My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 765

Samantha Lesley came back in time and interrupted their conversation. Samantha also indirectly helped Karen Joy out of the predicament. Although she said that she didn’t want to know the fact about Mr. President, Karen Joy was very, very eager to know. Karen Joy just wanted to hear about his stories personally through him instead of listening to others. After having a meal with Samantha and Serene, Karen Joy was no longer in the mood to walk around the area and speak to the locals. She returned home and hid in her own room, thinking gloomily about Brother Lionel and Serene. Perhaps she was too absorbed in her thoughts, so she didn’t hear Brother Lionel’s calls several times. The phone probably rang a lot of times before Karen Joy came to her senses. “Karen, what are you doing? Your Brother Lionel is calling! Quick answer the phone! Answer the phone!” Her phone kept on ringing, but Karen Joy still did not reach for her phone… “Brother Lionel, I’ve been thinking about you for more than ten years and finally, I’m a grown up now. I finally found you, finally reunited with you, and I just want to be with you forever. But I’m afraid. I’m afraid that I’ll be the mistress that destroys your relationship and even more afraid of destroying your beautiful image in the eyes of the people of Country A. Do you know that?” Looking at the bright phone screen, Karen Joy gritted her teeth and muttered. She did not mind if others called her a bitch, but she was afraid that everything Brother Lionel had painstakingly built would be ruined because of her. The phone rang again and again, and Karen Joy couldn’t muster the courage to answer the phone call from Brother Lionel The ringtone echoed over and over again Dingdong The doorbell suddenly rang. Karen Joy thought that it was Jayden Elias Kyle again. She did not even have the mood to look at the door. Instead, she hid under the quilt and pulled up the quilt to wrap herself up. She didn’t want to see anyone! “Karen, open the door. It’s me!” Brother Lionel’s voice suddenly came into Karen Joy’s ears. She stiffened up. She even thought that she had misheard his voice. “Karen!” Outside the door, Brother Lionel continued to call her. Only then was Karen Joy sure that it was her Brother Lionel He was right outside the door. She no longer cared about Serene, nor did she care about ruining Brother Lionel’s image. She bounced up from the bed, rushed to the door, and opened the door. Brother Lionel was standing outside the door. He was dressed in a suit and looked very handsome. However, his expression did not look good. There was a mix of anger and panic in his face. “Brother..” Before the word “Lionel” came out of her mouth, he pulled her fragile body into his arms. He held her in his arms and walked into the house with her. He kicked the door heavily to close it. Before Karen Joy could figure out what was going on, she was pressed heavily against the wall by Brother Lionel, and his kiss fell on her lips. His lips were warm and tender, and his kiss was passionate yet endearing… she was about to melt in his arms. “Oh..” Karen Joy instinctively pushed him, but since he pressed her down against the wall, he could not move at all. His kiss was fierce and lingering, which was different from the two gentle kisses they had before. She felt that her soul was about to be sucked vay by him. Gradually, besides his fearlessness, Karen Joy felt another emotion in his kiss… … he was afraid! Brother Lionel was afraid? Why was Brother Lionel afraid? Was someone going after him? Or did those rebels play some tricks again? After Karen Joy thought deeply, Brother Lionel finally let go of her. He stroked her bright red lips and kissed her forehead. Then he said in a deep voice, “Karen, don’t scare me anymore.” He had called her so many times, but she didn’t answer… When he thought of the possibility that something might have happened to her, his heart was in a mess. In the past, when she was very young, he only wanted to protect her like a big brother protecting his little sister. But later as he watched her grow up day by day, when he saw her beautiful figure, he knew that they were no longer the brother and sister that they were in the past. He still wanted to protect her, but he didn’t want to protect her as her brother, he wanted to protect her as her man. He rushed to her house. The moment he saw her, he couldn’t care about anything else. He just wanted to hold her in his arms, caress her, kiss her.. He wanted to feel that she really was by his side. As soon as he spoke, Karen Joy knew why he appeared afraid in his kiss. She did not answer the phone and he was worried She bit her lip secretly She knew that Brother Lionel was worried about her, but why didn’t she answer the phone? How could she do such a childish thing? “Brother Lionel, sorr…” Before she could finish her words, Brother Lionel suddenly lowered his head and kissed her again. He pushed her apology back to her mouth. This time, Brother Lionel’s kiss was very gentle. His touch was as light as a feather that was caressing her lips. Karen Joy lacked experience with kissing, but she still tried her best to reciprocate to Brother Lionel’s affection. This kiss was even longer than before. It felt that decades had passed before he was willing to let go. “Brother Lionel, sor..” He interrupted her again. “Don’t you ever apologize to me.” “But I’ve made you worry.” “As long as you’re fine, I will not be angry with you.” Brother Lionel raised his hand and gently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. He lowered his head and kissed her again. “Little girl, do you understand?” “Yes, I understand. I’ll answer your calls in the future, and 1 won’t let you worry,” she said obediently like a child who had done something wrong and was reassuring the adult. “Why didn’t you pick up my call just now?” As far as Nathaniel knew, this girl would definitely pick up his call, unless she didn’t hear it. However, he called so many times. Even if she was asleep, it should be able to wake her up. There must be some other reason. “It’s because… I was taking a bath just now, so I didn’t hear it.” Not wanting to tell Brother Lionel the real reason, Karen Joy stammered and found an excuse, “Taking a bath?” Nathaniel hugged her once more and lowered his head to sniff her body. “Since when did my Karen learn how to lie to me?” “…” Brother Lionel’s nose was really more sensitive than hers. How could he tell if she took a bath or not? “Karen, tell me,” he said gently, his tone sounded like he was coaxing a child that had yet to grow up. Karen Joy said gloomily, “I just didn’t want to answer the phone, there was no specific reason.” “Why? Don’t you want to hear my voice?” asked Nathaniel curiously “I want to hear your voice so much that I just want to listen to the ringtone all the time.” Karen Joy wittily found an excuse. “Little girl, you’re really good at sweet talking.” Nathaniel responded as she massaged her head. Nathaniel knew that Karen Joy’s excuse was fake. However, he did not pursue the matter further, as he did not want to seem like he was interrogating a criminal. She was his Karen, the girl he wanted to protect!

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