My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 760

Karen Joy Kyle had just listened to the recording, and the Nathaniel Cooper’s call came in again. He said softly, “Karen, was that the recording you wanted?” “Brother Lionel, I’ll hang up the phone first. Call me in a minute.” This was the personal ringtone that Brother Lionel had recorded for her. She had to use it immediately. He hung up the phone, and Karen Joy immediately changed her ringtone to his recording. A minute passed quickly, and she heard her ringtone clearly, “Karen, what are you doing? Your Brother Lionel is calling! Quick, answer the phone! Answer the phone!” After hearing it once, Karen Joy heard it repeat again. She listened to it for some time before she answered, “Brother Lionel, why is your voice so nice?” Hearing her cheerful voice, Nathaniel’s mood also gotten a little better. He asked softly, “Do you like the ringtone that I’ve recorded for you?” “Of course I like it.” Karen Joy smiled and said, “I really hope I can wake up to your voice every morning.” “Simple,” Nathaniel replied casually. Karen Joy said, “Is it that simple?” “Wait for me.” Nathaniel hung up the phone again without telling her. Soon, Karen Joy received another voice file. She clicked on it and heard Brother Lionel’s pleasant voice again. This time, it was the exclusive alarm that Brother Lionel had recorded for her, “Karen, get up soon! If you still don’t want to get up, the sun will leave soon.” “Brother Lionel, you are too much! Do you think I’m just a four-year-old child? How can you record such a childish ringtone for me?” Karen Joy was overjoyed as she spoke with Brother Lionel in such a playful manner. The Brother Lionel she liked was still the Brother Lionel who doted on her back then. So many years had passed, but Brother Lionel’s attentiveness towards her had not changed in the slightest. He was still willing to fool around with her. He was willing to pamper her. “You don’t like it?” Nathaniel asked carefully Karen Joy answered happily, “As long as you recorded it for me, i’ll like it.” “Okay.” Nathaniel nodded. Karen Joy raised her eyebrows and asked, “Okay?” The two of them didn’t say anything at the same time. They both of them fell silent for a while. Both of them didn’t know what to say to break the silence. After a long time, a phone call from New York interrupted their silence. “Brother Lionel, my family is calling me. Ill answer the call first, and I’ll call you later.” After that, Karen Joy hung up Nathaniel’s phone and picked up the call from home. Because it was her house’s landline, she didn’t know who was on the other side of the phone, so she answered carefully, “Karen Joy here, who is this?” “Sister, we’re home.” Julien Glover Kyle’s tender voice came to Karen Joy’s ears. “Little precious, you’ve been away from me for more than ten hours. Do you miss me?” Hearing the little one’s voice, Karen Joy’s hands felt itchy because she wanted to pinch his face. “I do.” Julien rarely spoke about his feelings. “Little precious, I miss you too.” Hearing the little one said that he missed her, Karen Joy was even more eager to pinch him, but he was thousands of miles away at New York. She said, “It’s good that you’re home safely. You must be tired. You should rest early and ask Mom and Dad to rest early as well.” Julien added, “Sister, Grandma misses you. She wants to talk to you.” “Karen.” Mama Kyle called out her granddaughter’s name, her tears streaming down her cheeks. “Baby Karen, I miss you so much.” Karen Joy was the first grandchild of the Kyle family. For so many years, everyone loved her dearly. Since she suddenly ran away from home, Mama Kyle missed her very much. If it weren’t for her poor health, she would have dragged her old man to Coast City to accompany her granddaughter. “Grandma, I miss you too!” Thinking of her older grandparents and the fact that she ran so far away from them, Karen Joy felt guilty. However, she was already a grown-up. She could no longer stay in her grandparents’ arms like when she was a child. She also had her own life to live, “Baby Karen.. Why didn’t you come back with your Mom and Dad?” After their son went to Coast City, Mama Kyle waited for them to bring her granddaughter back. Today, when she saw that they came back without Karen Joy, she was so sad that she almost fainted. “Grandma, I still have some things to deal with. When I’m done, I’ll go back and accompany you and Grandpa, okay?” Grandma was old, so Karen Joy talked to her like she was coaxing a child. “Karen, you can’t lie to me okay. I’m counting the days until you come back,” Mama Kyle said as she wiped away her tears. “Grandma, don’t worry. I’ll go back to keep you company after I’m done with my stuff,” Karen Joy said sweetly. “Well, it’s getting late over there. You should rest early. I’ll call you another day,” said Mama Kyle. “Okay. Grandma, goodbye! Take care!” hanging up Grandma’s phone, Karen Joy took a deep breath. As she was trying to process her thoughts, she realized that there was a person standing behind her, which frightened her to her core. She looked back and saw Jayden Elias Kyle standing behind her. He looked straight at her as if she was his prey. “You, why are you here? What do you want?” Karen Joy asked loudly. Jayden did not say a word, instead, he stared at her with a frightening aura. Karen Joy bit her lip and said, “Jayden, this is…” “in future, when you are alone at home, remember to lock the door well. If it wasn’t me, and a bad person broke into the house, how would you handle it then?” Jayden’s face was cold and his voice was gloomy, which scared the wits out of Karen Joy “I remembered that I locked it… Besides, it’s none of your business,” she said guiltily. “If you locked the door, then how did I get in, my lovely sister?” He lived next to her in order to take care of her. When he came back and saw that her door was unlocked, he went in to have a look. Although the security at Moon Bay was very safe, not everyone could get into this gated community, but she had to know the risk of living with powerful and rich people as well. If someone really wanted to hurt her, they would try their best to sneak into her place anyhow. If she coincidentally forgot to close the door again, then… he wouldn’t even dare to think about the consequences. “Don’t you know how you got in? Why are you asking me?” Karen Joy looked at him coldly. “Jayden, you are not welcome here. Please get out” “Karen Joy Kyle!” Jayden suddenly called out her full name. “What?” Karen Joy snorted. “Do you know? You certainly don’t know. Sometimes, I just want to pinch you to death.” He wanted to kill her and then kill himself. Then, the two of them would reincarnate together in the next life. Perhaps her attitude toward him would not be so bad. Perhaps he could tell her openly that he liked her. “Jayden, then you certainly don’t know how much I hate you too. I hate you so much that I want you to die and leave from my sight.” He was not the only one who could say harsh words, she could play the game too.

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