My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 768

“Jayden, is the contract real?” Looking at Jayden Elias Kyle, Karen Joy Kyle asked again. It was not that she did not believe in Jayden, but she found it hard to believe the news. When she had lunch with Serene Silas today, Karen Joy thought to herself that it would be great if Serene and Brother Lionel had a fake engagement. She just had such thoughts at noon. And in the afternoon, she had already received news from Jayden that their engagement was indeed fake. This matter was too coincidental. It was so coincidental that it was hard to believe “If you hope that this thing is true, then you should believe it is true. If you don’t want this thing to be true, then don’t believe in it.” Jayden sat down beside her and continued, “Karen, you are such a smart person. Don’t you understand it yet?” “Thank you for your kindness. I know what I should do.” Karen Joy admitted that Jayden’s words were very reasonable. Anyway, whether the relationship between Brother Lionel and Serene was fake or not, she would still stay with Brother Lionel. Instead of tormenting herself silently every day, she simply chose to trust the document and plan what she wanted to do. “I told you, you don’t have to thank me. Dad arranged for it,1 was just following his orders.” What Jayden wanted was not her gratitude, but she should know that he wanted something else “I still have to thank you!” Karen Joy said politely. She moved a little further to the left and distanced herself from him. “If you didn’t let me have a look at these information, can’t be at ease being with Brother Lionel, so I really want to thank you.” “Brother Lionel! Brother Lionel! Your Brother Lionel again! Can’t you see anyone else other than him?” He looked at her with a fierce look and thought silently to himself. “Karen Joy. you are so smart. Don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m thinking.” She knew! Of course she knew! It was precisely because she knew what he was thinking about that she wanted to stay far away from him. She did not want him to have any improper thoughts about her. “Karen.” Jayden suddenly spoke up, and spoke close to her ear, “If it weren’t for Dad’s orders, I would never tell you this. I wish you would never know the truth. I wish that Nathaniel marries Serene one day… I wish that you would never be with him.” “Jayden, do you know which family you belong to?” Karen Joy stepped back again and pulled away from Jayden. “Let me just tell you this clearly. Even if there is no Brother Lionel, there is no possibility between you and me. So please don’t have any other ideas of me in the future.” “Even there was no Brother Lionel, there is no possibility between us? Really?” Jayden grabbed her hand and said sinisterly, “Do you want to get rid of your Brother Lionel and give it a try?” “How dare you” Karen Joy gritted her teeth and said, “I have told you, if you hurt him, I will never let you go.” “Heh..” Jayden sneered and said, “Karen Joy, don’t speak so harshly. Otherwise, I can’t control myself sometimes.” Jayden’s gaze was very cold. He looked like a wild wolf who had been hungry for a long time and finally found its prey. The gaze was fierce and evil. It was best not to offend people like this, because you really wouldn’t know what could they do. Karen Joy took a deep breath and said, “Alright, then I won’t say harsh words to you. You are an adult in your 20s, aren’t you? Then you should find a girl you like and have a romantic relationship.” Jayden increased the strength in his grip on her wrist and said sternly, “Just because I am an adopted son of the Kyle family, you’re looking down on me? So you want to push me to others?” “We’re from the same family!” Karen Joy clenched her teeth and spoke confidently. In her heart, she never looked down on him because of his birth status, she did not want to get close to him because when he came into the family, her heart had already been occupied by Brother Lionel. “What if I’m not a Kyle?” He held her hand tightly and looked into her eyes. “You’re not a Kyle? You don’t want to be with Mom and Dad anymore? Then what do you want your last name to be?” Karen Joy asked casually Hearing her words, Jayden slowly let go of Karen Joy’s hand and stared at her briefly. Eventually, he slowly looked away. He then got up and left. When he reached the door, he suddenly turned back to look at her. After staring at her for a long time, he did not say a word and turned around to leave. Once he left, Karen Joy let out a huge sigh of relief. Her words were clear enough. She hoped that Jayden would understand as well. After staying silent for a while, Karen Joy looked out of the window again. The sky had gradually turned dark, and the day had passed again. Time flew by really fast! She hadn’t even started on any real work yet but time already passed by so quickly. Just as she was sighing in exasperation, Brother Lionel’s call came. With the exclusive ringtone that Brother Lionel had prepared for her, it was really convenient. She didn’t need to look at the phone to know that he was calling. “Brother Lionel, are you done with your meeting?” She asked sweetly. “Yes, I just came out of the meeting room…” She heard Nathaniel’s pleasant voice. “You called me right after the meeting, so you miss me, don’t you?” There was no need to wait for his answer. Brother Lionel must be missing her. Karen Joy was so happy that she rolled on the sofa and accidentally fell to the ground. She screamed loudly. “Karen, what’s wrong?” asked Nathaniel anxiously “Because I was too happy to get a call from you that I fell off the sofa.” Karen Joy honestly explained the situation. “Silly girl.” Hearing his voice, Karen Joy could feel his mockery. He must be laughing at her. Karen Joy asked, “Brother Lionel, have you finished all your things today?” Nathaniel replied, “There’s one more thing I need to take care of.” Karen Joy said, “Then you should settle it first. When you’re done, I’ll treat you to dinner tonight, okay?” Nathaniel: “Oh? You’re going to treat me?” Karen Joy immediately said cheerfully, “That’s right! I’m going to cook. Brother Lionel, are you willing to try?” Her mother often told her that if she liked someone, she would inevitably want to cook for him, so that he could eat happily all the time time. Therefore, as long as her mother was not at work, she would definitely cook for her father. Now that she thought more about it, her mother’s words were really true. Karen Joy also wanted to learn from her mother. She wanted to offer her first cooking experience to his favorite Brother Lionel “Okay, I’ll have a taste of your cooking tonight. Even knowing that Karen Joy had never cooked before, and that it was likely difficult for him to swallow the food she cooked, Nathaniel agreed immediately. “That’s settled then. I’ll prepare it now. Brother Lionel, see you tonight!” As she said that, Karen Joy was about to hang up the phone. Suddenly, she remembered that she still did not know what Brother Lionel liked to eat. She quickly asked, “Brother Lionel, wait a moment. You haven’t told me what you want to eat.” “As long as you cooked it, I will like it,” said Nathaniel. “Alright, then I’ll need to get busy now.” After that, Karen Joy hung up the phone happily.

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