My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 779

After coming to Country A to find Brother Lionel, Karen Joy Kyle did not miss any opportunity to see her Brother Lionel on TV. Today, for this forum meeting, she was afraid that she would forget it, so she set a reminder for herself. Yet, she didn’t expect that she still missed it. She patted her head in annoyance and turned on the TV hurriedly. Her TV was always on Central News Channel. As soon as the TV was turned on the TV channel was broadcasting the economic forum, and the camera had just focused on Brother Lionel and another country’s leader. Brother Lionel was still wearing a black suit, with a white dress shirt inside. He also wore a black tie, which made him look more mature and professional than usual. The camera then panned out to the the view of the entire conference hall. Even among so many national leaders, even if they were all in similar dark suits, Karen Joy could still spot her Brother Lionel immediately. The reason why she could see Brother Lionel so easily was not only because of his appearance, but also because he was the youngest one among the world leaders. He was the first one to be elected President even before turning 30 years old. Her Brother Lionel was not only good-looking, but he was such an excellent human being. He was probably a lot of women’s dream man. Two days ago, Karen Joy saw an online poll to vote for the most wanted man in the whole country, and the President won by many more votes, so much that other candidates couldn’t even compete. So many people were thinking about Brother Lionel, but what was Brother Lionel thinking about? No matter what he thought about, Brother Lionel could take some time to send her a reply during his important meeting, which proved that she was really different from other people to him Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! It was Samantha Lesley calling. Karen Joy answered and heard Samantha’s excited voice, “Karen Joy, I’m waiting for you downstairs. Come down quickly.” Karen Joy was looking at Brother Lionel on the TV and didn’t want to go downstairs. “Samantha, come on up. I’m not free to go down Samantha said, “Karen Joy, I’m telling you, you must come down. Karen Joy asked, “Why?” Samantha said, “Because Sister Serene is treating us for lunch. “Forget it. I just had my breakfast.” To be honest, Karen Joy did not want to see Brother Lionel’s fiancee at all. They had just accidentally bumped into each other and had a meal together few days before. “Karen Joy, Sister Serene is inviting us sincerely, and she really treats us as her younger sisters. If you don’t come, she will be very sad.” Samantha said. “Then tell her that that you can’t get in touch with me.” Karen Joy was never a person that would sacrifice herself just because she cared about other people’s feelings. “Karen Joy, it’s hard for me to invite you two for a meal, just come for my sake.” Serene Silas’ voice came from the phone, which made Karen Joy feel very awkward. She really wanted to beat Samantha hard. Wasn’t that little girl her friend? When did she start colluding with others? Since Serene had said so, Karen Joy was unable to reject her, so she had to agree to have lunch with them. From a distance, Samantha waved at Karen Joy and said, “Karen Joy, we’re here.” She was not blind or deaf. Did she have to scream so loudly? Why couldn’t Samantha act more cool? After all, she was raised in a good family. “Sister Serene, hello!” Karen Joy greeted Serene politely. “Karen Joy, let’s get in the car.” Serene smiled at her. Why did Serene suddenly come to pick her up for a meal in person? Karen Joy thought sullenly. Was it because Serene knew the relationship between Brother Lionel and her, and he knew that Brother Lionel stayed at her house last night? Did Serene come to her today to gloat about her relationship to her face? If that was the case, what should she do? Just as Karen Joy thought about it, they had arrived at the North Palace Samantha replied, “Karen Joy, we’re here.” Karen Joy got out of the car and looked at the place. “Is this North Palace?” Samantha nodded and said, “Yes, yes, Sister Serene specially took us here to witness the meeting and to meet the leaders from all over the world.” Generally speaking, Karen Joy could have refused the offer rationally, but when she thought that she could see Brother Lionel at a close distance and see his charming demeanour so closely, she could not refuse. When Serene entered the North Palace, she walked through places so comfortably. She greeted the guards and took Karen Joy and Samantha to the dining hall to welcome the international leaders. Serene said, “The meeting will end soon. The participants will have lunch together in the VIP room at noon. I’ve asked someone to reserve seats for us.” Samantha said, “Sister Serene, you’re so awesome. You can even bring us to a place like this.” Serene smiled and said nothing, She knew her privilege well, and that she was using the identity as the fiancee of the President. This identity had given her a lot of convenience. Once she loses this identity, then she would be nothing, and she couldn’t even control her own destiny. Karen Joy did not speak and looked around quietly. She was very interested in anything related to Brother Lionel. Samantha kept asking, “Sister Serene, are we going to sit at the table with Brother Nathaniel later?” Before she heard Serene’s answer, she continued, “I have never attended this kind of big event before. I’m guessing that there must be a lot of delicious food.” Serene smiled gently and said, “Samantha, I really envy you.” She envied Samantha for having such a brother who loved her so much, and for living such a simple life. She didn’t have to think about anything else except for food. Samantha was surprised and said, “Sister Serene, did you make a mistake? What’s there to envy? You’re the one I envy the most in my life. You’re sweet and beautiful, well educated and polite, and you’ll be married to Brother Nathaniel in the future.” The thing that Samantha envied most was that Serene could marry Nathaniel. She had fantasized about marrying Brother Nathaniel many times before. But she was not so great. Not only did she look average, she wasn’t smart and she loved to eat.. How could she stand by Brother Nathaniel’s side? Serene did not continue on. Everyone’s living environment and standards were different, their goals were different, and the definition of happiness was even more different too. “Karen Joy, why aren’t you saying anything?” Samantha asked again. “TIl just listen to you two.” In front of strangers, Karen Joy was always quiet. Many people who were not familiar with her would think that she was like her father, unapproachable. “Brother Nathaniel! Look! Brother Nathaniel is coming!” Samantha was the first to discover Nathaniel Cooper, who was walking towards them. Karen Joy looked in the direction of Samantha’s finger and saw her Brother Lionel. Surrounded by a group of people, he smiled slightly and walked gracefully. Feeling the demeanor of Brother Lionel at such a close distance, Karen Joy could not move her eyes away from him as soon as she looked at him. Watching him talk with the other leaders, he showed the majesty and dominance of his presidency with every gesture and action They were walking toward them. As Karen Joy watched him getting closer and closer, she clenched her fists nervously, thinking about ways to greet him. But who would have known that she thought too much. When Mr. President walked past her, he looked away from her. He acted so cold as if he didn’t know her,

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