My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 770

Through this fake relationship, Nathaniel Cooper could protect Serene Silas so that she would not be used by her family, allowing her to have enough time to wait for the man she loved to come back and reconcile with her. However, while Nathaniel protected her from being taken advantage of by her family, being his fiancee would also bring her a certain amount of risk. Currently, there were two other forces that were secretly plotting against Nathaniel. However, they couldn’t do anything to Nathaniel. Serene was his fiancee, so she was naturally the next target of those people’s attacks. Hence, in order to help Serene, Nathaniel had also put her in a tight spot at the same time. Nathaniel was clearly aware of the situation, but he still did it because he believed that he had the ability to protect Serene. Assuming Karen Joy Kyle was put in this same position, his state of mind would be affected. He would be more worried, then he would not be able to make sure that Karen Joy was safe. Because he couldn’t guarantee Karen Joy’s safety completely, Nathaniel thought that it would be best for her if he didn’t use his real identity to reconcile with Karen Joy yet. Serene understood these things, but recently, she saw how Nathaniel couldn’t be with the girl he loved, so she ignored the rationality behind their plot. She only thought that she was the reason to why they couldn’t be together. Because she once loved someone and experienced the kind of pain of not being able to be with the beloved one happily. Nathaniel added, “Serene, there are many eyes staring at us right now. If we make the wrong move, what we’ve done in the past will all be wasted. Do you understand that?” Serene nodded and took a deep breath. “I understand. From now on, I will continue to play the role of your fiancee nicely. I can’t let anyone get hold of our weak point.” “Yes, that’s right.” Nathaniel got up and walked to her side. He helped her up and said, “It’s late. Go home early, don’t let the people who care about you worry.” “Alright… Serene nodded her head. Suddenly, she thought of something and anxiously grabbed his wrist. “Nathaniel, I’ve told someone about this.” “Who is it?” Hearing this news, Nathaniel’s entire body trembled “Jayden Kyle. He sent someone to investigate the real relationship between us a few days ago. I thought that I could let him know and also have her family remain calm, so I approached him and told him.” Serene told him honestly what had happened that day when she went to see Jayden. “Jayden?” Nathaniel repeated. As for everything about Jayden Elias Kyle, Nathaniel knew a lot about him. That person was an orphan adopted by the Kyle family after he left them. Over the years in the Kyle family, Jayden behaved like a very qualified eldest son. He was filial to his parents and caring towards his younger siblings. “Will he be a problem?” Serene said worriedly. “It’s hard to say. Try not to tell him these things in the future.” According to Nathaniel’s understanding of Jayden, although he was loyal to the Kyle family and protected Karen Joy, but Jayden had no reason to keep a secret for these two strangers. “Then I’ll find him and talk to him again.” Serene was a bit anxious. “You don’t have to look for him, and you don’t have to do anything else. You just have to play the role as my fiancée. Now you don’t need to think about anything else, just go home, okay?” Nathaniel said patiently. “Alright.” Serene nodded and walked away. After taking two steps, she turned her head back and pressed her lips together. After a long while, she finally asked, “Nathaniel, do you know if he’s doing alright?” They all knew who this “he” was. At the mention of him, the expression on Nathaniel’s face suddenly darkened a little. He shook his head and said, “I don’t know.” When that thing happened a year ago, that person had gone missing. In the past year, there had been no news from him, nor did he know if he was still alive in this world. “Do you think can still wait for him?” Serene’s eyes turned red as she asked. She didn’t want to ask, but she couldn’t help it. When she thought that he might not be in this world anymore, she couldn’t eat and sleep well, and she was about to collapse. She had waited for him for a long time, but there was no news of him… If she couldn’t wait for him any longer, she might not be able to hold on “As long as he’s still alive, he’ll definitely come looking for you.” Nathaniel spoke calmly. He did not know how to comfort a woman, so he could only speak his mind. As long as that person was still alive, he would definitely come back to look for Serene. However, there hadn’t been any news from that man for more than a year, so maybe that meant… Serene shook her head helplessly. She had to believe in him. She wanted to believe that he was still alive, and that he would return to her side one day. She wanted to walk away, but her body felt weak, she lost strength. She staggered and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Nathaniel was quick to notice and reached out to hold her. “Are you okay?” “I’m fine.” Serene shook her head. She wanted to stand up, but her body seemed to have lost its strength and willpower. There was not a single bit of strength left in her, so she could only lean on Nathaniel’s chest and feed on his strength. She didn’t want to be so weak, but when she thought of that person, she always couldn’t control her emotions. “Don’t move any more. I’ll take you home.” Seeing that she was holding back her pain, Nathaniel felt terrible too. “No need, I can go back by myself. Go on with your plans.” Nathaniel had taken care of her enough, and she didn’t want to cause any more trouble for him anymore. “How can I be okay about you going back alone when you’re like this?” With a simple sentence, Nathaniel helped her out of the room The Silas family was a famous and rich family in Country A. In Country A, the status of the Silas family was only second to the Cooper Family. Even if their family no longer hold important work titles, they were still very influential. Especially Serene’s grandfather, the old marshal of the Silas family. He was one of the founding fathers of Country A. Sometimes, his words could change the public’s opinion. To be able to sweep away the last obstacle and ascend to the position as the highest leader of Country A, many people thought that Nathaniel couldn’t do it without Mr. Silas’ words in front of the media a few months ago The words of the Old Master of the Silas family were nothing more than just handing over his granddaughter to Nathaniel, hoping that they could live a good life in the future. Through Old Master Silas’ words, it meant that the Silas family and the Cooper family were in laws. Nathaniel’s power and influence were already strong. Now, with the addition of the Silas family, those who were wavering quickly stood on his side and it helped to reduce some opposition force. About half an hour of driving later, Nathaniel’s presidential state car arrived in front of the Silas house. He got off first and opened the car door to help Serene get off the car. Looking at the depressed Serene, he hugged her and said, “Go back, take a shower and rest early. Don’t think about anything else. Just wait for him to come back.” “Alright” Serene nodded. “You should also rest early. No matter how important the country’s matters are, you have to take good care of your own body. You can’t let yourself get too tired! “Yes, it’s getting late. Go back.” Nathaniel hugged her again before letting her go. back at him. He Serene took two steps and then she looked back at him. He also waited until Serene entered the house safely before getting on the car. In the eyes of others, they would think that they were reluctant to part with each other… but the public didn’t know that their act was deliberately done for show.

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