My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 766

“Brother Lionel, have you eaten lunch? If you haven’t, i’ll cook for you, alright?” Karen Joy Kyle just wanted to find a chance to spend more time with Brother Lionel She had been in Country A for nearly a month now, but the time she spent together with Brother Lionel was less than 24 hours. She was a greedy girl. When she had not found Brother Lionel, she hoped to find him. After finding him, she hoped to be around him all the time. Nathaniel Cooper pinched her face and said with a smile, “I had lunch already. You don’t have to make me lunch.” “Brother Lionel, you can’t pinch my face like this. I’m no longer a child.” Karen Joy always thought that this scene felt so familiar. Then, she realized that she often pinched little precious like this. “Yes, you’re a grown up, but what’s that got to do with pinching your face?” Nathaniel smiled gently and reached out to pinch her again. “Just want to pinch you like this.” “Well, you can pinch me then if you like.” Karen Joy closed her eyes and looked like she was embracing death in a cute way. But… Brother Lionel did not pinch her. Instead, he gave her a sweet kiss. He gently kissed her lips and said with a smile, “Compared with pinching your face, I prefer treating you this way.” He was smiling, yet his smile looked evil. Karen Joy blushed and responded shyly, “Brother Lionel, you’re so annoying!” “You don’t like me kissing you like that?” Nathaniel asked. He knew that she was just being shy, but he deliberately put on a disappointed look. “No, no. I like it very much!” Karen Joy immediately clarified. She was worried that Brother Lionel would misunderstand her and that he would never kiss her again in the future. “You are so silly and lovely.” Nathaniel held her in his arms and caressed her head. This girl was very smart. No one could take advantage of her, and she could only be silly and cute in front of him. “I’m not silly.” She was a smart and wise lady. She was only willing to be silly just because he was her Brother Lionel. Nathaniel added, “I’d like to take you somewhere, do you want to go?” “Of course I want to!” Karen Joy nodded repeatedly. She couldn’t ask for anything more. How could she not want to go with Brother Lionel? “Very well. Follow me. Don’t ask where we’re going.” Nathaniel held Karen Joy’s hand. As he looked at her, he could not resist lowering his head to kiss her again. “Why are you so cute?” “Am I so cute that you’d like to eat me up?” Karen Joy blinked her eyes and said wittily. “Then, are you willing to let me eat you up?” Nathaniel looked at her, his passion burning like fire. “Brother Lionel, what do you think?” She was talking about real food, but she could see something else from Brother Lionel’s evil eyes. Brother Lionel had other intentions for her, so did it mean that his feelings for her were no longer innocent, and it had turned romantic? “Let’s go then.” He did not know her real intentions, so he had to change the subject and cover up his evil thoughts. “Brother Lionel, can you carry me?” Karen Joy took the opportunity to make a request when they left the house. She liked being carried by Brother Lionel on his back. Back when they were young, she would ride on his back and see the world. She could feel his solid shoulders and he could make her feel comfortable and safe like no other. “Come up.” Nathaniel didn’t hesitate, he immediately squatted down so that she could climb up his back smoothly. “Okay!” Karen Joy climbed onto Brother Lionel’s back and soon, her entire weight was on his body. She rested comfortably against his head and neck. “Brother Lionel, won’t you feel embarrassed?” He was the President of a country. Was it really not a big deal for him to do this for her? “Why do I have to be embarrassed?” asked Nathaniel. “Because you are.” Karen Joy almost blurted out the words. Fortunately, she stopped in time and said, “You are a man. Won’t you worry about being laughed at when you walk on the street with a girl on your back?” “I’m carrying my favourite person, who would dare to laugh at me?” In Nathaniel’s opinion, carrying this little girl was a wonderful thing. How could he worry about others laughing at him? If she was willing, he could carry her for the rest of his life. He wanted to carry her and be with her as they grow old slowly. “Brother Lionel, why are you so good to me?” Karen Joy rubbed on Nathaniel’s back and rested her head on his head. It would be great if he could carry her like this for a lifetime. “Because you are my Karen!” Nathaniel’s answer was as simple as Karen Joy’s. It was because she was his Karen Joy, that he was willing to treat her very well unconditionally. It was not because she had saved his life, but because she was Karen Joy. He only had this simple reason. “Brother Lionel, let’s get going then.” Karen Joy adjusted her position more intimately. “Alright. Hold me tight then. Don’t fall down.” Nathaniel said with a gentle smile as she stepped into the elevator with Karen Joy on her back. “Brother Lionel..” “What’s wrong?” “Where exactly are you taking me to?” “Don’t ask if you’ve agreed to go with me. You’ll know when we arrive.” “What if you want to sell me to traffickers? Am I still going to help you out with your scheme?” “You are a priceless treasure. No one can afford to buy you. Besides, I won’t sell you too.” “If you compare me and the position of the President, which is more important?” Karen Joy wanted to ask this, but she swallowed her words back. He climbed up his rank through a series of painstaking efforts. How could she be so cruel as to ask Brother Lionel to choose between her and being the President? Karen Joy’s sudden silence worried Nathaniel a little. He looked at her back from the reflection on the elevator and asked, “Karen, why aren’t you talking anymore? What are you thinking about?” Karen Joy muttered, “I’m thinking how important I am in your heart.” Nathaniel put her down and held her hand. Then, he positioned her hand over to his heart, “You are as important as this.” The heart was the most important organ of the human body. Once the heart stopped beating, the person would die. He compared her to his heart, which meant that she was as important as his life. To choose between his life and his position as the President, she believed that he would choose his life. “Brother Lionel… What should she do? She was so moved that she could not say a word. “Yes?” “Brother Lionel, you…” “Go ahead. I’m listening.” Ding… Before they could finish their words, the elevator reached the basement and the door opened. “Mr. Lionel, you have a very important thing to attend in the afternoon. It’s almost time. We need to get going now.” As soon as the elevator door opened, the secretary, who always followed Nathaniel around, reminded him of an important work matter. Everyone knew that he only managed to climb up to this President position through his high level of discipline and determination. But who would have thought that he would choose to bail on such an important meeting today? Didn’t he know that many people were looking at him? Didn’t he know that many people were waiting for him?

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