My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 754

Julian Glover Kyle did not want to argue anymore. Did his sister want him to thank her for leaving disgusting saliva marks all over his face? “Little precious, lighten up. I kissed you. Shouldn’t you be touched and honored?” As if he had seen through Julien’s thoughts, Karen Joy Kyle blinked her eyes and said slyly. Julien still did not answer. It appeared his hypothesis was right. His Little Aunt was a proud and arrogant woman, and his sister seemed to be the same. Did his family only raise this sort of woman? Karen Joy came close to him and asked, “Little precious, it’s your first time in Coast City, isn’t it? i’ll take you out to play today, okay?” “No!” Julien rejected straightforwardly. “Little precious, I sincerely just want to bring you out today. Why don’t you want to go?” Karen Joy would never give up until she took little precious out for a walk. Julien said with a serious expression, “I want to study.” Karen Joy pinched his face again and said, “Little precious, other 8-year-olds are only in their second year of elementary school, but you are already studying fifth-year syllabus. Can you live a life you’re suppose to live at your age?” Julien remained austere as he said, “I like studying.” “Little Precious, sit down. Let me have a good talk with you.” She sat beside Julien and held his face so he would look at her. “Little precious, studying is something you can do your whole life. But playing, that’s kind of just limited to your younger years. And when you get older, things are going to be different too. Do you understand?” Julien remained unbothered and said, “Sister, studying is the happiest thing in this world.” “Alright, I can’t win. I admit defeat.” Her younger brother seemed to be aloof and dull, but he was very clear-minded. Many times, Karen Joy would beat around the bush when she spoke with him, but he still understood her words. While speaking, Karen Joy caught a glimpse of a tall figure standing outside the door from the corner of her eyes. She didn’t have to turn around to know who he was. Because the gaze that fell on her was different from that of her father when he looked at her. “Brother, you’re back.” Julien was trying to get rid of his sister’s “evil claws”, and his savior came in time. “Yeah, I’m back.” Jayden Elias Kyle took a step forward and stroked little precious’ head. “Julien, I have something to say to your sister. You can head downstairs first.” “What do you want to say? I have nothing to say to you.” Karen Joy didn’t want to be alone with him at all. Julien still chose to listen to his brother’s words. He left the room obediently and closed the door. “Karen..” Jayden approached Karen Joy. “If you have something to say, say it quickly.” Karen Joy did not want to look at him directly. Jayden suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed Karen Joy’s shoulder. He said in a deep voice, “Since you already know the true identity of your Brother Lionel, then you should be clear that he has a fiancee.” Karen Joy broke away from him. “So what?” “So what?” Jayden repeated her words, “Don’t forget your roots. You are the almighty Miss Kyle of Rovio, do you really want to be a homewrecking mistress who destroys relationships?” “Yes, I want to be a mistress who destroys relationships, What does it have to do with you?” Karen Joy gritted her teeth and said fiercely. That piece of information was like a thorn stuck in Karen Joy’s throat. She felt very terrible, but she couldn’t back down no matter how terrible she felt If she backed down, what would Brother Lionel do? Would he still be able to stand at the top and endure the horrible loneliness alone? She couldn’t do it! “Karen Joy, are you that much of a loser?” Jayden spoke very emotionally, “Yes, it’s none of my business if you want to be someone’s mistress. But have you ever thought about your Mom and Dad? Do you want them to spent their entire lives being accused of their daughter being a mistress?” “Jayden, what are you thinking about?” Karen Joy rebutted, “You can’t bear to see me live a good life, is that it? If you hadn’t burned Brother Lionel’s picture, would I have waited so long to come to him now?” Perhaps if she came earlier, and Brother Lionel was still an average citizen, not the high and mighty President, then he would not have a fiancee by his side. However, she arrived too late, because she didn’t know where Brother Lionel was and forgot how he looked like. There were too few things that she could remember from the past. “I am your brother, and I’m doing this for your own good.” Jayden spoke sternly, and it was also the first time in so many years that he had been so angry with her. “Do you really only regard me as your sister?” Karen Joy asked. It was true that she was young, but she was not stupid. She knew what Jayden was thinking. “Then what do you think I regard you as? Do you think I could turn a blind eye as you make a ton of mistakes?” After, Jayden suddenly fell silent and looked at Karen Joy with a cold and stern look. “You want me to sit idly by as you go over to another man’s house and spend the night?” “Jayden, I know what I am doing. Besides, Dad approved of my relationship with Brother Lionel. What right do you have to control me?” She went to Brother Lionel’s house, so what? There was nothing between them and nothing happened, Jayden added, “Dad approved of you and that Cooper guy? Do you know how much pain he felt in his heart? You are his daughter, and he loves you, so he was willing to compromise a lot. But have you ever thought of their feelings, even just for once?” “L. Karen Joy was speechless. Jayden was right. She only wanted to find Brother Lionel, and only wanted to be with Brother Lionel. She had never thought about her parents’ true feelings or think from their perspectives. Perhaps her doesn’t want her to be with Brother Lionel, but just because her father loved her, so he just let her be. “You were still young in the past, so it’s normal to not think about them. But in the future, you have to think about them no matter what you do. Our parents are the ones who love you the most in the world, not the man who even conceals his real identity from you.” Jayden turned around and left immediately after speaking, leaving Karen Joy alone in the room. Looking at the closed door, thinking of what Jayden had just said and thinking of her parents, Karen Joy felt so sad that she could not breathe. Of course, she knew that her parents loved her the most, but it was impossible for her to spend the rest of her life with her parents. She still had her own life, and she wanted to live her life. Being so stubborn and self-willed, did she really do something wrong? No, she was not wrong. She would show her parents that she could live her life well and they could trust her. Brother Lionel was the best decision she made in her life. Yes, she firmly believed that Brother Lionel would never let her down “Karen, have you washed your face? We’re eating soon!” She heard her mother’s gentle voice. When Karen Joy looked up. her mother already opened the door and came into her room. Seeing that there was something wrong with Karen Joy’s expression, Karen quickly stepped forward and touched her head, “Baby, tell me quickly, what’s wrong?” “Mom, I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!” Karen Joy hugged her mother tightly. Then, she took a breath and said, “I know that my decisions may make you worry about me, but please trust me and trust Brother Lionel, okay?”

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