My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 777

If Karen Joy Kyle’s feelings for him were not of a romantic nature, she would learn of her true feelings in the future… By then, she would definitely leave him. Thinking that she might leave him, Nathaniel Cooper felt that he could not breathe. He didn’t want to let her go, and he wouldn’t let her go. However, if she stayed with him, she would be sad. Then would he let go? He didn’t know! “Brother Lionel..” Karen Joy, who was wearing pajamas and drying her wet, long hair with a towel, walked over to him and said, “There is also a bathroom in the guest room. You should shower too. I’ll find you a clean, new set of clothes to change in.” “Silly girl, go back to your room and sleep.’ This silly girl, she certainly didn’t know how attractive she was to him now, and he was getting a little turned on. If it weren’t for his self-control, he would have pounced on her already. But she trusted him so much that she didn’t realize this danger. “Brother Lionel.” What should she do? She really wanted to hear Brother Lionel sing a lullaby for her. “What’s wrong?” He asked patiently. At the same time, he took the towel from her hand and helped her dry her hair. “Where’s the hair dryer?” “It’s in the bathroom.” “Okay, sit down.” He made her sit down, and went to the bathroom to get the hair dryer. Her hair was long and black, and her hair was luscious. Her hair suited her elegant yet tenacious personality. “Brother Lionel, after I grew up, no one ever has helped me blow my hair except my mother. You are really nice to me, just like my mother.” When she was young, her father often helped her with her hair and often made braids for her. Later, when she grew up, her father slowly neglected her. Hearing her words, Nathaniel’s hand, which was holding the hair dryer, became slightly stiff. What he wanted was this girl’s heart. He wanted her to fall in love with him, not relate him to her mother. “Brother Lionel..” How could Brother Lionel be so kind to her? She was always a very happy child, and Brother Lionel was good to her, which made her feel like she had the whole world. “Hmm?” Nathaniel picked up her hair and blew it carefully. “Brother Lionel, do you know? You definitely don’t know.” “Don’t know what?” “Forget it, I’ll tell you later.” She wanted to be his bride, but he had a fiancee. She couldn’t say that. Nathaniel was silent. None of them spoke again for a long time, leaving only the sound of the hair dryer in the room. Time passed by slowly. By the time Nathaniel dried her hair, she had fallen asleep on his lap. When she was asleep, she would purse her lips from time to time. She had this little habit since she was a child, but it had not changed for so many years. “Karen..” He gently called her name. It was very soft, but Karen Joy, who was already asleep, gently responded to him. “Brother Lionel.” She moved slightly. She was still asleep. but her body responded to his familiar voice. “I’ll carry you back to your room to sleep. Don’t be afraid. Okay?” “Mm.” After Nathaniel told her that, he took her back to the room. He glanced around her room and saw that she still had the same style and liking all these years. The arrangement was simple and spacious, but also very warm. It was the same feeling she gave him. He put her on her bed, pulled the quilt over her, and couldn’t help stretching out his hand to touch her face. “Karen..” “Stay with me and don’t leave me, okay?” He asked her silently in his heart. She was really his little sun; she could bring him warmth, strength, and everything powerful to him. “Brother Lionel…” She murmured his name, not knowing whether she was responding to him or calling him in her dreams. Nathaniel listened closely with his ears, but her voice was too soft, so he didn’t hear what she said clearly. He shook his head helplessly and got up to leave, but Karen Joy grabbed his hand and said, “Brother Lionel, don’t go! I’m scared!” She said that she was scared. What was she scared of? Was it the emotional trauma of many years ago? Or was she afraid that he would leave? Nathaniel did not know. He only knew that he would not leave her scared and alone, so he held her hand tightly and lay down beside her. He hugged her slender body into his arms and patted her back gently. “Okay, I won’t leave. I will be here with you.” Hearing his voice, Karen Joy smiled subtle in her sleep. With Brother Lionel with her, she would not be afraid… Nathaniel lay on the bed beside Karen Joy, giving her a sense of security and helping her drive away all the fear. He quietly accompanied her for the whole night. … The sky was getting brighter and brighter, and the lights shone through the windows as it slowly lit up the whole room. The light also shone through Jayden’s place, and he lost the protection of the night… With a pale face and a pair of sad eyes, he lay quietly on the sofa in the living room, staring blankly at the ceiling. Last night at nine o’clock, the Cooper guy entered Karen Joy’s house. One night had passed, and the man had not come out of her house yet. That man was about 30 years old, and he was with a girl that was just 18 years old. They were in love with each other. Both of them were alone in the room for a whole night. Even if you think with your toes, you could guess what they did. Jayden’s heart felt like it dropped from the sky and seemed to have fallen into a dark, cold pit. His heart was so frozen that he could not feel his own heartbeat. The treasure that he had protected for more than a decade… did she really become someone else’s? Creak He heard the sound of the door opening and closing. Jayden almost jumped up and rushed out in a few steps. He coincidentally saw that Nathaniel came out of Karen Joy’s house. Jayden looked at Nathaniel up and down. When he saw Nathaniel’s wrinkled shirt and saw that Nathaniel was in high spirits, Jayden only felt that his blood was boiling. Without hesitation, he stepped forward and punched Nathaniel. “Hey Cooper, what did I warn you about last night? He learnt martial arts, so his punch was very quick. When he punched, you could feel a gust of wind from his fist. If he hit on Nathaniel’s face, he might just lose some of his teeth. However, Nathaniel’s speed was faster than Jayden’s. He just gently leaned sideways and dodged Jayden’s full powered punch Nathaniel dodged a punch, and then Jayden threw another punch. This time, Nathaniel didn’t dodge, but fought back towards Jayden’s fist. They began hitting each other hard, and they were both equally strong. The situation was stalemate for a few seconds, and soon Jayden took a small step back. Jayden took a small step back, but Nathaniel did not move. It was clear who had won in this move. Nathaniel retrieved his fist and tidied his slightly messy clothes. He squinted at Jayden and said, “I’ve told you, that’s my girl. Nobody can have any thoughts about her!” His tone sounded soft, but it carried a domineering tone, like how he spoke when he was carrying out his Presidential duties “Hey Cooper, you will pay for what you did last night.” Jayden snorted and looked at Nathaniel gloomily. “Come to me if you need anything.” Nathaniel smiled at him, but he was still polite, as if they did not fight at all. Jayden gritted his teeth. Nathaniel walked past him and said confidently, “I will protect her from now on!”

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