My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 783

Jayden Elias Kyle liked to nag in her ear all day long. He always dictated what she could or could not do, and always bothered her in all her affairs, as if he was her personal housekeeper. Karen Joy tried hard to think of an attractive trait Jayden had. Why would these girls fall for him? She thought that she was a good judge of character, or maybe there was something wrong with their eyes? Yes, the latter hypothesis was probably accurate, “Sister Yaya, let’s go.” Karen Joy stretched out her hand and waved it in front of Yaya. Yaya came back to her senses and smiles awkwardly. She said, “Shane, Burly and the others are waiting for us. They’re waiting for you to arrive to build a tent together. It’s going to be a difficult time this month. I hope we can overcome this and do something for the children at the disaster area.” “Yes, we will work together, and we will definitely succeed.” Karen Joy shook her head and said confidently. It was Brother Lionel’s blessing to have such good citizens. In the future, he would certainly be able to make this country more prosperous and successful with these outstanding citizens. At this moment, all she thought about was how to help the children in the disaster area, and she seemed to have forgotten what happened at noon. Yaya and the others were very capable. After locating the base, they began to build tents. Everyone worked separately. It didn’t take long for them to set up the tents. In the past, Karen Joy had also participated in outdoor camping activities, but she was surrounded by people who tried to please her. She would never have to do these things herself. Before she arrived at the destination, they had already prepared the tents for her. But this was the first time that she had personally built a tent herself. Seeing her and her friends’ achievements, although it was not a big deal, she had a sense of accomplishment. Thanks to her friends! Other than looking for Brother Lionel in Country A, it was also a great blessing for her to get to know them. Her mother often reminded her to be content with what she had! The more satisfied a person was, the happier they could be. At this moment, she finally understood her mother’s words. She had a family who loved her, a person she liked in her heart, and so many lovely companions with her. Even in a very harsh environment, she could still feel happy. “It’s getting late. Let’s have dinner first. We’ve been rushing for a whole day. After dinner, everyone should rest early.” Yaya still played the role of the leader. “Okay.” Karen Joy and the others agreed in unison. When they were eating, Yaya squeezed herself to sit next to Karen Joy and asked secretly. “Little Jar, who sent you here just now?” “My brother.” Karen Joy swallowed the food in her mouth and answered. Karen Joy did not hesitate when she answered. It proved that deep down in her heart, she still saw him as her brother. “So he is your brother.” As soon as she heard Karen Joy’s answer, Yaya’s eyes lit up and she was glad that that man was Little Joe’s brother. “Sister Yaya, did you fall in love with him at first sight?” Karen Joy revealed her feelings mercilessly and said, “Sister Yaya, let me tell you, he likes meddling in other people’s business a lot and he has to be involved in everything. You don’t know him yet, but when you do, you will feel very annoyed at him. I advise you not to like him.” “I can’t say that I like him, but since he is a handsome man, I can’t help but look at him a few more times.” Yaya took a few more bites of her food and said, “We like looking at handsome men, just like how men like looking at beautiful women.” She then saw that Burly was staring at Karen Joy, “Burly, do you agree?” “Of course, beautiful women matches perfectly with handsome men.” Burly was caught staring at Karen Joy secretly but he didn’t feel embarrassed at all, “When we were setting up the tents, those who helped us were also trying to get a chance to look at Little Jar too.” Burly sounded like a strong man’s name, but he was a typical nerd. He wore a pair of frameless glasses with thick lens, yet he still couldn’t see people clearly. “I would say that I look good, but my brother.” Karen Joy shook her head. “You’d better stop praising him… That’s because I have seen better looking men than him.” For example, her father and her Brother Lionel.. In her mind, they were the most handsome men. “I think he looks good. He wore a neat suit, showing his masculine charm.” Yaya was not a coy person, but she showed her generous appreciation for Jayden. “Sister Yaya, are you sure that there is nothing wrong with your eyes? Is that person as good as you say?” Karen Joy didn’t know why she was so happy to hear someone praise Jayden. “Little Jar, what do you think of me?” Burly quickly pointed to himself, as if he wanted her to praise him too. “You… are not bad.” Karen Joy grew up looking at handsome men. If she thought of Burly as “not bad”, it was already a huge honour. “What about me?” Shane didn’t want to be left out, so he came over to ask too. “You… Shane, are you sure you want me to tell the truth?” Karen Joy didn’t want to offend anyone, but she didn’t want to lie, so she was in a tight spot. “Then you’d better not say it.” Shane looked like he was very hurt. “Shane, you’re really great, but you’re just too girly sometimes.” Burly patted Shane’s shoulder and said sympathetically Karen Joy pursed her lips and smiled. It seemed that everyone’s relationship grew better than she had imagined. Otherwise, how could they speak the truth in front of Shane? “You guys… I’m not a sissy.” Seeing that everyone was laughing, Shane stomped his foot and walked away in anger. “See, how could he say he’s not a sissy. I’ve never seen a man move his body so much.” Burly added. Among the three of them, Yaya was beautiful and generous, Burly looked like a typical nerd, and Shane was indeed a pretty boy or a ‘sissy. Perhaps it was because of their different personalities, they could get along well with each other. In the past two years, the three of them had done charity work together and worked as volunteers before. They had helped others a lot. The students in school also gave them a group name, called The Weird Trio. “Burly, stop being so blunt. If Shane gets mad and leaves, will you do his work?” Yaya tried to be stern, but she couldn’t stop laughing. Real friends were always like this. They would bash each other occasionally, but the more they bashed each other, the better their relationship. Just like what Shane often said to Burly, if he didn’t have a good relationship with anyone, he wouldn’t even waste his time to speak to them. The reconstruction of the disaster was just at the beginning stage, so the living conditions were very poor. On the first night, due to the lack of power supply, there was not enough heat, they didn’t even have enough water to bathe. The large group who came to support them had done a good job. First of all, they had ensured that the water supply for the elderly and children in the disaster area was enough They didn’t have hot water to take a bath, so they only used cold water to wash their feet and hands, and that was enough for the night Karen Joy never needed to live in such poor living conditions her whole life. However, she did not have a single complaint and quickly merged into this big family quickly. The weather was already cold, and it was even colder at night. In addition, they could only wash up with cold water. After washing up, Karen Joy was so cold that she was shivering and quickly got under the quilt.

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