My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 778

“Just on your own?” Jayden Elias Kyle looked at Nathaniel Cooper with a fierce glare. “Cooper, don’t be too self righteous. Otherwise, you won’t even know it, when you go down.” “Oh… Is that so?” Nathaniel turned his head and looked at Jayden, revealing a mysterious smile. Without saying another word, he turned around and left. Nathaniel never liked to trash talk. He believed actions would speak louder than words. For example, those people who tried to stop him from becoming the President of Country A, only a handful of them were left alive. “Mr. President, let me tell you what you need to pay attention to in today’s forum.” Back in the North Palace, Secretary Hart hurriedly greeted him. He opened the documents and began to report, “The people who will attend the forum today will include Chatterton Town’s..” “There’s no need.” Nathaniel waved his hand to interrupt him and walked to the lounge with vigorous steps. “Call me in half an hour.” “Mr. President.. Secretary Hart broke out in a cold sweat. Dozens of leaders from reputable countries would be joining the forum later. Why was the President just brushing over this important matter? Recently, Mr. President had always gone out with his bodyguard, Horatio, and his driver cum personal assistant, Jamie, and no one knew what he was doing. However, no matter how important his matter was, was it more important the country’s affairs? Maxton Hart looked at Horatio, who also came back with Nathaniel, and saw him standing still at the door, like a massive wall. He plucked up the courage to ask, “Mr. Horatio, can you tell me what Mr. President has been busy with these days?” Before his inauguration, the President would work until very late every day. North Palace was like his home. Everyone around him knew what he was doing constantly. Horatio was the most loyal and capable bodyguard under Nathaniel’s command. He would not appear in front of the public with Nathaniel. He was the one who was responsible for Nathaniel’s safety in private. How could someone Nathaniel trusted so much leak his information just like that? He gave Maxton a cold look, as if to say, “Boy, just do your job. Don’t poke your head on something that you’re not supposed to.” Secretary Hart was scared out of his wits by Horatio’s glare. He quickly stood aside and respectfully waited for their President. He didn’t dare to talk anymore. Nathaniel wasn’t neglecting national affairs. He was already aware of his duty and tasks of the day and every important detail of the forum He had never fought any battles without preparation and confidence. How could he just rely on his secretary to help him prepare such an important forum meeting? He wouldn’t only prepare just 2 hours before the forum meeting too. Back in his lounge, Nathaniel took a bath and changed into a clean suit. As the leader of a country, it was very important for him to dress the part. He stood in front of the tall mirror and looked at himself. He couldn’t stop thinking about Karen Joy Kyle. That little girl was still the same and acted the same, just like when she was a child. For example, she would always hug a doll when she slept. Last night, she took him as her doll and hugged him tightly. If he didn’t know about her little habits, he would even think that she was deliberately seducing him. When he thought of her, his stern and cold face appeared more gentle. That was Karen Joy’s effect on him. The golden sunlight shone onto the her cosy room through the thick curtains, and the room lit up gradually. Karen Joy, who was basking in the morning sunshine, stretched her body lazily. She touched her growling stomach, “Aunt Anne, I want to eat some toast.” In her dream, she dreamed of a beautiful spread of breakfast that included toast, croissants, eggs, ham, coffee… Each one of them could make Karen Joy drool, and she was yearning for the breakfast prepared by Aunt Anne. Aunt Anne was a domestic helper who helped prepare her meals. She was a great cook and she understood Karen Joy’s taste preferences very well. Karen Joy liked her very much. “Aunt Anne, you have to make more food, I want to eat a lot..” As she said this, Karen Joy licked her lips and couldn’t wait to eat the delicious food. No one answered her for a long time, then she remembered that she was not at home in New York. She was in Coast City, Country A, which was very far away from New York. She was far away from home, but fortunately, she had her Brother Lionel here. “Brother Lionel!” As she thought of Brother Lionel, Karen Joy suddenly sit up. She hurriedly looked around the room, but he was not around Maybe Brother Lionel left after she fell asleep… She thought sullenly, but glanced at the note on the bedside table from the corner of her eye. She picked it up and saw a few lines of words – Lazy pig, I have some work to do, so i’ll have to leave first. I’ve made breakfast for you, remember to eat when you get up. If I find out that you didn’t eat breakfast, I won’t let you off easily. He signed off his name at the end of the note and drew a smiley face. Karen Joy held the piece of paper and stuck it close to her heart. She felt so happy that she was rippling in the sea of happiness. Brother Lionel had work to do, but he still prepared her breakfast! He was busy but he didn’t want her to be hungry! Karen Joy hurried to the kitchen and saw that he prepared some oats and two heart-shaped sunny side ups. Brother Lionel kept the food in the microwave, so the food did not turn stale or cold. It probably had been hours since he prepared these food. Karen Joy was so moved that she didn’t know what to say. Brother Lionel really treated her like when she was a child. He was so careful and considerate when he took care of her. She took a deep breath and vowed to take care of Brother Lionel well in the future, so that he could feel the warmth of home and her love for him. After washing up, Karen Joy began to enjoy the breakfast prepared for her by Brother Lionel. She tasted the eggs first. Then she took a photo of her eating his food and sent it to Brother Lionel. She captioned, “Brother Lionel, I listened to you, I’m eating the sunny side ups you made.” After sending it out, Karen Joy looked at the phone screen eagerly and thought, “Brother Lionel, please reply me! I’m such a good girl!” But. after waiting for a long time, she didn’t get a reply from Brother Lionel He must be busy. As the President of the country, he had a lot of things to do every day. He certainly didn’t even have time to look at his phone. Well, it didn’t matter. She could wait a little longer. She trusted that he would reply her when he had time. Just as Karen Joy thought so, she received a reply from Brother Lionel. He only replied a very simple word, “Good!” Just one word! However, Karen Joy was still very satisfied. It was not easy for Brother Lionel to reply her message when he was busy. After all, not everyone was as free and bored as she was. Karen Joy was looking at her phone when she received a notification from the News App, “The 26th International Economic Forum will start at 9am in Coast City today, and the President of the Country, as well as many leaders, will be participating in it.”

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