good night!” After saying goodnight to Brother Lionel, Karen Joy hung up the phone. After hanging up the phone, she still stuck the phone tightly to her ear, as if she could still hear his voice. Karen Joy was talking inside her room, not knowing that there was a person standing outside the door and listening for a long time. He didn’t leave until she hung up the phone.

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