My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 763

 Dingdong Just as she was thinking about Jayden Elias Kyle, the doorbell rang. Karen Joy Kyle saw Jayden standing outside the door from the surveillance camera. He was dressed very neatly in a suit and leather shoes, and his hair was also neatly combed. He looked like a successful businessman, but Karen Joy felt that he was pretending to be so Dingdong Karen Joy did not open the door, but Jayden continued to press on the doorbell. Karen Joy simply covered her ears and pretended that she didn’t hear it. However, Jayden was not someone who would give up so easily. Since she didn’t open the door, he started beating the door. “Karen Joy, I know you’re awake. Open the door!” When would he stop? Karen Joy reluctantly opened the door and said, “You rang the doorbell so early in the morning, what’s wrong with you?” “I’ve got someone to prepare breakfast for me and prepared a portion for you too.” Jayden handed the lunchbox to her. “You can’t skip breakfast. It’s not good for your health.” He was kind enough to bring her breakfast early in the morning, yet she yelled at him the moment she opened the door… Karen Joy felt a little apologetic, but she was too embarrassed to apologize in front of Jayden, so she did not take the lunchbox, “I can make breakfast myself, don’t worry.” “You make breakfast?” Jayden raised his eyebrows in disdain and said, “Are you trying to blow up the whole building?” After living with her for fourteen years, he was very clear about what she was good at and what she could not do. “Jayden, can you speak nicely?” See, she didn’t want to argue with him, but he made her angry on purpose. “Take the breakfast. I won’t stop you from doing anything after you’ve finished it.” Jayden put the bag on her hand, turned around and left. “Jayden, do you think that I will forgive you for burning Brother Lionel’s photo? Don’t think about it, I won’t. So don’t do these useless things in the future.” She didn’t need him to treat her too well, because she didn’t want to owe him any favors. People often say that you should pay for what you owe, but you couldn’t pay off the favors you owed for a lifetime. Since she knew that Jayden might have other intentions and feelings towards her, she couldn’t give him any hope. She had to let him know clearly that she only had Brother Lionel in her heart Jayden, who had just left stopped walking and slowly turned his head to look at her. He chuckled and said, “Karen Joy, where did your confidence come from? Let me tell you, if you were not the daughter of my parents, do you think that I would be so good to you?” “You… You are their child too. If you want to be filial to them, you just have to be filial to them. I don’t need you to take care of me.” She still didn’t want to submit in front of him and needed to fight for victory. “Do you mean that you don’t want me to take care of you? You want to let Mom and Dad ride for another ten hours of flight to take care of you?” “You are talking nonsense!” “Karen Joy, you said that you are an adult now. Then you should think about everything from a bigger picture. Don’t think that your Brother Lionel is your whole world.” “In the end, you just don’t like to see me being with Brother Lionel.” She knew that from the moment he burnt the only photo of Brother Lionel and her. “Not only do I dislike him, I also want to kill him.” Jayden gritted his teeth and said ruthlessly. If there was a chance, he would send Nathaniel into a land of eternal damnation, so that the man would never be able to come back. “You -” “I’m going to work.” In the blink of an eye, Jayden had regained his calmness. He spoke calmly and left. Karen Joy picked up the lunch box and stood at the door in a daze. Only after she saw Jayden enter the elevator, then she came back to her senses. The expression on his face just now was too scary. When she thought of it, Karen Joy suddenly shivered and almost dropped the lunchbox in her hand, She opened the lunchbox and looked at it. It was all her favourite food and preferences. She thought that Jayden was actually a good brother, only if he had no other thoughts about her. After breakfast, Karen Joy went out. If she wanted to help Brother Lionel, she had to understand the city first. She needed to understand the views and thoughts of the people of this country. To do these things, she could not be like a headless fly. She had to find someone familiar with the city to accompany her, so Samantha Lesley was the best candidate. Seeing Karen Joy, who she had not seen for a few days, Samantha was so excited that she danced around and said, “Karen Joy, it’s so nice to still see you in Coast City.” “Samantha, let’s go for a walk today.” “Okay. Which tourist spot do you want to go to? I promise you, you will have a good time.” “I just want to walk around town to experience an average citizens life. The first step was to help Brother Lionel understand the thoughts and feelings of an average citizen. “Karen Joy, you’re not sick, are you? Or are you tired of being called as ‘First Miss’ and want to experience something different?” Samantha was very puzzled about Karen Joy’s idea. “You could say that.” Karen Joy didn’t want to explain too much, and she couldn’t explain too much to Samantha either. “Alright then, I will take you out and walk around.” Although Samantha did not understand why Karen Joy wanted to do this, she still took Karen Joy to the common places where the locals would stay and hand around in Coast City. The civilian areas, as its name implied, was the area where most average citizens lived. They were the majority of the country’s population. Their satisfaction towards Mr. President could improve the status of Mr. President in the people’s hearts and help strengthen Brother Lionel’s position. But unfortunately, they met a person here, a person that they knew but that person did not necessarily know them – Serene Silas, the fiancee of Mr. President Karen Joy never imagined that she would meet Serene here. She was Brother Lionel’s fiancée, so for a moment, she was stunned. “Sister Serene?” Samantha didn’t really believe what she saw. She tentatively called out to the woman in front of her, who was dressed in ordinary clothes but still looked elegant. Upon hearing the voice, the woman who was talking to the civilians turned back and saw Samantha and Karen Joy at a glance When she saw Karen Joy, Serene’s heart trembled slightly. She didn’t know what kind of attitude she should use to face this little girl. She was able to recognize this girl at a glance because this girl was the person whom Nathaniel had always been thinking about She had known about this girl many years ago, but she didn’t expect that they would meet each other in this way for the first time. When she looked at Karen Joy, Karen Joy was also looking at her. Serene looked even more beautiful than she appeared on TV. Just by standing there, she looked like a beautiful painting. Karen Joy felt that such a girl was worthy of being by Brother Lionel’s side, and also worthy of the title of First Lady. Thinking of this, Karen Joy felt bitter in her heart. Such a beautiful woman was standing in front of her and looking at them with a smile, but she secretly wanted to steal her fiancee away. It was really… “Samantha, why are you here too?” Serene looked at Karen Joy and said gently, “Samantha, is this your friend?” Because Serene was still a stranger to Karen Joy, so she definitely had to ask Samantha to introduce her. “Yes, Sister Serene, this is my friend, Karen Joy. She came to Coast City to hang out with me.” Samantha looked at Karen Joy again. “Karen Joy, this is Mr. President’s fiancee. We saw her from a distance last time. She also appeared on TV. You should recognize her.” “Hello, Miss Silas! I’m Karen Joy, Samantha’s friend!” Karen Joy smiled and introduced herself generously. In front of outsiders, especially in front of Brother Lionel’s fiancee, Karen Joy tried her best to be more generous and kind but she secretly gritted her teeth.

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