My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 753

“Young Master Kyle, I have something very important to talk to you about. I wonder if you can meet me in person?” After returning to the room Jayden Elias Kyle received a short message from an unknown phone number. He hadn’t been in Country A for too long, and only a few people knew him. Only a few people knew his phone number and knew who he was. Who could be the person and why did he send him the message so late at night? What did he want to do? Just as Jayden was deep in thought, his phone received another message. It read, “Young Master Kyle, if you are interested, you can find me at No. 28 Coast City Ocean Road. I will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready.” Jayden was very curious. Jayden sneered and thought, “No matter who this was, I might go and have a look.” He turned around, picked up his coat, and left. Anyway, it was bound to be another sleepless night tonight. He decided that he rather spend his time to meet this mysterious man instead. Jayden left the house and shut the door, and Karen Daly walked out of her room as she looked at the direction of the door in a daze. “What’s wrong?” Kevin Kyle’s magnetic voice came from behind her. “Kevin, I’m a little worried.” Karen returned to the room and gently closed the door. “Maybe Jayden hasn’t understood what you meant.” “Jayden is a smart child. He will understand.” Kevin held Karen in his arms and patted her on the back. “It’s you who told me that the children should deal with their own personal matters. You don’t have to worry about them.” “But..” Karen looked up from his arms and said, “Kevin, I meant what I said, but you just saw it too… What if Jayden.” They adopted Jayden when he was young. Over these years, they had been raising him as their own. Looking at the grown-up child, they certainly believed in the child’s character, but what they saw was still worrying. Love could turn a bad person into a good person, it could also turn a good person into a bad person. “He won’t hurt our daughter.” Kevin said with certainty. He knew exactly what kind of person he raised. Karen said with concern, “But Kevin.” “There’s no ‘but’.” Kevin interrupted her and reached out his hand to press her lips to stop her from continuing. She couldn’t speak and could only look at him with that pair of clear and bright eyes. As soon as his eyes met her bright eyes, Kevin’s heart throbbed again and he couldn’t help but to lower his head to kiss her. “Kevin, come on.” Karen pushed him. The more he pushed the man, the tighter he hugged her. At the same time, he deepened the kiss This man acted like this all these years. As long as he wanted her to stop speaking, he would use this way to render her helpless. After a long time, Kevin finally let her go and looked at her very attentively. Karen gave him a harsh glare and said, “You’re already so old, yet you’re still acting so frivolously.” “Old? Frivolous?” Kevin repeated the words Karen said with a faint, evil smile on his lips. Karen murmured, “Isn’t that so?” Kevin raised his eyebrows and asked, “How am I old?” “You..” Karen was speechless. After so many years, this man did appear more mature and charming, so she really couldn’t say that he looked old. Kevin continued to ask, “What did I do?” “Fine, I’m the old one then.” She didn’t know why, but every time he bullied her, she always couldn’t defeat him. Alright, she admitted defeat this time! “How are you old?” Kevin looked at her and raised his hand to gently stroke her face. Even though he had seen her face for nearly twenty years, it was still so beautiful in his eyes. He would lose himself around her and he would go mad for her. Karen stared at him and said, “It’s none of your business.” “You’re my wife. If it’s none of my business, then whose business was it?” He said seriously, but a faint smile appeared on his face. “You are talking nonsense with me again.” She looked at him with her sad, little eyes and said, “I want to talk to you about our children.” “I’ll take care of the children’s affairs.” He took her back to bed. “Alright, let’s go to sleep now. Don’t think about anything else.” “I don’t want to…” This man was too much. He was old, yet he always wanted to do that thing”. Wasn’t he ashamed? “What do you mean?” Kevin knew what she was talking about, but he teased her anyway. “You don’t want to sleep. do you mean you want to go out?” Karen was stunned by his remarks. Most of the time, she really hated him and wanted to kick him off the bed. “Alright, go to sleep.” For a long time, he had not been a man of desire, so he would not force her to do anything she was unwilling to do. “Mm.” Karen gave a light snort and burrowed back into his embrace. After a night, the weather suddenly changed, and the weather became a lot colder. It seemed that Winter was approaching early in Coast City. After having a good conversation with her father last night, the conflicts were finally resolved. Karen Joy felt relieved. She slept very well all night and slept until daybreak. When she woke up, she smelled the aroma of food. She smelled them and knew that these dishes were prepared for her by her dear mother. Karen Joy stretched her body lazily in bed, then she got up in her pajamas and went to the kitchen. She hugged her busy mother from behind and said, “Mom, I love you so much.” Karen said softly, “Lazy pig, I know that you love me, but it’s already so late. Go wash your face, brush your teeth, and get ready for lunch. “Yes, mother!” Karen Joy rubbed her face on her mother’s back, and then she walked out of the kitchen. Coming out of the kitchen, she saw her little precious sitting upright in the living room with a book in his hands. He seemed to be engrossed in the book. This little one was only eight years old, and boys of this age should be playful and naughty. However, her younger brother just couldn’t play with his peers well. He acted like a little old man instead. When the little one was alone, he didn’t have any mood for entertainment, except for reading books. Karen Joy walked over, grabbed the book in her brother’s hands, threw it away, and then she caressed his face. “Little precious, stop reading books. Come and help me choose a dress.” Just as Julian Glover Kyle was enjoying his personal time, the book was suddenly take away, Initially, he was full of anger, but when he saw his sister, his anger subsided naturally. He replied gloomily, “Okay.” Karen Joy took him back to her room and opened her wardrobe. “Little precious, you are a boy, and you should know a man’s taste. Let me know what I would look good in.” “Sister, you look good no matter what you wear.” Julien said in a serious tone. “Little precious, are you complimenting me?” Her younger brother had never complimented her before and this was the first time, Karen Joy was so happy that she hugged him and kissed him. “Sister, you haven’t washed your face and brushed your teeth yet.” Julien wiped the saliva marks on his face in disgust “If I didn’t wash my face and brush my teeth, I’m not your sister anymore?” Karen Joy hugged him and kissed his tender face a few more times, “Little precious, do you think that your sister would kiss anyone else simply?”.

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