My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 756

“You want to work for me? What would you do?” This man looked like he was not much older than she was. She wondered why her father arranged for him to work for her. “I..” The man blushed and touched his head awkwardly. It was really hard to answer this question. “Alright, what about you? You two look so alike. You must be twins.” Karen Joy turned to ask the other man. The other man stepped forward and answered respectfully, “Miss, my name is Brock White. I’ll work for you in the future too. Blake and I are twins.” He pointed to the woman next to him and said, “This is our mother.” “Ah, thank you then. But…* Karen Joy Kyle looked at Kevin Kyle, “Dad, but I don’t need the help.” She was here for Brother Lionel, not for war. Why would she need so many people to help her? “The family of three lives in Coast City. You can look for them when you need them.” This family consisted of people Kevin trusted very much. Since he could not be around his daughter, he had to let them take care of her here, so that he could rest assured Karen Joy didn’t want to bother others, and she always felt that these people were like her father’s spies around her. It would not be convenient for her to do things she wanted to do freely. “Dad.” “Karen, listen to your father. You are living alone outside, and it’s not like being at home. It’s good to have someone to help you when you need help.” Karen Daly then looked at the family of three and said, “Mrs. White, thank you so much for this.” “Madam, you’re welcome. It’s our honor to take care of her,” answered the woman calmly. If it weren’t for Kevin, the three of them wouldn’t have survived until now. After waiting for so many years, there was finally a chance to repay Kevin for saving their lives that year. They were so happy that they didn’t mind helping at all. “Alright, you guys have already met. You can go back first. Just carry on with your daily lives. You don’t have to worry about this child all the time.” Even if these three people were his subordinates, Kevin still spoke politely to them. “Yes, Director Kevin.” The three of them quietly left. “Dad, you really didn’t need to arrange so many things for me.” She already had a house and a car, and now he arranged for his subordinates to serve her. It was as if her parents wanted to help her settle down here. “Karen, if your father doesn’t help you, do you think he will leave you here alone with a peace of mind?” Karen helped Kevin out of the predicament, worrying that he would be soft-hearted to his daughter and couldn’t stand her dawdling. “Then, thank you, Mom and Dad!” Although Karen Joy didn’t like the company of others, in order to reassure her father, she couldn’t refuse this help. After helping his daughter out, Kevin returned to New York with his wife and son. Their two children who stayed back in Coast City brought them to the airport. Karen Joy’s heart ached as she watched her parents fly away on their private plane. She waved towards the sky and muttered, “Dad, Mom, don’t worry. I will definitely take good care of myself and not let you worry.” “Let’s go back.” Jayden’s voice came from behind her. “You go your way, I’ll go mine. Please don’t worry about me in the future. Let’s not meddle in each other’s affairs.” She walked far away as she talked to him. When they were with their parents earlier, this guy didn’t say a word at all. He acted like he was invisible, and now he suddenly spoke up. “If our parents didn’t ask me take care of you, do you would meddle in your affairs?” Jayden snorted coldly. think I “I don’t need you to take care of me. I have Brother Lionel to take care of me. I really don’t need you to take care of me.” Karen Joy gave him a glance before turning around to leave. However, as soon as she took a step, she was pulled back by Jayden. She lost her balance and she fell onto his sturdy chest. She immediately wanted to back off, but Jayden took the opportunity to hold her in his arms. She found it hard to struggle away from his embrace. Karen Joy pushed him hard, but after all, he was a strong man who had practiced martial arts since he was young, so his physical strength was much better than hers. She couldn’t move at all. Since Karen Joy couldn’t push him away, she lifted her foot and wanted to step on him hard, but he just moved his foot slightly and successfully dodged her attack. “Jayden, let go of me right now, or I will show you no mercy.” Karen Joy gritted her teeth and warned in a cold voice. “Show me no mercy?” Jayden let go of her and smiled bitterly. “Since when have you shown me mercy?” Since they were young, she always treated him like he was an outsider, because he came to this family out of nowhere, so she didn’t like him. “I asked you to let me go. Instead, he held her even tighter and pressed her head against his chest. He held her so tight that Karen Joy could not breathe smoothly. “Jayden, are you deaf? Or are you crazy?” This person was so scary. As soon as their parents left, he showed his true colors. “Karen Joy..” Jayden let go of her and held her shoulder. He moved closer to her and said, “Let me tell you, if I go crazy one day, you are the one to be blamed!” “Lunatic! You’re a freak!” Karen Joy finally got rid of him, and she turned around and ran away. Looking at her running away, she seemed so eager to stay far away from him. She was so disgusted with him and hated him… A bitter smile appeared on his lips. He muttered to himself, “Karen, do you know how much I like you?” She definitely did not know that. She would only think that he was an outsider, a madman. She had never once considered his existence, and how he was always right behind her… Out of the airport, Karen Joy got into a taxi and asked the driver to drive away quickly. The car drove for a distance already, yet her heart was still thumping fast, especially when she thought of Jayden’s expression just now. He was as scary as a vampire. Buzz, buzz—— Her phone suddenly vibrated, which frightened Karen Joy so much that she almost threw it away. When had she ever been so timid? To be in that state, she was really frightened by Jayden’s expression Seeing the words “Brother Lionel” displayed on the phone screen, Karen Joy’s heart suddenly became calmer, as if Brother Lionel was next to her. Just like when she was a child, Brother Lionel would always appear at her side just in time and help her drive away all the bad guys who wanted to bully her. “Brother Lionel… ” She adjusted her breathing before picking up the phone. “Karen, look to the left.” Nathaniel Cooper spoke so gently. “Ah?” Karen Joy didn’t know why Brother Lionel suddenly asked her to look to her left, but she obediently turned her head to look anyway. She saw a car right next to the taxi she was in. The window of the back seat was wound down, and she could see Brother Lionel with his make up on Brother Lionel was really a hero sent by heavens, wasn’t he? Brother Lionel must be her hero, that was why he would appear in front of her every time when she needed him the most. “Brother Lionel, you..” When she called out the words Brother Lionel’ again, Karen Joy’s nose suddenly twitched, and two drops of tears slipped from the corner of her eyes inadvertently Karen Joy’s tears welled up at the corner of her eyes. Seeing this, Nathaniel felt his heart ached so much.

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