My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 771

“Serene, you’re back.” As soon as they stepped into the yard, an old but still energetic voice called out to Serene Silas. She looked to the right where the voice came from and saw that her grandfather was coming to her with the help of his bodyguard. She hurriedly greeted him and said, “Grandpa, it’s already so late. Why aren’t you asleep yet? “Nathaniel sent you back?” Old Master Silas did not answer her question. His sharp eyes fell on Serene’s face as he observed her carefully. “Yes.” Serene responded softly. She didn’t dare to look into the Old Master’s eyes as she lowered her head slightly. “Have a baby with him.” Old Master Silas suddenly said such a sentence, which made Serene’s heart tremble. Serene opened her mouth, and after a few seconds, she said, “Grandpa, do you know what you are talking about?” She was just hanging on to the title as Nathaniel Cooper’s fiancee, she was not yet his legal wife. And now she was asked to bear a child to keep Nathaniel on her leash? “In another three months, this year would be over. Before the end of this year, I hope to hear some good news from you.” Old Master Silas gave an order directly. “Grandpa, Nathaniel and I are not married yet. Are you that anxious to want me to give birth to a baby for him? Is this the family’s principle? Or do you think that I am just a tool here?” After that, Serene bit her lip. She needed to stand up for herself. Old Master Silas let out a long sigh and stroked her head. “Silly child, do you know that I’m doing this for your own good?” “Ha ha… is this for my own good?” Forgive her for being stupid and ignorant! She didn’t understand why he was doing this for her. Her parents died early, and she grew up with her grandfather. She always thought that her grandfather loved her deep down. Two years ago, when her uncles and aunts offered to marry her off to a man she didn’t love at all, her grandfather agreed immediately. From that time onwards, she knew that in the eyes of the Silas family, there was no family affection or real love at all. In their eyes, there were only interests. In their eyes, she had no parents, and they raised her up. So she should listen to them and be at their disposal. But they didn’t expect that she would say no. She resisted, and she didn’t want to obey their arrangement. When she refused to marry the person they had arranged for her to marry, the Silas family members looked at her as though they wanted to eat her alive. Fortunately, the old man in front of her felt that she should be worthy of a better man, so he stopped them and she escaped temporarily. Soon afterward, they played the same tricks again. Fortunately, this time, Nathaniel Cooper protected her, as she escaped again. “Nathaniel said that he wanted to mourn for his deceased mother for three years, so he can’t marry you in these three years. But then you can still give birth to his child.” Old Master Silas grabbed Serene’s hand and said earnestly, “My child, I won’t have much time left. If I can’t protect you, and you lose Nathaniel, how can you live the rest of your days?” “Grandpa, Nathaniel won’t, he…” “So you’re telling me that he loves you?” Old Master Silas interrupted Serene and raised his voice, “My child, I’m also a man, so I know what men think about. He is engaged to you because he wants to borrow the power and status of our family.” Serene was very clear what Nathaniel had in mind because the two of them had cleared the air prior to their agreement. There was a girl he liked in his heart, and there was also another man she liked in her heart. None of them would expect that they would fall in love with each other. Old Master Silas added, “Once he gets stronger, and you are of no use anymore, he may kick you out at any time. Child, if you want to stay with him, you can only do that by giving birth to his child, otherwise…” “Grandpa, please don’t force me. Please, let me make my own decision.” She had been pregnant before, but the child died in her womb. No one else knew about this, including the child’s father “I’m doing this for your own good. Think about it and give me an answer tomorrow.” After that, the Old Master patted his chest and coughed violently, Serene wanted to hold him, but he pushed her away. “Go back to your room and rest early. Think about what I told you.” “Grandpa… Serene watched helplessly as her grandfather walked away with the bodyguard. Her heart and mind went numb. “You’re a freeloader and you can’t even do what you’re told. You already know that Grandpa is in poor health, but you’re always making him angry. Serene, how do you live with yourself?” Suddenly, a strange voice came from behind. Serene turned around and saw that the Young Master of the Silas family was standing not far behind her. She glanced at him and ignored him. She turned and left but his voice echoed from behind, “Serene, no matter who you are with, don’t forget we’re your real support here.” The Silas family was her real support? Hmph… That’s ridiculous! This might be the funniest joke Serene had ever heard in his life. To her, it seemed that each and every person in her family was eager to push her off a cliff. She forced a courteous smile and swallowed the bitterness alone. Before “he” could come back to find her, she could only bear everything alone. After sending Serene back to the Silas family, Nathaniel returned to the North Palace. Then, he secretly hopped onto his private car and went straight to Moon Bay. By the time the driver arrived at Moon Bay, it had been two and a half hours since the last call between Nathaniel and Karen Joy Kyle. Two and a half hours. It had been such a long time, and she must have cooked all her dishes already. She must have waited anxiously for him to arrive. After getting off the car, Nathaniel ran straight to the elevator, hoping to see her as soon as possible. When he reached the 28th floor, the elevator door opened, and Nathaniel bumped into a person. It was obvious that the person was waiting for him here deliberately, and it seemed that he had been waiting for a long time. “Mr. President, it’s really surprising to meet you here!” Jayden Elias Kyle waited at the elevator door, which was part of the route to Karen Joy’s place. He appeared cold and emotionless when he greeted Nathaniel. “You’re here for me. What’s the matter?” Nathaniel was not surprised that Jayden could still recognize him with this disguise. He raised his eyebrows and asked calmly. “Great, Mr. President, I am just passing a message to you on behalf of my father. He wants me to tell you that before you finish dealing with all your matters, you’d better stay put and don’t get too close to our family’s dear Karen.” Jayden glanced at Karen Joy’s door and said, “If you dare touch her, my father will not forgive you, and I will also kill you.” “Thank you for your warning, I will remember that!” Nathaniel replied politely, but he looked like he did not take Jayden’s warning seriously at all. He would not “touch” Karen Joy easily, because he really wanted to protect her and care for her, not because he was threatened by others. “Nathaniel, she’s not someone you can just take advantage of. You’d better remember that!” Jayden warned in a cold voice as he continued to block Nathaniel’s path. “Jayden, I also want to tell you that Karen Joy will only be my woman in this life. No one can think of being with her. You’d better remember my words!” Nathaniel looked at Jayden fiercely. They stared at each other so coldly that it looked like they wanted to kill each other off.

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