My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 780

Mr. President’s eyes swept over Karen Joy Kyle and quickly moved to Serene Silas. This time, he was no longer expressionless. Instead, he smiled and nodded at Serene. The smile on his face appeared too pleasant and sweet, as if Serene was the only one in the world who could make him smile. Karen Joy had seen his smile before. It was when he became her Brother Lionel that he would give her such a gentle smile. She looked at him curiously… She even suspected that this person and her Brother Lionel were not the same person. Or, he thought of himself as two different individuals. One was being the President, and this identity was his real identity. He could publicly announce this identity to others. The other identity was Brother Lionel, an identity that was only for her, an identity that could not be revealed to be public. Just as Karen Joy was still in a daze, Nathaniel Cooper had already gone far away with the other leaders and was still talking along the way… “Karen Joy, Nathaniel is just busy, he’s not ignoring you.” Serene explained, but she explained it in such an unconvincing manner, that even she was not convinced herself. She deliberately asked Karen Joy to come over because she wanted to create some opportunities for them to get along with each other. However, she didn’t expect that Nathaniel didn’t even take a look at her. “Sister Serene, Mr. President is such an important person. It’s normal if he ignores us.” Karen Joy smiled as if nothing had happened. Deep down, she wanted Brother Lionel to take a good look at her in the crowd. She just wanted one look at her, and it shouldn’t take up much of his time or disturb his work. However, what he had in his eyes was only Serene. “Brother Nathaniel…” When Samantha saw that Nathaniel walked back towards them, she called out his name while blushing. Her eyes fell straight on Nathaniel, and it was hard to hide her admiration for him. Nathaniel did not respond. His eyes fell on Karen Joy’s face and he looked at her quietly. “Hello, Mr. President!” Karen Joy smiled at him and tried to be natural and outgoing. “Nathaniel, this is my new friend, Karen Joy.” Serene hurriedly pushed Karen Joy to the front, looking eager to push Karen Joy into Nathaniel’s embrace. “Secretary Lesley!” Nathaniel called for Jason Lesley with a gloomy face and said, “If Miss Silas doesn’t understand our security protocol, do you guys not understand too?” Nathaniel’s words had an implied meaning, and everyone understood. He was blaming the guards who didn’t do their jobs well because they let irrelevant people in. “Mr. President, I’ll ask someone to take them away right now.” Jason was very clear about what Nathaniel meant. Mr. President didn’t want the little girl of the Kyle family to be exposed in front of the media. Even if there was no camera here, the President was still worried that someone would notice Karen Joy, especially if they saw her with the President. “Nathaniel, they are my.” Serene wanted to say something, but she couldn’t say anything when she saw the gloomy look in Nathaniel’s eyes. “Remember not to bring anyone with you to the North Palace in the future.” Nathaniel’s voice, which sounded as cold as frost just now, instantly became extremely gentle when conversing with Serene. He sounded so gentle and pleasant that he felt so foreign Brother Lionel! Nathaniel! They were the same person, but there were two completely different souls in their bodies. They had different identities and personalities. Karen Joy finally understood. Karen Joy looked at him with a slight smile on her lips. I’m really sorry for causing trouble! You don’t have to bother your people to get me out of here. I can find the way out by myself.” She was polite and well-mannered. After that, she nodded to him politely. “I’m worried that you’ll barge into a place where you shouldn’t be. It’s not like you’ve never done this before.” Looking at her bright face and the hurt in her eyes, Nathaniel gritted his teeth and said these harsh words. “Oh…” Karen Joy pursed her lips and showed her signature smile. “It must be an honor that a President would remember what I, a nobody, have done before.” Nathaniel looked away and said sternly, “Secretary Lesley, have the guards arrived yet?” The guards arrived long ago. When they saw Mr. President’s upset expression, they immediately wanted to go forward and pull Karen Joy away, but before they could pull her away, they were frightened by Mr. President’s cold stare. The guards felt conflicted. It was the President who wanted them to bring her away, but he didn’t allow them to do anything to her. Did he want them to scare these people away with their eyes? They didn’t have the ability that he had. “Samantha, why don’t you take Miss Kyle away first? This is an important place for the country to deal with important affairs, not a place for children like you to come.” Jason Lesley understood the thoughts of the President. “Brother Nathaniel..” Samantha was reluctant to leave, but she had to leave. She could not leave Karen Joy alone, let alone go against her brother’s will. Otherwise, she would be punished and locked up in the dark room back home again. “I’Ll take them out, Serene said. She brought them with her, yet something like this happened, so she felt particularly guilty. She wanted to explain to Karen Joy after she walked them out. However, to her surprise, Nathaniel said, “You stay.” As soon as Nathaniel spoke up, Serene did not refute his words. She watched helplessly as the guards walked the girls out. Karen Joy sped up her pace. She didn’t want to stay here at all. She didn’t want to see the two of them showing off their love for each other. “Nathaniel, I only wanted her to be with you. I didn’t have any other intentions.” As soon as they left, Serene immediately explained “Serene, don’t you know how many cameras we have here? You let a little girl expose her identity in front of the people all over the world. Do you know how dangerous it will be for her?” Nathaniel’s face did not change, but his voice became unusually serious and cold. He looked at Serene coldly. Serene stammered, “I… I really didn’t think so much at that time.” Nathaniel added, “I’ve told you that I’ll handle the matter between me and her. I don’t want anyone else to be involved.” Serene: “Nathaniel, I.” Seeing that Serene looked extremely guilty, Nathaniel finally softened his tone a little. “You don’t have to feel sorry for anyone. Just don’t do anything else. Playing the role as my fiancee is the greatest help you can give to me.” Serene lowered her head, “Okay.” … Samantha followed closely behind Karen Joy, but she was very distracted. She looked back every step she took, and she wanted to take one more look at Brother Nathaniel. Even if he never noticed her, taking a look at him was enough for her. “Karen Joy, let’s walk slowly, okay?” Samantha pulled Karen Joy and pleaded. Brother Nathaniel worked here every day, so his presence was everywhere. She wanted more time to feel his presence. Karen Joy avoided Samantha’s hand and lowered her head as she walked faster. She wished that there could be jet packs behind her so that she could leave this depressing place as fast as possible. For the first time in her life, Karen Joy had wanted to escape from Brother Lionel. The farther she ran, the better, so that he could no longer find her.

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