My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 762

“Nathaniel, if we have the guts to touch your car, that means we have embraced death. Humph… Even if you kill us, you can only destroy our physical bodies, you can’t destroy our spirit of bringing you down. People like you are not qualified to be the leader of the country!” The man roared fearlessly. “I’m not qualified to be the leader of the country?” Nathaniel continued to chuckle lightly, but his smile was enough to make anyone’s hair stand on end. “Secretary Lesley, you’ve heard all of this. Since they don’t want to live anymore, then help them out.” Upon receiving Mr. President’s order, Jason Lesley waved his hand and called the guards beside him. He said, “They all want to die. Show your skills. Take good care of them and serve them as much as you can. “Yes.” A few of the men received the order and immediately opened the cell door. They rushed in and sealed the mouths of the men with strong glue glue. One of the men dislocated one of the criminal’s arm effortlessly and swiftly, and another man followed suit. They moved very quickly, as fast as lightning, and trampled the prisoners under their feet. “Wait a minute!” Jason Lesley suddenly said, “Mr. President, the next scene may be gory. Do you want to leave first?” Without any expression, Nathaniel glanced at the situation in the cell and turned around to leave. As soon as he turned around, his subordinates had already executed those people. However, their mouths were sealed, so he couldn’t even hear a scream. An indifferent smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Those who wanted to drag him down could definitely be dealt like this. A night’s time was very short. When he closed his eyes and woke up, it was already dawn. However, Karen Joy didn’t sleep well. She had been dreaming all night. She dreamt that Brother Lionel was alone and surrounded by people. He struggled with all his strength to get out. Although he finally defeated everyone, he was seriously injured. Brother Lionel lay in a pool of blood, dying, but he still called her name softly – Karen! “Brother Lionel!” Although she had woken up for a long time, Karen Joy was still in a panic. She didn’t know what she was doing for a long time. She figured that she would have such a dream because of the tire explosion yesterday and learning about information she found online Brother Lionel faced obstacles from three major forces before he took the position of President. The details of the incident were not stated, but Karen Joy could imagine how terrible it must have been. It was not easy for Brother Lionel to successfully become the President at such a young age. Adding on with those opposition forces, he must have went through a lot. Now, even if Brother Lionel had already taken the position of President, there must be some people that wanted to stop him. Therefore, they would try their best to get rid of Brother Lionel No, no… Karen Joy couldn’t accept it. She couldn’t let others hurt Brother Lionel in the dark. She had to find a way to help him. Thinking of her Brother Lionel, the first person Karen Joy thought of was her father, Kevin Kyle. He would definitely give her some suggestions and instructions. She dialed her father’s phone number. As soon as the call was connected, the person on the other end answered the phone immediately, “Karen?” “Dad!” Karen Joy suddenly let out a muffled cry. However, she did not know how to tell her father about this matter. If her father felt that Brother Lionel did not have the ability to protect her, there was a chance that her father would ask Jayden Elias Kyle to bring her back to New York. “Karen, what’s wrong?” Kevin asked patiently. “Dad, I’m fine. I just miss you.” Karen Joy swallowed back her words, as she didn’t want her father to worry about her anymore. After all, staying by her Brother Lionel’s side and to protect him was her own decision. She couldn’t let her father worry about her. Besides, she should believe in Brother Lionel. If Brother Lionel could go through those risks and danger and sit on the President’s position, he must have his abilities. “Karen, no matter what happens, don’t forget that you still have us. We are your most solid support. Kevin was also aware of his daughter’s little thoughts. He just didn’t want to say it out loud, so he tried to hint his support. “Dad, do you think I saved the whole universe in my past life?” Hearing her father’s words, Karen Joy felt warm in her heart and her tone was much more relaxed. “Why would you suddenly say that?” Kevin asked in a deep voice. “Because I am your daughter. Since I was little, you have loved and cared for me so much, protected me, and took care of me unconditionally. I think that I must have saved the universe in my past life to deserve this life now.” Karen Joy said with a sweet mouth. “You have a sweet tongue. You know how to make your father happy.” In front of his daughter, Kevin would also unconsciously remove his cold front. He was no different than an ordinary father. “Dad, how can you call this sweet? I only speak the truth.” It was good to chat with her father, because she could temporarily forget about her fear and distress. “You-” “Is that her on the phone?” Karen Daly opened the door and entered the study. At the same time, she handed a glass of hot milk to Kevin. “Stop working. Drink the milk and rest early.” “It’s your Baby on the phone.” Kevin handed the phone to her and smiled gently. “Not sure when she learnt how to say such sweet things.” Karen massaged Kevin’s shoulders and said, “Of course my Baby learned it from me. He’s not like your cold, young son. He’s only eight years old, and when I accidentally saw him change his clothes today, he appeared shameful and ignored me for half a day.” Kevin took a sip of milk. He said, “He is also your child, and for that character of his, do you think you have no responsibility at all?” Karen pinched him hard and said, “Director Kevin, if you were a little gentle with him, will he have this kind of personality?” Kevin added, “He is a boy, and boys should have a boy’s upbringing. Do I have to hold him to sleep every night?” The bickering between her mother and father came from the other end of the phone. They were just talking about trivial matters of the household, and Karen Joy listened with great interest She smiled widely and said, “Mom, did the little precious piss you off again? Please let him know that if he makes you unhappy again, I will definitely punish him when I go back.” “Baby, don’t worry. I have a lot of ways to deal with him.” If she could change Kevin, she could work with Julian Glover Kyle. No matter how cold and aloof the little guy was, he was just an eight-year-old kid.. However, the little precious in their family was really different from other eight-year-old kids. Karen was impressed by how strict and disciplined he was. “Mom, then you and Dad should go to bed early, I won’t bother you two anymore. Let’s talk some other day.” Karen Joy said happily. “Baby, the weather in Coast City is getting colder and colder. You should also take good care of yourself. Don’t catch a cold. Jayden is also in Coast City. If anything happens, you need to find him. Remember, he’s your older brother, and you should treat him better. Do you understand?” “Okay, I know. Mom, Dad, goodbye!” Karen Joy hung up the phone. As she recalled her mother’s words about Jayden, she frowned bitterly. Jayden, that hypocritical person, really knew how to please their parents.

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