My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 774

“So did you learn cooking just for me?” Karen Joy Kyle put on a wide smile. She didn’t feel any pain from her injury anymore. “I just didn’t want to starve myself.” Nathaniel Cooper served the dishes on the table and filled a bowl of soup for Karen Joy. “Taste the soup first.” “Brother Lionel, why can’t you just admit it?” He obviously learned cooking for her, why wouldn’t he admit it? “Admit what?” Nathaniel asked. “Don’t forget that a man who doesn’t speak his mind is unattractive.” Karen Joy said. “Of course, I don’t want my Karen to starve too.” Nathaniel smiled and said gently. “That sounds about right.” “Mm, why don’t you drink the soup?” This little girl was silly sometimes. As she was preparing dinner for him, she even starved herself until her stomach growled and still didn’t eat anything. She had been well taken care of ever since she was a child. She had never suffered as much long as she did today. She did all of this for him. At this moment, Nathaniel secretly decided that he would not let this girl suffer any more. Karen Joy picked up the bowl and took a small sip. She tasted it and felt that it tasted good. She took another mouthful and commented, “Brother Lionel, the soup is really delicious!” “Try the dishes then.” Nathaniel served her some chicken. “Eat more. Girls look better when they are a little chubby.” Seeing that she was trying to do so many things just for him, it seemed that she was still the little child who had to be taken care of by others. Karen Joy pouted and said, “Brother Lionel, do you mean that I don’t look good now?” Nathaniel was slightly stunned, and he rephrased his words quickly, “You look good now too, but you will look better if you grow chubbier.” Karen Joy pursed her lips and said, “Aren’t you a sweet talker.” Nathaniel smiled. This little girl was good at trapping people with her words, but sometimes she was as innocent as a child. She looked so happy with just simple praises and compliments. Karen Joy ate a big mouthful of food and nodded happily. She really didn’t expect that her Brother Lionel’s cooking skills were so good, and it was as good as her mother’s. “Do you like it?” Nathaniel asked. “It tastes so good.” Karen Joy nodded hard. “If it’s good, then eat more.” Nathaniel put more food to her plate and wiped her mouth with a napkin. He took good care of her, as if he was afraid that she would be hungry. “Brother Lionel, you should eat too.” Karen Joy also gave him some food. “It would be better if we eat together.” “Of course I will eat, but I have to feed my greedy kitten first. I can’t let her starve.” For Nathaniel, watching her eat was his kind of happiness. “Who is your greedy kitten?” She was not his greedy kitten, he was not her anything yet. “Oh, aren’t you?” Nathaniel thought for a moment and then said solemnly, “Then I have to try my best to make her very own my greedy kitten.” He actually said that he would try his best to make her his very own greedy kitten! Was Brother Lionel expressing his love to her indirectly? Did he mean that he would marry her in the future and her his own? Thinking of what Brother Lionel might imply, Karen Joy was so excited. But when she thought that Brother Lionel still had fiancee, she couldn’t stay happy as she quietly lowered her head. “Karen, what’s wrong?” Karen Joy’s mood changed slightly but Nathaniel noticed it immediately. “Nothing.” Karen Joy quickly adjusted her mood and placed some food to his plate. “Brother Lionel, please eat with me.” It was a rare opportunity for her to be with Brother Lionel and eat the food he cooked. She should cherish it, but why was she thinking about other things? No matter how much she thought about the certainty of their future, it could not change the fact that Brother Lionel had a fiancee now. “Okay.” Nathaniel looked at her. He wanted to know why she was so depressed just now and what she was thinking. He thought that he could understand her sometimes, but most of the time, he couldn’t figure out what she was thinking Sometimes, he even felt that this little girl had already known his true identity… However, he quickly dismissed that thought It was true that she was smart, but he denied her allegations before. He trusted that she would believe him. … The night was as dark as ink. Fortunately, the lights lit up the city, making the night look less lonely, The city was lit up by the bright lights, but in some corners of the city, darkness could still be seen. It was so dark that one could not see one’s fingers. After Nathaniel went to Karen Joy’s house, Jayden returned to his home. His home was next to Karen Joy’s, and there was only a thick wall between them. They were only separated by a wall, but it separated them into two different worlds. Her world was brightly lit up and she probably felt really warm now. And in his world, it was pitch black and cold. The coldness was the only feeling he had at this moment. This was obviously an ordinary wall, but because this wall was too thick and the sound insulation was very good, he had to hold his breath and try to listen to the voices over the wall. But still, he couldn’t hear any sound from her room. He sat on the sofa in the living room. He did not turn on the lights and just sat there quietly. He was silent, but he was very anxious deep down. He knew that if she needed his help, he would rush out to save her immediately. However, he knew clearly that it was impossible. How could she possibly need his help? Nathaniel was the saint in her heart. Only that person could protect her, and no one else could. There was no chance for others At this moment, Nathaniel was beside her. She was probably living in cloud nine now, so how could she think about him, a lonely soul who was on the other side of the wall? Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Jayden’s phone suddenly vibrated. In this dark and quiet night, the sound of the vibration seemed so loud that it could shake the house. Jayden looked over to his phone. But when he saw the number on the screen of his phone, his face darkened immediately and he squinted. He stared at the number flashing on the screen and said, “Damn it!” It was not the phone call he had been waiting for. After a while, the phone stopped buzzing. After a few seconds, the phone vibrate again. Jayden answered, “What’s the matter?” “Hello, Young Master Kyle!” A voice came from the phone, Most people couldn’t tell who he was, but Jayden knew who the caller was. The person asked him for a meeting a few nights ago, so he could recognize the voice immediately. “If you have something to say, just say it.” Jayden didn’t want to waste any time. The man chuckled and said, “Young Master Kyle, I just want to ask you, how does it feel to see your beloved girl alone in a room with another man? Does it hurt? Do you feel uncomfortable? Or do you have any other feelings?” Jayden said coldly, “Get straight to the point.”

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