My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 757

 “Karen, please ask the driver to stop the car. As he saw her cry, Nathaniel Cooper instinctively wanted to reach out to wipe her tears, but he couldn’t. He felt helpless. “Excuse me, could you please stop the car in front? I’ll get out of the car here,” Karen Joy Kyle said eagerly. She wanted to throw herself into Brother Lionel’s arms. She really wanted to. She couldn’t wait any longer. The driver quickly pulled over and Karen Joy got off the car happily. Brother Lionel’s car stopped behind her taxi. She quickly got into his car and threw herself into his arms, “Brother Lionel!” It was so good to have Brother Lionel by her side. The panic she had just experienced from the incident with Jayden Elias Kyle earlier dissipated completely at that moment. She had always known that Brother Lionel would give her a strong sense of security “Karen, don’t be afraid!” Just like before, Nathaniel patted her on the back and comforted her softly. “Brother Lionel, why are you here too?” She rubbed herself against his chest and asked softly. “I was on my way to some place and I saw you in the car.” Actually, he followed her here when he heard that Karen Joy’s father was going back to New York. He knew that her father didn’t want to see him, so he didn’t show up. When he saw her running out of the airport, he followed closely. “Hehe… Brother Lionel, you’re definitely sent from heaven to protect me. You always appear by my side when I need you most.” Karen Joy would not doubt his words when he said it was merely a coincidence. “Yes.” Nathaniel tightened his grip on her slightly. Bang All of a sudden, there was a loud noise. It was the sound of the tyre being blown up. The car shook violently, and then it slammed to the right. Karen Joy still hadn’t realized what was going on. Almost immediately, Nathaniel held her tightly in his arms. He used his body to press her down onto the seat. She was protected by him, she could not struggle and see what had happened clearly. She could only feel that the car lost control like a wild horse, and it banged into something. She could feel the hard hits and slams, and she felt that she couldn’t feel her body during the crisis. Even while she was protected by Brother Lionel, she could even sense a powerful force of impact. But what about Brother Lionel who was protecting her? What was he experiencing? Karen Joy wanted to turn over to protect Brother Lionel. But she knew if she moved, it was very likely that she could not help Brother Lionel and they would both get hurt at the same time. Therefore, she could not move. She had to clench her teeth and hold her breath, praying that Brother Lionel would not be in trouble. After a long time, the car slowly stopped, but Karen Joy’s body was still against his body. After a few seconds, perhaps after he confirmed that the car was alright, he slowly moved away. “Brother Lionel, are you alright?” Karen Joy wanted to sit up but she was hugged tightly by Nathaniel instead. He said, “Karen, it’s alright. Don’t be afraid.” “Brother Lionel, I’m not afraid. Are you alright?” She had Brother Lionel by her side. Even at such a dangerous moment, she was not afraid at all. However, she was worried that Brother Lionel would be injured. “I’m fine,” he said. His tone was heavy, but still sounded as pleasant as usual, but Karen Joy could smell blood. “Brother Lionel…” Karen Joy suddenly recalled many things that had happened in the past. When Brother Lionel rescued her from the hands of the bad people, she did not suffer any injuries on her body. However, Brother Lionel had wounds and cuts all over his body. And now, history was repeating itself. He said that he was fine, but he was obviously bleeding, so how could he be fine? “Brother Lionel, can you not hide it from me? I’m not afraid, but i’ll be worried about you,” she said pitifully. “I’m a man. Even if I get a little hurt and bleed a little, what does it matter?” Nathaniel said while stroking her head. “Are you made of steel? Don’t you feel pain?” How could this man be so stubborn and refused her care? Nathaniel did not admit that he was injured, but Karen Joy took off his clothes anyway. Almost immediately, when Karen Joy unintentionally touched his back, she felt something sticky and wet on her hands. She drew her hand back and looked at it. There was blood all over her palm. It was his blood… “Karen, don’t look. It’s all right. It’s just a small wound. I’ll go to the hospital to deal with it later.” Nathaniel grabbed her hand and forbade her to move. “How can that be alright? Do you still think I am a four-year old child?” She was really angry with this man. “Mr. Lionel, how are you?” The driver was Nathaniel’s most trusted private bodyguard, Horatio. He was also injured and his legs were still bleeding, but he didn’t care about himself. After coming back to his senses, he immediately got off the car to check on his master’s condition. “I’m fine,” said Nathaniel solemnly. “What do you mean you’re fine?” Karen Joy gave Nathaniel a fierce glare. “We need to change the car and go to the hospital immediately. You two should be attended to properly.” Horatio was quiet This little girl had the guts to shout at Mr. President. She was really bold. “Okay, let’s go to the private hospital.” If they didn’t go to the hospital and made sure that he was fine, that little girl will surely be worried. At the private hospital. There was a huge, bloody wound that extended from Nathaniel’s back to his lower rib cage. The doctor was treating it carefully but the bleeding still hadn’t stopped. On his side, Karen Joy was so sad that her heart was almost numb. If he did not protect her at the time, he wouldn’t have such a big wound on his back. She turned her back and quietly wiped away the tears that flowed down her face. Nathaniel replied, “It’s alright.” Karen Joy said fiercely, “Shut up! I dare you to say that one more time!” If he dared to talk nonsense again, she would not talk to him anymore. Nathaniel shut his mouth obediently. When did his lovely Baby Karen become so fierce? She really changed a lot. “Doctor, please be gentler. Don’t hurt him.” Karen Joy was fierce to Nathaniel, but her attitude toward the doctor was very nice. “Don’t worry, Miss Kyle. It’ll be fine.” The doctor was Nathaniel’s subordinate, and of course, he was also helping him. “You two must take good of yourself and watch the wounds.” Since the doctor already said so, what else could Karen Joy say? At this time, Zuriel Perth rushed over. Seeing that Karen Joy was also here, he unconsciously frowned and then he looked at Nathaniel. “Mr. Lionel, we have investigated the matter earlier.” “It was just a blown tire. Do we need to talk about such a small thing now?” In fact, Nathaniel also knew that this matter was definitely not as simple as a blown tire, but he did not want Karen Joy to know the background story. This car was his private car. Except for his trusted subordinates, no one else knew about it. When he would deal with his private affairs, he always asked Horatio to drive with him. He didn’t expect that there would be an accident today.. “Alright, do you need me to send Miss Kyle back?” Zuriel took the initiative to offer to send Karen Joy back. Obviously, he didn’t want her to stay with Nathaniel.Today, Karen Joy had encountered such a dangerous situation by his side, and Nathaniel was also worried that he was risking Karen Joy’s life, so he nodded and said, “You must escort her back personally.” “Brother Lionel, I don’t want to go back,” Karen Joy pleaded. He was still injured, how could she leave without worry? “Hush, don’t speak. I’ll get someone to send you back first.” Nathaniel interrupted Karen Joy and smiled gently at her. “Silly girl, don’t worry. I would still want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

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