My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 773

“No!” Karen Joy Kyle pouted and whined, like a child who did something wrong but still did not want to admit her mistake. “Give me your hand!” Nathaniel Cooper’s face darkened again, and his voice became colder, as if he was punishing a disobedient child. “No!” Karen Joy said stubbornly. She didn’t want Brother Lionel to see her scalded hand, or else he would be even more annoyed. She didn’t want to see the look of disdain in his eyes. “Karen, be a good girl. Give me your hand. I will help you deal with the scalding.” It was useless to yell at her fiercely, so Nathaniel had to soften his voice, He did not intend to be fierce at her, but he needed to warn her so that she wouldn’t do anything that would hurt herself in the future. “Don’t worry about me.” She had been struggling for so long in the evening. She just wanted to make a meal for him with her own hands. How could he yell at her? She felt misunderstood and wronged. “If you don’t want me to worry about you, then who would worry about you?” Nathaniel asked. “Anyone but you.” She had never been this misunderstood before, and in front of her Brother Lionel, she was being stubborn. “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have yelled at you just now.” Knowing that this little girl had a particularly stubborn temper, Nathaniel took the initiative to hold her hand. “Let me deal with your wound, or I will feel upset.” His voice became gentle again, which made Karen Joy feel a little warm inside. She could no longer stay stubborn. “Oh..” Karen Joy obediently showed her hand. She lowered her head like a child who had done something wrong, but still did not look at him. “Do you know why I yelled at you?” Nathaniel asked as he picked up the cotton ball and dipped it with alcohol to disinfect her hand. He must have seen the scalding on her hand and felt sorry for her. That was why he had chided her. Karen Joy knew that. But she didn’t want to say it, because she didn’t agree with Brother Lionel’s behavior. If he felt sorry for her, he should just say it. Why did he have to yell at her? Fortunately, she was forgiving. If she was ill tempered, she would probably be in tears already. She thought. “Don’t hurt yourself in the future, do you understand that?” After cleaning, he skilfully applied the medicine to her injury. He appeared very skilful when applying the medication, it made her feel like he often did these things. Brother Lionel wasn’t that free to always be helping others with their medication. This meant that he must have applied it on himself a lot. Thinking of the last time when she changed the bandage for him at the earthquake disaster area, he had a lot scars on his body. Karen Joy felt a pain in her heart again. “Brother Lionel..” “Alright, you should be fine now. I’m really sorry.” Hearing that she was still using her nasal voice like she did whenever she was upset, Nathaniel thought that she was still blaming him for yelling at her. “Brother Lionel, if I’m injured, you’ll feel sorry for me, won’t you?” she asked “Yes, so don’t let yourself get hurt in the future,” he said. “Brother Lionel, then you have to promise me that you can’t hurt yourself in the future too. Because if you get hurt, I will feel hurt too.” Karen Joy looked at him like he was the center of her universe and said gently. “Karen..” He called her name out and didn’t say anything more. He was born into the prestigious Cooper family, and it was a presidential family. He led a life different from others. Even his biological mother didn’t teach him how to love his loved ones. She didn’t teach him how to love the world, What his relatives taught him was to fight. He learnt that he had to keep fighting, so that he could stand at the highest position. In the end, no one would stay by his side! “Brother Lionel, won’t you promise me the same?” Karen Joy stretched out her other hand and grabbed his palm. “Brother Lionel, let me protect you in the future.” If he couldn’t promise her that he wouldn’t be hurt again, then she wanted to protect him in the future, so that he wouldn’t get hurt again. “Silly girl, you are so silly and cute!” Nathaniel raised his hand and gently stroked her pink and tender face. “How can you be so silly?” “Brother Lionel, other people would praise me for being smart, only you would say that I’m silly.” She placed his palm on her face, “I’m not silly.” “You are my silly Karen.” Nathaniel took her into his arms and hugged her. Just as he was about to kiss her, a rumbling sound interrupted him. “Brother Lionel, you must be hungry.” She didn’t admit that she was hungry. She didn’t want Brother Lionel to know that it was her stomach that rumbled. “Yes, I’m hungry.” Nathaniel lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead, saying, “Now let me cook for you.” “Brother Lionel, do you know how to cook?” Karen Joy widened her eyes and looked at him. She couldn’t believe that the dignified President could cook. “There’s nothing that your Brother Lionel can’t do.” Nathaniel rubbed her head and said with a smile, “I will cook for you, whatever you want to eat.” “Brother Lionel, will you blow up the kitchen?” She had just burned the kitchen, and it was likely that Brother Lionel will blow up the kitchen. “Little girl, are you underestimating me?” Nathaniel lowered his head and suddenly kissed her lips. He bit her lips as a punishment. “This is the punishment for underestimating me.” Karen Joy blushed but she secretly enjoyed Brother Lionel’s punishment. She remembered that her father would often punish her mother like this. Nathaniel took off his suit and went to the kitchen. He wore the apron that was hung up on the side and skilfully cleaned up the mess left behind by Karen Joy. Soon, he cleaned up the kitchen. It was so clean that the stovetop could be used as a mirror. He opened the refrigerator and looked at the ingredients inside. He quickly came up with an idea and said, “Little girl, I’ll prepare a meat dish, some potatoes, and tomato soup. How does that sound?” There were only common ingredients in her refrigerator, and there were only the two of them. Nathaniel thought it was good enough, but the little girl did not answer him. He looked back and saw the little girl standing at the door and staring blankly at him. “Brother Lionel, are you sure you can cook so many dishes?” “Little girl, you have to trust your me. Now all you need to do is to tell me if you are okay with these two dishes and the soup?” If it weren’t for the gloves in his hands, Nathaniel would pinch this little girl again. “I will eat whatever you prepared. Even if Brother Lionel cooked burnt food for her, she would also eat it. She wanted to empower him. Soon, Karen Joy knew that she was wrong. Brother Lionel was skilfully cutting up the potatoes, and his skills were just like the chef back at her home, Brother Lionel heated the pan and poured oil into the pan. After a short while, he put the potatoes into the pan… Not long later, he whipped up a plate of grilled potatoes. After that, he stir fried some chicken with some spices. On the side, he was also preparing a nutritious pot of tomato soup. Everything was so perfect that there was no mistakes in the process too. Karen Joy was surprised and asked, “Brother Lionel, when did you learn these? How do you even know these things?” He was the President of a country. How many people worked for him? How could he be so good at making these home-cooked dishes? “Since my Karen doesn’t know how to cook, so I have to learn these things.” Nathaniel rubbed her head and said with a smile. In fact, it was not a joke. Nathaniel learned a lot of skills of cooking because Karen Joy didn’t know how to.

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