My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 769

Karen Joy Kyle hummed a little tune and thought happily about Brother Lionel’s trust towards her. Since he trusted her so much, she must perform well and cook up a real good storm for him, so that he could know that she was no longer a clueless kid. However, Karen Joy’s enthusiasm and self-confidence were taken aback when she saw the food in the refrigerator but did not know what to do. “Mom, what should I do?” It looked very easy when she saw her mother was cooking, but how could it be so difficult when it was her turn? Karen Joy stood in front of the refrigerator and she didn’t know what to do. .. Karen Joy hung up the phone, but Nathaniel Cooper still didn’t put his phone down. He put the phone close to his ear and seemed to be able to still hear her voice. He continued to do this for a long time. “Mr. President, these are the terms for today’s meeting about the new tourism law. Take a look. If there is no problem, you still need to approve and seal it. After you have signed and sealed it the new law will be officially implemented on the 1st of January next year.” Jason Lesley printed out the final outcome of today’s meeting and wanted Mr. President to review it. Nathaniel took the document and looked at it. He saw that the title of the document was “Presidential Decree”. The following was the final outcome of today’s meeting. Nathaniel finished reading the document in one glance and quickly signed and sealed it. Then, he handed the document to Jason and said, “That’s all for today. Go back and rest early.” Jason nodded and said, “Mr. President, you have to participate in a very important financial forum tomorrow. Please rest early at night too.” This time, the economic forum was the first large-scale forum involving several major countries since Nathaniel was President. The leaders of many countries would attend the forum. Tomorrow would be a very busy day. “Yes.” Nathaniel nodded and turned to look at his personal assistant. “Send the makeup artist in.” “Yes.” This time, his private assistant was smart. He didn’t dare to say more. After receiving the order, he immediately went to work. It was rare that Nathaniel was so anxious to get his makeup done after he finished his work. He wanted to get off work quickly, because there was someone waiting for him at night to cook for him. How long has it been since he’d had a meal personally cooked by his family? He thought about it for awhile, but he could not remember clearly “Nathaniel.” Suddenly, he heard Serene Silas’ voice from behind him. Nathaniel raised his head slightly and looked at the woman standing behind him from the mirror. “It’s already so late and you haven’t gone back yet. What’s the matter?” “Nathaniel, I have something that I would like to talk to you about privately. Do you have some time?” Serene asked carefully Nathaniel raised his hand and looked at the time. Half an hour had passed since the phone call with Karen Joy. He still needed some time to have his make up done, and another half an hour to drive over to Moon Bay. He estimated that even if he rushed over to Moon Bay after this, Karen Joy would’ve been done with her cooking and she needed to wait for her. He didn’t want Karen Joy to wait for too long, so he said, “Serene, I still have some things to do tonight. If you have anything to say, we can talk about it tomorrow.” “Nathaniel, I only need a few minutes. I won’t take up too much of your time.” Serene’s voice was extremely soft. She was worried that he would turn her down. They were tied to the same boat. Although there was no love between them, but they had been together for so long, so they had quite a good relationship. For Nathaniel, Serene was more than just a friend, she was his only good friend who would always back him up. Before that person had gotten into trouble, he had instructed Nathaniel to help take good care of Serene and not to let the Silas family treat her like a sacrificial lamb for power. When he saw Serene, Nathaniel often thought of her as his good friend. Whether it was because she was his friend or because Serene was his fiancee in name, he didn’t want to make her sad. “Have a seat,” Nathaniel spoke politely. “I’m almost done here. Serene smiled faintly, “Thank you.” Nathaniel fell silent. He thought about a certain night about a year ago, when he heard gunshots, the sounds of knives slashing, and the sounds of killing… It had been more than a year, but the image of blood flowing like a river still lingered in his mind for a long time. It was not a movie, nor a dream. It was something terrible that really happened, and he was involved that night. “Mr. President, I’m done!” The makeup artist’s voice interrupted Nathaniel’s thoughts. Nathaniel retracted his thoughts and looked at himself in the mirror. After putting on makeup, he did not look like the President anymore, but he looked like someone that Karna was familiar with. Thinking about her, the person he felt sorry for the most in his life was Karen Joy. When Karen Joy was very young, he said that he would accompany her as she grew up. However, not long after he said that, he left her and returned to his own country. He shouldered the responsibility that he was destined to carry Now, she had come all this way to find him. After finding him, he did not even dare to tell her his true identity, nor see her with his real face. “All of you can leave first.” He waved his hand and gestured for everyone else to leave, besides Serene. “Yes.” The makeup artists packed up and left. Nathaniel looked at Serene and asked, “What did you want to say?” Serene pursed her lips and said, “Nathaniel, I accidentally bumped into Karen Joy today, and I even ate lunch with her.” Nathaniel nodded, “I know.” “You knew?” Serene was surprised, but she quickly understood that he had arranged spies all over the country. He definitely knew everything about the little girl. Serene added, “Nathaniel, if she didn’t come looking for you, or me, I could still pretend that I don’t know anything about it and still be your fiancee. Now that she’s come looking for you, and because I can’t openly tell her, I feel very guilty. I feel like I’ve done something wrong to her.” Before, she already felt bad because she took up the position as Nathaniel’s fiancee. After seeing Karen Joy today, she felt even more guilty. Nathaniel furrowed his brows and said, “It’s not the time to tell her about this now.” Serene was a little emotional. “Nathaniel, you helped me when my father tried to take advantage of me. But now, I’m the reason you can’t be with the girl you like publicly. Whenever I think about this, I just want to kill myself.” Serene knew about the relationship between Nathaniel and Karen Joy She knew that Nathaniel had been thinking about this little girl all these years, and she also knew that it was Nathaniel who had arranged for Samantha to be by Karen Joy’s side. Obviously, she knew that Nathaniel loved the little girl very much. When Serene found out that the girl flew from New York to Country A alone to look for Brother Lionel, she couldn’t sleep well at night. She always felt that she was the third party that was butting in their relationship. Nathaniel’s eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at her. “Serene, you have to understand that when you became my fiancee, not only did I do this to protect you from your family, but you also took on a lot of risks and danger.” At present, there were still many forces who opposed Nathaniel’s authority and played tricks in the dark. Nathaniel might encounter danger at any time, and Serene, as his fiancee, was no exception.

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