My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 781

The weather in early October was usually a little cold, but today was sunny and the temperature was bearable. It was warmer than usual. Even though it was a warm day, Karen Joy Kyle felt so cold. She tightened the coat on her body, but it was still not able to eliminate the chills from her body. “Karen Joy, I know that there is a famous restaurant nearby I’ll treat you, okay?” Samantha Lesley didn’t seem to care about what happened just now at all. “Okay.” Karen Joy agreed immediately. No matter how bad she felt inside, she still had to eat. She could not let herself suffer because of someone else. Although Karen Joy knew she had to take care of herself, but when she looked at the dishes on the table, she had no appetite at all. She kept thinking about one person. She was about to doubt whether she had found her Brother Lionel… “Karen Joy, why are you not eating?” Samantha burped casually and asked her, “Are you angry at Brother Nathaniel?” “He’s not anyone to me. Why should I be angry at him?” Karen Joy kept telling herself that the man who was indifferent to her and even hated her had nothing to do with her. Although she had said that so many times to herself, she couldn’t convince herself because the man that she was thinking about the whole time was Brother Lionel. “Karen Joy, it’s good that you think that way.” Samantha said a few words and began to eat again. She was small, but her appetite was amazing. She was a typical foodie. Buzz, buzz, buzz.. Karen Joy’s cell phone on the table suddenly rang. She looked at it and found that it was Yaya, from the earthquake rescue team. She hadn’t contacted these people since she was sent back. She wondered what Yaya called her for, “Hello, Sister Yaya!” Karen Joy answered the phone. “Little Jar, do you have anything to do now?” Yaya’s voice came from the phone. “No. I’m very free. What do you want me to do?” Karen Joy asked casually. “Do you have any interest in participating in the post earthquake reconstruction work?” Yaya asked. “Sure.” Karen Joy agreed without thinking. She could take this opportunity to think about matters calmly and see what she should do next. Yaya said, “Why didn’t you ask me what you will be doing at the disaster area?” Karen Joy said, “Since you came looking for me, it must be work that I can do. What else do I have to ask?” Yaya said, “You’re a smart girl. No wonder everyone talked about you every day after coming back. They said that they wanted to be friends with you.” “I’m very happy that you all miss me so much. Let’s have dinner together some other day with Shane and the rest of the team.” Karen Joy was also willing to be friends with those who she liked. “Alright, it’s a deal. I’ll send you the detailed information and the address to your phone later. Read it and give me a reply.” “Well, okay.” Karen Joy hung up the phone and soon received the information about the reconstruction work of the disaster area. To rebuild the disaster area, the country had invested a lot of resources, but the most urgent concern was about education. This earthquake had caused the collapse of many schools. The teachers had either been killed in the disaster, or severely injured, but the children’s education could not be compromised. Therefore, Yaya and the others formed another teaching team quickly. After reading it, Karen Joy sent a message to Yaya and did not hesitate to join the relief work. After leaving Samantha, Karen Joy did not delay for another second. She immediately went home to clean up and went out, she packed some necessities with her. As soon as she opened the door, Jayden Elias Kyle leaned against his door and stared at her. He looked at her from top to bottom, “Going out?” Karen Joy did not look at him and turned to leave, “Does it have anything to do with you?” Jayden caught up with her and said, “I’ll drive you.” Karen Joy ran even quicker and said, “You don’t need to send me. I can take a taxi.” Jayden raised his eyebrows and grabbed the small suitcase in her hand. He entered the elevator with her and looked determined. “Jayden!” Karen Joy gritted her teeth in anger. This person was getting more and more nosy. Why was he following her every day? Was there nothing to do at the company? In the past, when he was in New York, he was so busy that she could barely meet him. How could he so free after working alone in Coast City? Was he just putting on a show back in New York? “Are you coming?” Jayden threw out these words “You think?” She couldn’t fight with him anymore. As she thought about it more, it was not bad to have him as a driver. This way, she could save some money, and have someone hold her luggage too. After getting in the car, Jayden immediately turned on his navigation app, and he typed in the bus station where Karen Joy wanted to go She was surprised and she asked, “How did you know where I wanted to go?” Jayden started the car, “Not only do I know, but your beloved Brother Lionel also knows.” “I don’t want him to know.” Karen Joy said sullenly. Karen Joy thought that Brother Lionel treated her however he wanted because he knew he had control over her already. Was this true? She had always known that he had sent someone to follow her. She thought that that was because he was worried about her safety, so she pretended that she didn’t know. Jayden asked, “You really don’t want to?” Karen Joy said angrily, “Do you think I’m lying?” “Well, then sit down. I promise that he won’t be able to find you.” Jayden chuckled and stepped on the gas pedal hard. The car rushed out like an arrow out of the bow. Karen Joy had just fastened the seat belt, “Where are you taking me?” Jayden said, “The airport “Who said I’m going back to New York?” She was just angry. but she didn’t want to leave Country A. If she left now, Brother Lionel would be sad and he would be disappointed with her. Then she would ruin their chances together. She was still waiting for Brother Lionel to reconcile with her openly one day, for him to announce that she was his woman to the nation. Jayden replied, “Who said I’m going to take you back to New York?” Karen Joy asked, “Then why are you taking me to the airport? Jayden said, “Didn’t you say that you didn’t want Cooper to find you? So I’m helping you.” Karen Joy responded slowly, “Then, thank you!” She knew that Jayden had the ability to trick those people to think that she had gone back to New York. “Don’t thank me! I don’t want him to find you too. I’m not helping you.” Yes, he admitted that he had selfish motives for Nathaniel to not know about Karen Joy’s whereabouts. That man was not qualified to take away the treasure of the Kyle family Not only did he try take her away, but he also made her sad. Obviously, Jayden would not be merciful. … “Mr. President, we have news from the staff who follows Miss Kyle. Miss Kyle has just returned to New York.” Jason Lesley came to report in a hurry, and he was so nervous that he broke out in a cold sweat. “What?” Nathaniel took a quick glance, almost gritting his teeth, “Say it again.” “Miss Kyle went back to New York.” Jason plucked up the courage to say it again, and at the same time he handed the evidence to Nathaniel. “This is the record of her arrival and departure at the airport. It’s absolutely true.” “She went back to New York!” Nathaniel held the document firmly in his hand, and he clenched his fists so tightly that his fingers turned pale. Suddenly, his chest felt like it was being crushed by a huge weight, and he couldn’t breath. Did she give up on him that easily?

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