My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 758

“But.. okay!” Karen Joy Kyle did not want to make things difficult for Brother Lionel. If he asked her to go back first, she should abide. As the President of the country, Brother Lionel was guarded and watched by so many people, so he would not be in trouble. There was nothing she could do to help him. It was better to leave early and not let him worry about her. “Miss Kyle, this way please!” Zuriel Perth stepped back and spoke to her respectfully. Karen Joy glanced at Nathaniel Cooper and wanted to say something, but she swallowed her words back. Then she turned around and left with Zuriel. “Karen.” Just as she was about to walk to the door, she heard Brother Lionel’s voice. Karen Joy was suddenly delighted as she turned her head to look at him with a smile. “Brother Lionel, you don’t want me to leave? “I just want to say that I will be fine. Don’t worry!” Nathaniel assured. She hadn’t left yet but he already began to miss her. He wanted for her to stay with him, but it was too dangerous to be around him. “Alright, I know.” Karen Joy still smiled brightly, but there was a slight look of disappointment in her eyes. “Miss Kyle, do you know who I am?” Walking out of the hospital, Zuriel looked at Karen Joy and said this immediately “Just say what you want to say.” Karen Joy looked up at the sky. The sky was gloomy and looked like it was going to rain. Zuriel smiled and said, “It’s so much easier to speak to a smart person. Since you know that I have something to say, I’ll say it directly.” Karen Joy looked at Zuriel and said sweetly, “Mr. Perth, if you want to say that you want me to leave Brother Lionel, I’d advise you to stop thinking about it, because that’s absolutely impossible.” Her voice was crisp and sweet, with a childish tone, but you could hear her adamance. “You are indeed smart. I haven’t said it out, but you have already guessed what I want to say.” Zuriel had been in the political scene for many years, and he wouldn’t just give up after hearing Karen Joy’s words. He smiled and added, “I know that a smart person like you surely knows of your Brother Lionel’s true identity.” “So what if I know? So what if I don’t?” Karen Joy licked her lips and smiled more cutely and innocently. “Even if he is the President of the country and has a fiancee, as long as he doesn’t want me to leave, I will never leave.” Not giving Zuriel the chance to speak, Karen Joy continued happily, “Mr. Perth, maybe you will say that it is very dangerous to stay with him. His life may be in danger at any time. For example, something like today could happen again at any time.” This girl was really smart. She had already said all his lines before he even spoke. This was the first time he had met such a smart and bold young girl after being a politician for so many years. Yes, she was smart, bold, and sensible. He also admired this kind of woman, but it was purely admiration. He could not allow Mr. President to succumb to her. Zuriel added, “Then you must also know that Mr. President was injured because of you today. If you weren’t by his side, he would be perfectly fine even in a dangerous incident like today Karen Joy smiled and said firmly, “Yes, I admit it. But please stop talking. I have made up my mind. Nothing can change my decision.” This little girl cut him off again, and Zuriel kept quiet as he looked at her attentively. She was beautiful and cute. She looked like a weak girl, but behind that innocent look, she was a strong and decisive person. Karen Joy raised her head again to look at the dark sky and said, “Mr. Perth, it’s going to rain. Rather than arguing with me, it’s better to go home early to bring your clothes into the house.” Zuriel was a little annoyed. “You.” “Mr. Perth, I’ll go back myself. You don’t have to see me off. Goodbye!” Karen Joy showed a big, cute smile and waved at him. “Oh, don’t let me see you again. I hate people who are fake.” She remembered how they cheated her about last time and made her mistake Dominic Cooper as her Brother Lionel She did not forget about that. Zuriel subconsciously clenched his fists. “Miss Kyle, what I said to you today is for your own good. After you go home, think about my words carefully.” “Mr. Perth, the only person who I would listen to in this life other than my family, is Brother Lionel.” After responding, Karen Joy turned around and left happily. Zuriel shouted, “Little girl, you will regret it.” She heard his words, but Karen Joy turned a deaf ear to it. Regret? No, this was the path she chose, and Brother Lionel was also her choice. No matter what would happen in the future, she would never regret it. Yes, Brother Lionel was injured because of her today. Was she going to leave him just like that? No, that would be a wrong idea. The right thing to do was to make herself stronger. If something dangerous happened in the future, not only would she protect Brother Lionel, or at the very least, she would not need Brother Lionel to protect her. In front of her family, under the protection of her family, she was still like a child who had not grown up. However, once she stepped out of the house, and when faced with hardships, she was much stronger than she thought. Sure enough, Karen Joy read the weather very accurately. Before she could hail a taxi, it was already drizzling. She didn’t like rainy weather like this. This kind of weather would make people feel depressed and put people in a gloomy mood. She didn’t want to go home either. Both her mother and little precious had gone home. The house that her father had prepared for her was empty. Maybe she could find out who did something to Brother Lionel’s car today and learn their intention? North Palace, the President’s Office. Jason Lesley handed a document to Mr. President and said, “Mr. President, we have found out the cause of the blown tire. We found some evidences of foul play.” “Find the person out by tomorrow afternoon. Masterminds, executors, want all of them.” Nathaniel spoke strictly while narrowing his eyes slightly. His tone was soft, but it could make people shudder. “Yes.” Jason nodded and said, “Mr. President, you’d better arrange more bodyguards when you go out in the future, in case..” “In case I will be killed by those people?” Nathaniel chuckled. “Then let’s see who would die first. Those people have been hiding behind the scenes for decades. It’s time to put an end to this.” Jason was worried, “Mr. President, those people are all outlaws who don’t care about their own lives. They…” Nathaniel waved his hand and interrupted him. “Send more people to protect the little girl. We mustn’t let any harm come to her.” Jason said, “Mr. President, her father secretly arranged a lot of people to protect her already. According to the information I received, the untouchable White family in Coast City are also her protectors.” “Them?” Nathaniel asked curiously. The White family was well-known in Coast City. However, they rarely showed their faces, so few people really knew about them. Many people wanted to ask them for help, but no one knew where to find them. There were also some people who knew them, but none of them could get closer with the mother and the two sons. Kevin had arranged for them to protect Karen Joy, which made Nathaniel respect him even more. It seemed that the influence of Rovio went beyond business and politics, and only the leader of Rovio would truly understand his own power and influences.

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