My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 755

“Baby, of course I trust you.” Karen Daly patted Karen Joy Kyle’s back lightly and comforted her. “As long as it’s the road you choose, just go ahead boldly. Your father, your grandparents, our little precious and your big brother will support you regardless.” “Thank you, Mom!” Thanks to her mother’s support, she could embark on the journey to search for Brother Lionel without any hesitation. “Silly child, don’t forget that you are our baby. If you’re happy. we will be happy too.” Karen held Karen Joy’s face and gently stroked it. This might be the voice of every parent who loved their children. They worked hard to raise their children, and they did not ask for anything in return. As long as the children were happy, it would be the best gift for their parents. “Okay, I won’t forget that.” Karen Joy’s face broke into a bright smile. “Mom, I will definitely make myself happy.” Karen smiled softly and said, “That’s right. Go and wash up. Everyone is waiting for you to have lunch.” “Mom, I love you!” Karen Joy kissed her mother’s face and smiled at her wittily. Then, she turned and went to the bathroom Looking at Karen Joy’s thin figure, Karen’s heart ached. Their daughter had always been proud and confident since she was young. She had never been like this before. As people say, love is a drug. Once you get addicted to it, you’d find it hard to get out of it. She only hoped that the man that was in Karen Joy’s mind since she was a child could share the same sentiments with her as well. When Karen Joy came out of the bathroom, everyone was waiting for her. “Dad, Mom, I’m done.” “Okay, let’s eat.” Karen gathered the family together, and Kevin looked cold and stern as usual. Karen Joy sat next to little precious and habitually pinched his face. “Little precious, don’t learn from Dad. Why won’t you listen to me? Will I hurt you?” “Sister, you can’t just pinch a boy’s face like that!!” Julien lost count of the amount of times he had to tell his sister off. But no matter how many times he said it, he could not escape the tragic fate of being pinched by her. He disliked this very much! “She pinches you because she likes you and she wants to have fun with you.” It was Jayden Elias Kyle who spoke up. It was not difficult to hear some envy in his tone. He wanted Karen Joy to kiss him, and wanted her to act coquettishly in his presence, but she would never do so. Whenever she saw him, she would always stay away from him as if he was poison. “Brother, how can you side with her?” Julien felt a little lost. Although he was the youngest child of the family, but all of them spoiled his sister the most. “Because she is the only girl in our family.” Jayden stretched out his hand and stroked Julien’s head. “Dad always tells us that we boys should protect the girls in our family. Isn’t that right, Julien?” Julien nodded in a cute manner. In fact, he loved his sister very much. When he heard that his parents would come to Coast City this time, he put his studies aside and tagged along just because he missed his sister. However, his character was similar to his father’s. His appearance was aloof, and he wasn’t very good at speaking nicely. He could only put on a cool look. “There’s no need for someone to speak up for me.” Karen Joy cast a glance at Jayden and saw that he could still put on a calm expression, as if nothing had happened earlier. Seeing him like this, Karen Joy hated him even more. Why was he able to hurt her, then acted so calm after? He made her sad, and now he said such pleasant words in front of the family. He was deliberately putting on a show for their parents to see. “Alright, alright, it’s time to eat.” As she saw how tensed the communication had gotten, Karen quickly diverted everyone’s attention. Kevin and Karen tried not to butt in the arguments between their children. They would let them deal with it by themselves Even when Karen Joy was provoking Jayden earlier, they did not mind it, because they really regarded Jayden as their own child. Karen Joy and Jayden always had conflicts, but the sensible Karen Joy would try not to intensify or magnify these conflicts. The small disturbance passed just like that, and the family had lunch together happily. After the meal, the family cleaned up together. They did the dishes and cleaned up the table. Soon, they cleaned up the house too. In fact, these things could be done by their helpers, but they didn’t want others to disturb them when they were together, so they decided to just do their own chores. “Karen.” After packing up, Karen sat in the living room with Karen Joy. “The 3 of us will head back to New York first. You have to take good care of yourself in the future. If anything happens, remember to ask your brother for help.” “Mom, you guys are going back so soon?” She was annoyed that her favourite people were heading back instead of Jayden. Karen Joy turned her head and glared at Jayden. It seemed like she was saying, “Do you still want to stay here to ruin my life? Do you still want to make things more difficult for me?” Karen explained, “Well, Dad has work to do, and I have some pending work in my studio, and our little precious also has to go to school, so yes, we’d have to go back first.” “Okay, I’ll bring you guys to the airport later.” Karen Joy was really reluctant to see her father and mother leave so soon after they arrived. However, she was already an adult, and she had to be independent. She had to walk her path no matter how hard things would be in the future. However… “Mom, why is he not going back?” Karen Joy did not want to mention Jayden’s name, so she just moved her eyes slightly to show her mother who was she referring to. “Recently, there are a few Rovio projects based in Coast City. Your brother is the person in charge here.” Kevin replied Karen Joy instead. When Karen Joy heard this, her heart sank. Why did Rovio choose Coast City out of all the other places in the world? Rovio has so many projects in many places around the world. She did not mind that her father wanted to expand the business in Rovio, but why did he put Jayden in charge? In other words, during her remaining days in Country A, she needed to encounter Jayden from time to time. This person might try to put her in a bad spot. “Come in.” Kevin spoke again. After that, two similar-looking men and a middle-aged woman walked into their house. “Director Kevin!” The three of them greeted at the same time, and they appeared very respectful. “Mm.” Kevin nodded and said, “Would the three of you please introduce yourselves?” The woman stepped forward first and said respectfully, “Hello, Miss. I’m Fanny White, a local from Coast City. If you need anything in Country A, you can let us know.” “Hello, Auntie Fanny!” Karen Joy looked at Fanny attentively. She had a gut feeling that this woman should not be an ordinary person She appeared very confidently and had a strong aura with her. Judging from Karen Joy’s experience in Taekwondo when she was a child, and the psychology knowledge she secretly learned from her uncle, Karen Joy was sure that this woman was definitely not an ordinary person. The woman nodded and returned to the group of three without saying anything else. Another man stepped forward and said respectfully, “Miss, my name is Blake White and ll work for you in the future.”.

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