My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 761

Karen Joy Kyle knew that she should not say such harsh words to Jayden Elias Kyle. After all, he was her brother, and he had helped her quite a lot. However, Jayden’s attitude, the manner in which he spoke, as well as the way he looked at her, were all unacceptable to her. That was why she could be polite to everyone but him. If his tone was a little better and his attitude was a little better, then she wouldn’t go head to head with him. “Is that so?” Jayden’s lips curled up into a smile. There was a hint of unnoticeable bitterness in his smile. “Karen, perhaps I will disappoint you again. In this lifetime, you would not be able to witness my death.” He always knew that Karen Joy only hated his company, and that she didn’t want to see him… But he didn’t expect that she hated him so much that she wished he could disappear from her sight forever. How ridiculous. Why on earth did he stay with her? Was it for her to laugh at him, to ridicule him? “Karen, what are you doing? Your Brother Lionel is calling! Quick, answer the call! Answer the call!” Suddenly, the exclusive ringtone from Brother Lionel interrupted the tense atmosphere between them. Karen Joy picked up the phone and wanted to answer it, but she looked at Jayden with vigilance. “Ha..” Hearing Nathaniel’s voice, Jayden snorted coldly and turned around to leave. As he stepped out of the door, he slammed the door with a loud bang. Karen Joy was shocked by the heavy slamming sound of the door. When she came back to her senses, she picked up the phone. “Brother Lionel, just now..” Nathaniel’s voice was soft and tender, “I know…” “What do you know?” Karen Joy was stunned. He added, “Karen, I saw it all just now.” “You saw it? What did you see?” Karen Joy didn’t dare to believe his words. Brother Lionel didn’t have clairvoyance, how did he see what had just happened? At the thought of this, something suddenly flashed across Karen Joy’s mind. She turned around and looked out of the French window. She saw a building in the distance, and there seemed to be a person standing in front of the French window of the that building too. Was that person her Brother Lionel? She just had this thought in her mind, then Brother Lionel gave her the answer. “Yes, the person you’re looking at is me. I’m holding a pair of binoculars, and I can see you from the window.” It really was Brother Lionel. Karen Joy felt a little excited in her heart “Brother Lionel, it must be tiring to look at me like that?” If Brother Lionel wanted to see her, he could just ask her to stay by his side and he could look at her closely. But Karen Joy knew that even if Brother Lionel missed her so much, he couldn’t take her with him. That was because it was too dangerous to be around him, so he could only look at her from a distance in such a silly way. “It’s not tiring.” She must not know that no matter how tired he was, as long as he heard her voice and saw her, he could be energetic and well. Karen Joy was his antidote. Karen Joy made a playful face at him, “Brother Lionel, if you want to see me, we can video call.” “Video call is too troublesome. I just want to look at you this way.” He didn’t manage to put on make up to disguise himself, so he couldn’t see her. “Brother Lionel, actually…” She wanted to tell him that she was not afraid of the risks at all. She was willing to go through storms with him, but Brother Lionel didn’t know that she already knew his true identity yet, so she couldn’t tell him. “Actually what?” asked Nathaniel curiously. “Brother Lionel, I really like you so much! So I will understand all your difficulties and hardships and I’d always support you.” In front of Brother Lionel, Karen Joy had always been generous in expressing her love for him. She had been taught to be expressive since she was young She liked Brother Lionel a lot, so she needed to let him know too. “Karen..” From the binoculars, Nathaniel looked at her and saw her blinking at him. He could even see that she was smiling at him and looked so calm. If it weren’t for the fear that he would get her into trouble, he would have kept her by his side at this moment. So that he could kiss her hard whenever he wanted to. When he thought of her scent, he felt that his heart was beating ridiculously fast. Karen Joy didn’t have a pair of binoculars, so she couldn’t see Brother Lionel on the opposite side, but she still revealed a lovely smile to him. “Brother Lionel, it’s getting late. I need to get ready to for my beauty sleep. Let’s go to bed early.” “Okay.” Nathaniel nodded, but he didn’t want to hang up yet. He wanted to listen to her voice for a while more, and he wanted to derive from strength from her Karen Joy whispered, “Brother Lionel, good night!” “Karen… Good night!” He said it very slowly, as he wanted to delay it as long as possible. She added, “Brother Lionel, I’m going to hang up the phone.” “Okay, you hang up.” Finally, when he finished saying that, Karen Joy hung up the phone. He couldn’t hear her voice anymore and could only look at her through the window. But soon, the girl closed the curtains and turned off the lights. He could only see the darkness through his binoculars. Darkness was the true portrayal of his life in the past few years. His life looked bright on the surface, but only the people who have experienced it would understand the darkness he had gone through “Mr. President!” Jason Lesley was in a hurry to report, “We have caught the people behind the tire explosion. And as you expected, Miss Kyle did ask the White family to investigate this matter.” It was late at night, but Nathaniel’s men had not finished their work, and none of them wanted to get some rest. Jason had already arrived by his office for some time, but seeing that Mr. President was in a phone call, he waited aside. “Whenever something similar happens in the future, you must get your men to clean up the mess properly. You can’t let the White family find anything out.” Nathaniel picked up his coat and walked away as he spoke. Although he had not been with Karen Joy for more than a decade, Nathaniel knew her well. He knew that the girl would feel suspicious about the tire explosion, and he also guessed that she would ask the White family for help, so he asked someone to settle the traces in advance. She was always so optimistic and cheerful, so he could not bear to watch her fall into his dark world. Soon, they arrived at the cell where they were holding the criminals who caused the tire explosion. This was a small-scale but very sturdy prison. It was located under the North Palace, and this was a private prison. The people who were locked up here would not have any official records. That was to say, no one would care even if they died here. Dressed in a black suit, Nathaniel straightened himself up. He swept his sharp gaze across the prisoners locked up in the cell. Wherever he looked, Jason explained, “Mr. President, this is Dunne. He is the mastermind of the explosion. This man followed his orders…” By the time Nathaniel finished looking at them, Jason was also done explaining. He respectfully backed down behind the President, waiting for his next instruction. “Hey, Cooper, even if we didn’t kill you today, there will be someone who can deal with you tomorrow. If you’re still a man, why don’t you just kill us?” One of the prison criminals suddenly shouted loudly. “You want to die?” said Nathaniel softly, and he let out a subtle smile. It looked like he was smiling, but the smile was incongruent with his death stare, making him look extremely cold and sinister.

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