My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 759

 It was drizzling today, and it seemed that it wasn’t going to stop soon. As the night fell, the city was lit up by the lights of the buildings. The drizzling rain looked like a mysterious veil covering the city. Karen Joy Kyle sat on the sofa in front of the French window with a laptop. She was exploring the background of Coast City, the background of the former Presidents of Country A, and who Brother Lionel’s biggest rival was before he got the position as President. This morning, when Brother Lionel’s car tires exploded, she knew that there was something more to the story After leaving the hospital, she wanted to check on the matter, but she couldn’t find anything by herself. At this crucial moment, Karen Joy thought of the three people that her father had arranged for her – The White family. Since her father had asked the three of them to help her in Coast City, then she knew that these three people must not be ordinary people. She could ask them for help. Karen Joy immediately called them and asked them to help her investigate the matter. They promised to give her the information tonight, so while she was waiting for the news, she was browsing through information about Coast City on the Internet. Coast City was an extremely foreign city to Karen Joy. However, it was the place where Brother Lionel was born and where he grew up. Maybe because she felt more connected with Brother Lionel, Karen Joy had lived here for less than a month, and she felt like home already, as if she had been here before. Perhaps when she was very young, Brother Lionel often told her stories about this place, including stories about his hometown. She remembered these details fondly. Buzz, buzz Her phone suddenly rang. Karen Joy picked it up and found that it was Fanny White’s phone number. She answered it immediately. “Auntie Fanny, have you discovered anything?” Fanny said, “Miss, I’m sorry! We were one step too late. Mr. President’s men cleaned up the scene earlier, and they also erased all evidences of the car.” “Why did they erase the evidences?” Karen Joy thought for a bit, but she didn’t completely understand what was going on. Could it be that the person who caused the tire explosion was the same person Brother Lionel sent to investigate the matter? It was unlikely. If it was really the same person, the person who did this would put himself in a very suspicious position. Someone who would dare to harm Mr. President would never be so dumb, otherwise, he would not live long. “Miss, it is very likely that Mr. President already knew who did it, so he asked his men to destroy the evidence. Or the person who did it was too shrewd and didn’t leave any clues for us to investigate.” Fanny explained further, and her attitude was very respectful. “Auntie Fanny, which one do you think is more likely?” Karen Joy had no experience dealing with this kind of thing, but she knew she should listen to the opinion of her elders. Fanny responded, “Miss, in my opinion, it would be impossible for the people who did the work to not leave a single trace. There must always be something.” “Alright, Auntie Fanny.” Karen Joy nodded and said politely, “Thank you for helping me so much today.” Fanny added, “Miss, the three of us are honored to do these things for you. Please don’t be shy to ask us for help in the future.” “Well then, I shall remember that. Please don’t address me as Miss. Please call me Karen Joy.” Karen Joy smiled and said, “That’s settled then, Auntie Fanny. Goodbye!” Fanny was an elder, so Karen Joy spoke to her in a polite manner. She had always been respectful and knew how to socialize well. After hanging up the phone, Karen Joy didn’t have the mood to look for any more information. Her mind was all about today’s incident After this incident, she was more aware of the reason why Brother Lionel did not want to reconcile with her and see her in public Today, what Zuriel Perth said to her was also reinforcing her hypothesis. Brother Lionel was the President of Country A. He had a lot of power, but the degree of power was proportional to his personal risk. People often say that with great power comes great responsibility. Risk was definitely one of them. At present, Brother Lionel was in the center of the vortex of danger. Anyone who was close with him might be in danger too, and that person could also become a bait to hurt him. Zuriel was loyal to Mr. President, so he was worried that she would become Brother Lionel’s Achilles’ heel. A weakness! This was also what Karen Joy really cared about. She didn’t want to become Brother Lionel’s weakness. If anything, she wanted to be her strongest support, not his weak point. Buzz, buzz The phone rang again. Karen Joy grabbed it and answered it immediately, “Auntie Fanny, is there anything else?” “I thought that when I’m not around, the person you would miss the most would be me, but who knew… I think I’m feeling a little sad.” It was Brother Lionel’s voice. His familiar voice immediately lifted her spirits up. However, when she listened carefully his voice sounded a little sad. “Brother Lionel, don’t let your imagination run wild. You know clearly that I think about you the most.” Karen Joy put up a bright smile immediately when she heard Brother Lionel’s voice. “How much do you think of me?” asked Nathaniel playfully. Karen Joy laughed and said, “I think about you so much that I didn’t even notice that it was your call.” Hearing her laughter, Nathaniel couldn’t help but burst out laughing too. “You’re really good at talking, huh, little girl.” Karen Joy tilted her head and said in a soft voice, “Brother Lionel, how about you record a personal ringtone for me with your voice? That way, when you call me in the future, will know that it’s you when I hear your voice. I will never mistaken you for somebody else.” “What kind of personal ringtone do you want?” Even if it was such a childish thing, Nathaniel was still willing to cooperate with her. “As long as it’s your voice, any kind would do.” She was truly Brother Lionel’s fan. “Okay.” Nathaniel nodded. He was already thinking about how to record a ringtone for his Baby Karen. “Brother Lionel, are you done with your work?” muttered Karen Joy. “Yes, I’m done.” Nathaniel’s voice sounded very light and gentle. “Karen, have you had dinner?’ “I ate a lot at night.” Karen Joy held her phone tighter and pressed it close to his ear. “Brother Lionel…” “What’s wrong?” “Can’t I just call out your name… I haven’t called your name for more than a decade. Now that I finally have a chance, I’d like to say your name as much as possible.” Karen Joy said playfully. “Okay, wait a minute.” He replied. “Brother Lionel, are you still busy? Without answering her, he hung up the phone. Karen Joy looked at the dark phone screen and felt a little depressed. Soon, the phone screen lit up and she received a voice file. Karen Joy opened it and heard Brother Lionel’s pleasant voice saying, “Karen, what are you doing? Your Brother Lionel’s calling! Quick, answer the call! Answer the call!”.

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