My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 776

Nathaniel Cooper patted Karen Joy Kyle on the back and said gently. “In the past few years, I spent a lot of time thinking about you.” His words were not false at all. Whenever he wanted to give up and almost couldn’t hold on, as long as he thought of her sweet face, and imagined her soft voice calling him “Brother Lionel”, or the thought that she would come to him when she grew up, he would have the strength to go on. He had never known that a little girl could give him such a large amount of strength. It was an endless supply of vitality “Me too. I also thought a lot about you. But I was too young to remember what you looked like at that time. I only remember that you treated me very well. When I grow up, would find you.” Perhaps, Karen Joy’s feelings for Brother Lionel started from her childhood. She was not sure whether she loved him romantically or not. She knew clearly that Brother Lionel was good to her. He would protect her, and would take care of her, so she would trust him unconditionally and rely on him. “So when I think about you, you were also thinking about me.” It was said that time would make you forget about a lot of things, but in their case, it was the opposite. In the long period of time, not only did they not forget each other, but they thought about each other more and grew fonder of each other. “Of course, how could I let you think of me, all alone?” Karen Joy suddenly thought of something and got out of his arms. “Brother Lionel, wait for me. I want to give you a gift.” “What gift?” he asked. “You’ll know after a while.” Karen Joy ran into the room, took out an exquisitely packaged box, and opened it neatly. She held it in front of Nathaniel and said, “Tada… Brother Lionel, look, I drew you.” “This is me?” Nathaniel took the picture and looked at it again and again. “So this is what I look like to you?” It was a cartoon character drawn by Karen Joy before she arrived in Country A to find Brother Lionel. Because she didn’t know what Brother Lionel looked like, she drew him on a whim and it was sort of a caricature… In short, he looked like a giant doll. “Brother Lionel, do you think you look as cute as a cartoon?” This was similar to her favorite cartoon character, that was why she drew Brother Lionel like this. “Yes, very cute.” Karen Joy took the effort to draw him. How could it not be cute? This should be the best cartoon drawing in the world. “Brother Lionel, do you like it?” She hoped that whatever she did, Brother Lionel would be satisfied. Of course, she also hoped that Brother Lionel would like the gift she gave him. “Why won’t I like it?” Obviously he would like every gift that she gave. He already thought of asking someone to frame this drawing up on the desk of his office so that he could see it every day in the future. Speaking of which, this was the first time that Karen had given a personal gift to him. He needed to keep it well. “Brother Lionel, I will draw a more realistic image of you someday.” When Brother Lionel could reconcile with her publicly, she would draw a picture of Brother Lionel with his real appearance. “Mm, okay!” Nathaniel looked at the cartoon and nodded, then he said, “If only there was one more person in this cartoon.” Karen Joy approached him and asked, “Who do you want to be in it, Brother Lionel?” Could it be that he wanted to have his fiancee, Miss Silas next to him? “Silly girl, who do you think?” Who else could it be? “Brother Lionel, wait a minute.” Karen Joy ran into the study again. After a while, she ran out again and showed a drawing. “Brother Lionel, is this it?” It was a drawing with a beach as the background. There were two people in the drawing, one was a tall figure and the other was a child figure. You could only see the back of the taller person and guessed that it was a teenage boy. And on the boy’s shoulder was a sweet, little girl, who looked to be about four years old. The little girl held the head of the big boy tightly with her hands, and she followed the boy to look at the distance of the ocean. “Is this you and me?” Karen Joy might not have remembered this scene, but Nathaniel remembered it well. Back then, when Karen Joy’s parents held their wedding ceremony in the Aegean Sea, he went to visit her. Before he had to leave, she was reluctant to part with him, so he took her to the beach to play. At that time, the scene was similar to that in this drawing. She might not remember what happened, but her memory of that event was deeply engraved in her mind, that was why she could draw this out. There was her! There was also him! There were both of them in this drawing! “Of course it’s you and me…” As Karen Joy spoke, her voice became softer. “Brother Lionel, because I didn’t remember what you look like, that’s why I didn’t draw your face, would you blame me for that?” “Silly girl, why would I blame you?” She didn’t know how good and accurate she painted the whole scene. “Can you give this to me too?” “Mm, of course.” She did want to give it to Brother Lionel. Of course, it would be great if Brother Lionel liked it too. “I’ve gotten a lot of gifts today.” Nathaniel put the two drawings away. “Brother Lione.” Time passed little by little, and it was getting late. She really could not find a reason for Brother Lionel to stay, but she was reluctant for him to leave. Thinking that she might have to wait for a few days before she could see him, Karen Joy’s nose twitched and tears welled up in her eyes. “I’ll stay here tonight and accompany you, is that okay?” Nathaniel could read her thoughts. “Really?” Karen Joy immediately broke out in tears and laughed. She turned around excitedly and said, “Then i’ll go clean up the guest room.” “There’s no need to prepare the guest room.” He just needed to lie on the sofa for one night. There was no need for the hassle. “Brother Lionel..” Karen Joy pursed her lips and she was so nervous that she played around with her fingers. “I’m not ready yet.” “Silly girl, what are you thinking about?” He rubbed her head in amusement. “I’m a decent human being, not a beast.” Not a beast? Karen Joy touched her head. She often heard people say that generally, men would turn into ferocious beasts at night. “Silly girl, go get ready for bed. I will wait for you.” He could not wait to settle his own matters quickly so they could reconcile publicly Only then, he would be qualified to be beside a perfect and innocent Karen Joy. “Then, I’m going to take a bath.” Karen Joy blushed because of her shyness. She hurriedly hid in the bathroom and did not dare to look at Brother Lionel again. Watching her rush into the bathroom in a panic, Nathaniel thought of the nervous look she had when she misunderstood him earlier. She would usually say that he was her Brother Lionel, and she wanted to be with him forever. Only at this critical moment did he notice that her feelings for him might just be a form of dependence, not love. It was dependence, not love! This thought gave rise to a strange sense of agitation in Nathaniel’s heart.

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