My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 775

The person on the other end of the phone ignored Jayden Elias Kyle’s words and continued to say, “Young Master Kyle, I actually understand what you are feeling right now. It’s like… you have been raising a precious treasure for more than a decade, and when you were about to enjoy your treasure, someone else stepped in and took it away from you. Is that right?” “What the hell do you want to say?” Jayden growled. If that man was with him, he would twist his neck. No matter how Jayden roared, the man was physically far away from him. Not only was he not afraid of him, but more accurately, the man wanted to provoke him. He wanted to drive him crazy The man continued to say, “Young Master Kyle, don’t get mad. You can shout at me, but it still can’t change the fact that the girl you have been protesting for more than ten years is being intimate with another man, and maybe the two of them have already rolled into bed… “Shut up!” Jayden shouted with a fierce look in his eyes. He punched his coffee table hard. When he thought of the girl he had protected carefully for more than a decade, and he couldn’t even bear to touch her at all, yet she was being touched by another man. However, he was unable to stop it from happening. That kind of heartache was painful and unbearable. It made him so powerless that he wanted to destroy the world… On the phone, the man continued to speak, “Young Master Kyle, you really don’t have to be mad. Think about it. As long as you are willing, you have plenty of opportunities.” “Go to hell!” Jayden didn’t want to listen to those words anymore. He grabbed his phone and wanted to smash it, but the man was still talking. “Young Master Kyle, I just want to tell you that relationships are like businesses. There are always opportunities. No matter what you do, taking the lead means you have the advantage.” Taking the lead means you have the advantage? Jayden listened to this key point. In the business world, taking the lead meant grabbing a business opportunity as the first mover. If he could grab a good business opportunity, there would be a lot more opportunities to make money. But in a relationship, what did it mean by taking the lead? That meant first love! That meant the first time! Just as Jayden was hesitating, the person at the other end of the phone continued to say, “Young Master Kyle, the opportunity is in your hands, not in others. Before everything happens, you still have the chance. Think about it, maybe one day, the opportunity will appear in front of you. By that time, you must seize the opportunity and not let it slip away from your fingertips.” Opportunity? Jayden’s lips curled up, and a cold smile appeared. It was up to him to seize the opportunity Wasn’t it always like this? He still remembered that on his first day of being introduced to the Kyle family, because Karen Joy said that she did not want him to be her brother, their father wanted to ask someone to send him away. He seized the opportunity and spoke up, so he stayed, and became the adopted son of the Kyle family. Later on, after more than ten years in the Kyle family, he worked hard in school, to be a good brother and a good son, and learned how to manage a business from all of his family members. He earned his opportunities. It was from his own efforts. “Young Master Kyle, around this time, they are probably done with their dinner already.” The man smiled. “It’s getting late. I won’t disturb your rest. Good night!” After that, the man hung up the phone. Hearing the beeping sound, Jayden clenched his fist and turned to look at the wall between him and her. He was so angry that he smashed his phone on the wall. “Karen Joy, I can’t wait to destroy you.” “Achoo..” Karen Joy sneezed loudly, probably because she sensed someone calling her name. Nathaniel had just washed the dishes and came out of the kitchen. When he saw her sneeze, he hurriedly took the coat that was put aside and put it on her. “It’s getting cold. You have to wear thick clothes. Don’t catch a cold.” “With you taking care of me, I won’t catch a cold.” Karen Joy got into his arms while Brother Lionel was helping her to put on the coat. She reached out to hold his waist and said, “Brother Lionel, it’s still early. Can you accompany me to watch TV for a while?” In fact, it was getting late. She knew that Brother Lionel still had work to do tomorrow, but she just couldn’t bear to let him go. She really wished that Brother Lionel could accompany her every day like he used to do. When she went to bed, he would sing a lullaby to coax her to sleep. Of course, these were just Karen Joy’s thoughts. Brother Lionel was already the President of the country. How could he have time to stay with her every day? Suddenly, Karen Joy suddenly thought of something. Brother Lionel did not have time to stay with her every day She could think of ways to apply for a position around Brother Lionel, so that she could stay with him every day. Was that okay? Was that a good idea? It seemed like it was possible. Tomorrow, she would look for Samantha Lesley and ask Samantha to inquire from Brother Lionel’s right hand man, Jason Lesley, about possible job prospects. If Brother Lionel needed a secretary, she could think of a way to become Brother Lionel’s secretary. That way, she would not have to miss Brother Lionel so much that she could not fall asleep. “Okay, I will accompany you for a while.” Nathaniel gently patted her on the back and asked, “What kind of show do you want to watch? “Let’s watch the news!” These days, she had been watching the news a lot, because that was when she could see her Brother Lionel’s true appearance, Nathaniel felt a little guilty. “What’s so good about the news?” “You’re from Country A, so i’d like to read more news about Country A, then I can know you better.” As Karen Joy was talking, she then saw Mr. President on the TV from the corner of her eye. Even if Brother Lionel was by her side, Karen Joy still felt happy when she saw Brother Lionel’s real face. She pushed Nathaniel away and sat up, staring at Mr. President’s face attentively. “Karen.” Nathaniel coughed lightly. He was sitting next to her. How could she stare at other men? “Brother Lionel, I think your President is very handsome.” Karen Joy then thought to herself, “Brother Lionel, I’m still praising you. You must be very happy right?” “Is he as attractive as me?” Nathaniel looked at her and asked. “Of course.” Karen Joy looked back at him and said, “He looks better than you.” After dressing up, Brother Lionel’s “appearance was very different from his actual look. He had to use makeup to alter the appearance of his facial features. Karen Joy really felt that her Brother Lionel’s real look was better looking Nathaniel was even more upset. In this little girl’s eyes, someone else was more handsome than he was. Even if that man was himself, he was still unhappy. “Brother Lionel, are you okay?” The President on the TV was gone, so Karen Joy finally had time to pay attention to Brother Lionel “I’m fine. Nathaniel was still jealous and didn’t want to talk to her. “Brother Lionel, how about you tell me about your stories from these past few years?” She wanted to know more about Brother Lionel. She didn’t want to know what everyone knew, but she wanted to know what nobody knew about Brother Lionel’s private life. Nathaniel was still angry, but when he saw Karen Joy’s clear and bright eyes, he forgot about his anger already.

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