My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 767

“I have something more important to do. Tell them that the meeting will be postponed until tomorrow morning,” Nathaniel Cooper said in a deep voice. At this moment, he just wanted to take Karen Joy Kyle out and make her happy. He didn’t want to think about the responsibilities of being the President He had been disciplined and obedient for more than ten years, and all he wanted was to climb up to the position of President. He needed to fulfil the expectations of others… and he was already tired of it. At this moment, he only wanted to do what he wanted to do. The thing he wanted to do the most in his life was to be with Karen Joy. He wanted her to be happy, like a child. The secretary said hurriedly, “Mr. Lionel, everyone is waiting for you. The meeting is very important. If you don’t go, it’s very likely that… “Don’t you understand what I’m saying?” Nathaniel raised his brows, shot a cold look at his secretary, and said in a colder tone, “Or do you think I should listen to you instead?” The secretary was so scared that he wiped his cold sweat. He was so scared of his President. He was just doing his due diligence as a secretary, telling the President what he should do and should not do at this time. Ignoring the many important personnels in the country and accompanying a little girl outside, this was definitely not something a wise President would do. “Brother Lionel, I’m sorry!” Karen Joy pushed his hand away and stepped back. He looked at him and smiled sweetly. “I forgot I already made plans this afternoon. I can’t go out with you. The important meeting the secretary mentioned must be something very important. She couldn’t see Brother Lionel delay the country’s affairs because of her, and she didn’t want him to be accused in the future for abandoning his work for love As Karen Joy withdrew her hand. Nathaniel’s hand was left hanging alone, and so was his heart. He opened his mouth and said, “Karen..” “Brother Lionel, I’m really sorry!” Karen Joy raised her wrist to look at the time. “Oh dear, it’s almost time for me to meet that person, I need to go now. Brother Lionel, I’ll accompany you another time okay?” Giving Nathaniel no chance to speak, Karen Joy waved her hand cheerfully. She turned around and left hopping away, trying to make herself look as happy as possible. However, the moment she turned around and when Nathaniel couldn’t see her, her expression instantly chanaged. She said silently in her heart, “Brother Lionel, I want to be with you all day, but I don’t want to be your burden. I don’t want to drag you down. I want to be a person who can help and support you.” If she could stand by Brother Lionel’s side one day in the future, she hoped that she could win the praise of the people instead of hearing accusations and allegations of her inabilities. Karen Joy walked a long distance, but Nathaniel, who was behind her, still looked at her quietly. He knew that she was obviously disappointed, but she still tried hard to appear strong and unbothered. This silly girl didn’t have to be so considerate. In front of him, she could do whatever she wanted as she always did when she was a child. He gave her such privilege, but she didn’t want to enjoy it. Perhaps what he gave her was not enough, so she couldn’t enjoy it at ease. Seeing Mr. President’s gloomy face, the secretary felt that there was a storm coming. This time, he would be in trouble. “Back to North Palace!” Nathaniel turned and left. His steps were heavy as he walked away, as if he was venting his inner helplessness in such a manner. He could bring the little girl back, but he didn’t want her to feel like she was a burden. She didn’t need to tell him what she was thinking. He knew it as well. “Yes.” The secretary followed in a hurry. He was so scared that his legs were going weak. On the way back to North Palace, Nathaniel had his eyes closed as he leaned against the back of his chair to rest. The atmosphere inside the car was very tense. When they arrived at the North Palace, he said coldly, “If something like today happens again, you’ll see what I’ll do.” “Yes.” The secretary nodded repeatedly and followed behind Mr. President carefully. After walking for a while, the secretary took out his phone to write a note down, “In the future, when Mr. President is out with the girl from the Kyle family, never mention work again! Remember! Remember! Or else a hand of yours will be chopped off!” “That’s your Brother Lionel. He chose to go with his secretary… He probably won’t understand what you’re thinking.” Karen Joy hid in the shadows and watched Brother Lionel’s car drive away. Unexpectedly, Jayden Elias Kyle’s sarcastic voice suddenly came from behind. “Whether Brother Lionel understands me or not, what does it have to do with you?” She turned her head around and glared fiercely at Jayden before taking a step forward. She did not even want to say a single word to him. Jayden chased after her and said, “Karen Joy, why do you have to do that? Why do you have to sacrifice so much for a man who is not even willing to tell you his true identity?” No matter what Jayden said, Karen Joy walked away from him and ignored him. If she ignored him, he would shut up eventually “Karen Joy, this is for you.” Jayden was taller than her, so he caught up with her after a few steps. He grabbed her and stuffed a document into her hands. Jayden, what tricks are you playing?” Karen Joy did not want to take the document, but Jayden forced it on her anyway. She had no choice but to take it. He said, “Have a look. You don’t have to thank me. I did these things out of father’s orders.” Karen Joy asked with a blank face, “What?” “Go back and take a look.” Jayden then walked away while holding her Hearing that it was a document from her father, Karen Joy returned home and opened the document. As soon as she opened the document and saw that it had something to do with Brother Lionel, she immediately became focused and slowly flipped through the pages one by one. It was written clearly that the relationship between Brother Lionel and Serene Silas was just contractual, and they were not really engaged Of course, this news made Karen Joy very excited. After the excitement, she began to doubt the authenticity of the document, “Jayden, you said that this is a very confidential matter, then how did you find out about it?” “Of course I found out about it through investigation and a lot of patience.” Initially, he had received his father’s instructions to investigate the true relationship between Nathaniel and Serene. He was worried that their security would be top notch, but he didn’t think that Serene would approach him personally and explain the truth. Nathaniel was also someone who had been around Kevin Kyle for many years. He had been very careful since he was young and protected his secrets well. Therefore, Kevin sent his men to investigate on the matter again. No matter how much he investigated, he could not find any details on an intimate relationship between Nathaniel and Serene. As such, he sincerely believed that the both of them were probably engaged for diplomatic purposes between the Cooper and Silas families. Karen Joy asked suspiciously, “Are you sure this is true?” Jayden said, “Are you doubting me? Or are you doubting the competence of Dad’s subordinates?” Karen Joy gave him a cold look and said, “Of course I’m doubting you.” “Then you can pretend that I have not looked for you today, you can also pretend you hadn’t read this document,” Jayden said casually. He was only responsible for handing over the documents to her. He did not care if she believed in him or not. Speaking of which, he was just a worthless person to her She didn’t treat him as her brother at all, but he couldn’t stop himself from caring for her, and he didn’t want her to suffer at all. 14 years, that was the time it took for him to grow from a little boy to an adult. During this period, he learned a lot about ways to take good care of his sister.

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