My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 772

“Really?” The two looked at each other for a long time. Jayden Elias Kyle snorted coldly and said, “Mr. President, believe you should know this better than me – nobody knows what will happen until it happens.” Some people were too self-righteous and acted arrogantly, but in the end, things would not turn out his way. “But I am sure what would happen in this matter.” Nathaniel Cooper couldn’t predict a lot of other events in his life, but he knew that Karen Joy could only be his woman and the woman he would marry in the future. This was something that nobody could change or talk him out of. “Then let’s wait and see.” Jayden smiled coldly “Sure, then let’s wait and see.” Nathaniel let our a very faint smile, and there was a cold look in his eyes. For him, he could give way to everything else, including the position as President, but when it came to Karen Joy, he couldn’t give any leeway to anyone. “Brother Lionel, you’re here!” Karen Joy suddenly opened the door, poked her head out and looked around. Seeing that Jayden was blocking Brother Lionel’s way, she immediately frowned. “Jayden, please let Brother Lionel in, okay?” “Mr. Lionel, the dishes Karen made must be very delicious. Enjoy your dinner.” Jayden smiled and let him passed through, and made a very gentlemanly welcoming gesture. “Jayden, what do you mean?” Karen Joy really wanted to seal his mouth shut because he was being sarcastic and looking down on her abilities. “It means exactly what it means,” Jayden said. Besides Nathaniel, she probably didn’t know that there was another person who wanted to taste her cooking, even if the dishes she made tastes bad. Karen Joy didn’t want to talk to him anymore. She didn’t want him to destroy her good mood today. “Thank you!” Nathaniel nodded politely at Jayden. Obviously, the two men were secretly hating each other, and no one wanted to lose their cool in front of Karen Joy. “Karen, I will be next door. If you need me, ‘ll be there.” Jayden didn’t feel safe to see Karen Joy and Nathaniel in the same room. “I know, by!” Karen Joy still continued to hide behind the door and stuck her head out. “Brother Lionel, come in quickly.” Nathaniel staggered away from Jayden and walked towards Karen Joy. “I’m late. Sorry to keep you waiting!” “You’re not late! Not late at all!” Karen Joy said a few times. She wasn’t comforting Brother Lionel, but she thought his timing was perfect. Because… More than two hours had passed since their last call. She messed up two dishes and made a pot of soup that was too salty. At this moment, she had not made a decent dish for Brother Lionel yet. She boasted that she was going to cook for Brother Lionel personally. But looking at the current situation, she probably would have to ask Brother Lionel to wait for a while longer. Nathaniel stepped into the house and immediately smelled a burnt scent. It really did come from the kitchen. “Brother Lionel, take a seat first. I’ll be done in a while.” Before Nathaniel could have a good look at the little girl, she turned and ran into the kitchen. Nathaniel followed her to the kitchen and asked softly, “Little girl, do you need my help?” “Brother Lionel, sit down first. I’ll be done soon. I don’t need your help.” She couldn’t let Brother Lionel know that she didn’t even know how to cook. Otherwise, he would definitely think lowly of her “You really don’t want my help?” Looking at her thin figure from aside, it seemed that she was very serious and professional, but in fact, that wasn’t the case. “Brother Lionel, you can sit down first. I said that I will be done soon. She had tested many times and she would definitely succeed this time. “Little girl, actually I’m already very happy that you want to cook for me.” He did not have to eat the food she cooked. As long as she accompanied him when he ate, that was enough. “But I want you to eat the food I made myself.” Karen Joy thought the pan was becoming hot again, so she immediately poured oil onto the pan. This time, something different happened compared to the few times before… The first two times, oil splashed everywhere out of the pan, and it even scalded her hand. After two trials, she still didn’t understand what was going on, so she had to call her mother for help. Her mother told her that because the pot was not hot enough, and there might still be water in the pot. As soon as the oil came into contact with water, it would splash out and scald her hands. After finding out the reason, Brother Lionel was already here. Karen Joy was ready to cook for the third time. She wanted to perform well in front of Brother Lionel. But… She had never expected that once the oil was poured into the pot, the oil didn’t splash out, instead, it immediately caused a fire. With a bang, the flame instantly blew upwards towards the exhaust Looking at the fire that suddenly lit up, Karen Joy was scared. She had never seen a pan caught in flames during cooking before When she came back to her senses, she immediately wanted to put off the fire with water, but before she could move, she was held back. Brother Lionel grabbed her and dragged her behind him to protect her. Then, he picked up the lid next to him and covered the fire. Just like that, Brother Lionel calmed everything down. “Brother Lionel, you are amazing! You are my hero!” How could she be so stupid, she didn’t think of putting out the fire with the lid of the pan. “You’re not allowed to cook anymore in the future!” Nathaniel said coldly. When he thought of the burnt smell earlier, he felt a sharp pinch in his heart. He knew that this little girl couldn’t cook, but he didn’t stop her from doing such a dangerous thing. If something happened to her, what would he do in the future? “Brother Lionel, this was only an accident, the only accident..” Karen Joy’s voice became softer and softer, because the way Brother Lionel looked at her was too scary. She had never seen such a frightening Brother Lionel before. She was so scared that she instinctively stretched out her hand to block herself from Brother Lionel… When she stretched out her hand, Brother Lionel’s eyes became colder and more frightening, as if.. Karen Joy couldn’t explain what it was, but it seemed like there was a hint of pain and hurt in his anger. It seemed to be so. Would Brother Lionel be so angry that he wanted to eat her up? With this thought in mind, Karen Joy was so scared that she turned around and wanted to run, but she was caught by Brother Lionel as soon as she moved, He grabbed her wrist and pulled her hard, and she fell into his arms. He spoke coldly, “Karen Joy Kyle, are you being silly?” He called her by her full name, and scolded her for being silly? Karen Joy raised her head and looked at him angrily with her big eyes. Her Brother Lionel was always so gentle to her, how could he yell at her? Was this person impersonating her Brother Lionel? But before she could tell the truth, he carried her to the living room. He gently put her on the sofa and sat down, but his voice was still very harsh. “Sit down and don’t move!” Karen Joy felt so afraid that she curled her lips. Sure enough, Brother Lionel was despising her stupidity? Nathaniel stood up and looked around the room with his sharp eyes. Soon, he looked at the small cabinet in the corner. There was a first aid kit on the small cabinet. He went over to pick up the first aid kit and walked back. He sat down next to Karen Joy and said with a sulky face, “Give me your hand.”

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