My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 764

“Hello!” Serene Silas smiled gently and extended her hand towards Karen Joy Kyle. “I am Serene. Nice to meet you.” Seeing her reach out her hand, Karen Joy paused for a moment, and then she reached out to shake hands with her too. “I am also very happy to meet you.” Serene added, “Since you and Samantha are friends, then I should be older than you.” To be honest, Karen Joy was quite reluctant to chat with her. They had only just met, and Serene was also her rival in love. However, when she heard Serene’s gentle voice and the way she looked at her with a smiling face, Karen Joy could not turn away. She nodded her head and say, “Yes, that’s right.” “Karen Joy…” Serene repeated Karen Joy’s name. “What a beautiful name, just as beautiful as you.” Beautiful? If she knew that the girl standing in front of her was thinking about her fiancee… By then, would she still think that she was a beautiful girl? Karen Joy sullenly thought. “Sister Serene, Karen Joy, both of you are my friends, so you two are also friends from now on.” Samantha Lesley suddenly interrupted them. “Okay, if you want, you can also call me Sister Serene, then 1 will have another little sister.” Perhaps because this little girl was the treasure that Nathaniel Cooper held in his hand, Serene also wanted to use a little bit of her power to protect her Karen Joy did not reply her. She could not bring herself to call Serene so. After becoming friends with Serene, how would she deal with her relationship Brother Lionel? She couldn’t fight her sister’ over a man. If she were to leave silently and never see Brother Lionel again, it would be even more impossible for her to do so. Karen Joy was in such a huge dilemma that she looked extremely tensed. “Karen Joy, Sister Serene is very nice. She treats people younger than her as if they were her own little sisters. Don’t worry.” Karen Joy’s hesitation made Samantha think that she was worried about Serene’s personality. In addition with Serene’s expectant gaze, even though Karen Joy was not willing to call her sister’, she still called her in a sweet voice, “Sister Serene.” “Mm.” Serene replied lightly, with a gentle and decent smile hanging on her face. “Since we bumped into each other, then let me treat you two to a meal, okay?” “Great! Great! Serene, I want to go to Goan Restaurant to eat some special dishes.” Samantha’s eyes became wide as soon as she heard about eating. Thus, the three of them came to a well-known local restaurant to try their special dishes. On the way. Samantha asked Serene about a lot of things, while Karen Joy didn’t say a word and secretly observed Brother Lionel’s fiancee. Serene’s tone and voice were always just right. It was neither soft nor heavy, and her voice was so sweet and endearing. When she smiled, she appeared so attractive. She really was a gentle and beautiful woman. She was graceful and considerate. Women like her were very attractive to men. What kind of feelings did Brother Lionel have for her then? Brother Lionel must also like Serene. If even girls like Karen Joy found her attractive, Brother Lionel should be no exception If Brother Lionel liked Serene, then what would Brother Lionel’s feelings for Karen Joy be? Perhaps Brother Lionel still thought of her as a child who was only a few years old. His feelings for her were still as innocent as when she was a child, maybe there was no romance between them. “Oh, by the way, Sister Serene, you haven’t told me what you’ve been doing today?” Samantha asked again as soon as she sat down. Serene subconsciously glanced at Karen Joy before continuing, “I was just walking around and learning about the people’s lives better. I’m trying to do my best to help your Brother Nathanael to do some things.” “Sister Serene, you really are a virtuous wife huh, you’re probably the only one worthy of Brother Nathaniel.” Samantha chattered. Hearing that Serene also wanted to help Mr. President with his work too, Karen Joy’s mind was in a mess. She was somewhat happy for Brother Lionel, but she was even more worried that the relationship between her and Brother Lionel would harm an innocent Serene, who knew nothing about them. As Brother Lionel’s fiancee, Serene would always be thinking of Brother Lionel, but she did not know that the person in front of her was thinking of hitting on Brother Lionel “Karen Joy, have a look at the menu and see what kind of dishes you like to eat.” Serene handed the menu over to Karen Joy and patiently introduced the specialties of the restaurant. “I’m not picky about food.” Karen Joy smiled and handed the menu back. “You can order on my behalf.” Serene handed the menu over to Samantha and said, “Samantha, you know the two of us well. You should know everyone’s preferences. You should order.” “Okay, okay. I’m good at ordering dishes.” Samantha didn’t need to look at the menu. She ordered several dishes in one go. After ordering, she found that Karen Joy’s was not in a particularly good mood. “Karen Joy, do you have something on your mind? “What’s on my mind?” Karen Joy smiled. It seemed that she didn’t control her emotions well. Even a careless girl like Samantha could see that she had something on her mind. Serene chimed in the conversation, “Karen Joy, since we just met today, then we can consider that as fate. We are all girls here, so don’t need to be too careful or cautious with each other. “Alright, Sis. Sister Serene.” Every time she called her ‘Sister Serenel, Karen Joy felt a bit guilty in her heart. She really wanted to leave the place immediately, but she wanted to spend a bit more time with Serene to see what kind of person Serene was. “You two chat first. I need to go to the bathroom,” Samantha said. “Okay.” Karen Joy and Serene said at the same time. After Samantha left, Serene poured a cup of tea for Karen Joy and said, “Karen Joy, do you know Mr. President?” “I.” Karen Joy was speechless. Not only did she know Mr. President, but she also knew him very well. However, the person she knew was not Mr. President, but her Brother Lionel. Hence, she said, “I was lucky enough to meet Mr. President twice, but i’m not too familiar with him.” “Then you should meet him more often in the future. Mr. President is really a very good person. He is a very responsible person, and he prioritizes relationships and promises a lot.” Serene said calmly. Karen Joy was a bit speechless. Why did Serene suddenly say this? Did she see something through her? Karen Joy didn’t know how to reply her. She heard Serene continue with her gentle voice, “Karen Joy, I’ll secretly tell you something that is rarely known to others. Don’t tell anyone else.” Karen Joy said cautiously. “Sister Serene, if it’s something that can’t be told to outsiders, I’d better not listen to it. I’m afraid that I’ll accidentally spill it.” As for other people’s secrets, Karen Joy was not interested in knowing them because she had to keep the secrets for them. It was very difficult for her to do that. “It’s about Mr. President. Are you sure you don’t want to listen to it?’ Serene didn’t seem to have expected Karen Joy’s refusal, so she threw out the bait. Karen Joy refused firmly. “Sister Serene, Mr. President is the leader of the country. I think I really shouldn’t know about his matters.” “What is it? I want to know, I want to know. Sister Serene, tell me.” When Samantha returned, she only heard half the sentence, but all of her curiosity was piqued. Serene still wanted to say something, but when she saw Samantha coming over, she could only swallow her words. She changed the topic and said, “We were saying that the dishes are almost served. If you didn’t come back soon, we’re going to finish them.”

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