My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 784

“Little Jar, it’s cold right?” Yaya was shivering on another bed. As she spoke, she was shivering through her teeth, and she couldn’t even form a sentence properly. “Sister Yaya, take this medicine to prevent catching a cold. We must not catch a cold.” Karen Joy ignored her own struggle. She quickly jumped out of the bed and took out a pill and gave it to Ya. Then, she took one herself too. They came out to help, so they couldn’t afford falling sick or weak and cause more burden to the team. “Little Jar, thank you!” Yaya ate the pill and said, “I saw that your brother drove a really good car. Your family must be rich. Why are you willing to come here with us to suffer?” More than half a month ago, when she first saw Karen Joy. Yaya could see that this girl was not just an average child, but at that time she was busy with the rescue work and did not have time to ask personal questions. “Sister Yaya, why are you guys here then?” Karen Joy climbed onto her bed again. She wrapped herself in the quilt and asked Yaya a question instead of answering, “We three grew up rough. When we got into college, our family didn’t have enough money for us to go to school. It was our lovely village neighbours who gathered money to support us, so we could continue to realize our dream.” “If it weren’t for our lovely village neighbours, we wouldn’t have been what we are now. Since we have received this blessing from them, we have learned to spread goodness too. So after we knew that there were still a lot of people who needed help in the world, we want to use all our strength to help more people.” Speaking of the past, Yaya did not complain about her struggles at all. Instead, when she mentioned the people who had helped them, her eyes sparkled with gratitude. It was because those people that had helped them before, they tried their best to help more people now that they had the ability “Sister Yaya, you guys are so great. It’s such a blessing to meet you three.” Karen Joy spoke truthfully. Yaya said, “I’m also very lucky to know you. But let’s not talk about the past. Tell me why are you here?” Karen Joy said sullenly, “Compared to you guys, I’m much more selfish. Yaya asked, “How can you say that?” “I came to the disaster area just because I want to do something for the person I like.” Karen Joy thought of her Brother Lionel. Surprisingly, she didn’t feel as much pain as she did earlier that day. Instead, she felt warm in her heart. Yaya asked curiously, “Do something for the person you like? Is he also from Long Cove?” “Well, technically he is..” Her Brother Lionel was the President of Country A. The people of Country A were just like his children, so Country A was his home. Yaya asked, So is he or is he not? Why am I more confused.” “Yes.” Karen Joy smiled and explained, “He is a good person. He has always been very kind to me. In order to save me, he almost lost his life. I have been separated from him for more than ten years now. It’s hard for me to find him. I want to try my best to do something for him.” Yaya said, “He must be really special for you to like him so much.” “Of course. I don’t care about what others think of him. At least in my heart, my father and him are the best men in the world.” The little girl still had some conscience. She didn’t forget about her father just because she had Brother Lionel. “Mm, in my heart, my father is also the best in the world.” Yaya agreed Although her father had lost one leg and did not have the ability to provide for her to go to college, her father taught her how to be a better person. Love and tolerance would make a person more outstanding and beautiful. “Sister Yaya, our parents are the best in the world,” Karen Joy said with a smile. “Mm, all parents are the best in the world.” Yaya echoed. “Hey, tomorrow is a busy day. We have to be in a good mood, so let’s go to sleep.” “Alright, Little Jar. Good night.” “Sister Yaya, good night!” Karen Joy got into bed and turned off the lights. After turning off the lights, she couldn’t fall asleep. When she calmed down, she kept thinking of Brother Lionel If he couldn’t reach her after he was done his work, he must be very worried… The last time she missed his calls and didn’t answer him, he was already so scared. If he couldn’t find her for so long, she wondered how worried he would be. Thinking of this, Karen Joy could no longer fuss about Brother Lionel’s attitude towards her at noon just now. She hurriedly turned on her phone. After she turned on her phone, she thought that she would receive a lot of messages, but the phone was so quiet and she didn’t receive a single message. Wasn’t Brother Lionel looking for her? She was a little sad and disappointed, but she let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Brother Lionel didn’t look for her, or else he must be very worried. After thinking about thoroughly, Karen Joy planned to send a text message to Brother Lionel so that he would not worry about her. She assured that she would go back after a few days when she was done with her own tasks. She just typed few words, and Brother Lionel’s call suddenly came in. Her hand trembled with fear. Looking at the time again, it was nine o’clock in the evening. Was Brother Lionel occupied until now? She answered, “Brother.” Before she could finish her words, she heard Brother Lionel’s eager voice coming from the other end of the phone. “Karen, where are you?” It was only nine o’clock in the evening, and around 15 minutes before, the plane that was bound to New York was ordered to return to Coast City, and it just landed. Nathaniel Cooper came to pick her up, but after going through the crowd, he couldn’t find her. All of a sudden, Jason Lesley and the other assistants felt as if a dark cloud was weighing down on their heads. They stood behind Nathaniel and did not dare to make a sound, The information they gave to Mr. President confirmed that the little girl of the Kyle family got on the plane. However, when Mr. President came to pick her up in the airport, the person they were looking for was not in the plane. This was not a huge loophole, it was a huge mistake. If the President decided to fire them after this, it would be considered a light punishment. They knew it was justified even if they were locked up in prison for a few years. Just as they were at a loss about what to do, the President made a phone call. When they heard the President speak, they breathed a sigh of relief silently. “Brother Lionel, I have something that I need to do. After that, I will go back. Don’t worry okay?” Karen Joy’s soft voice reached Nathaniel’s ears. His tense nerves finally relaxed when he heard her voice. He softened his tone and asked, “Where are you?” “I’m busy doing my own stuff. Don’t worry, I’Ll be fine.” While speaking, Karen Joy sneezed. Nathaniel’s nerves immediately tightened again. “Karen, tell me, where are you? It’s so cold right now. What if you catch a cold?” “Brother Lionel, do you trust me?” she asked. “Yes, I do.” He answered. “Then you don’t need to ask. I promise that a month later, there will be a healthier and livelier person in front of you,” she said naughtily. “Karen..” He felt helpless. “Brother Lionel, trust me,” she said. “I..” He did trust her, but he was worried about her. “Brother Lionel, it’s getting late. You must be tired after a busy day. Go to bed early. Good night!” After that, Karen Joy hung up the phone. Nathaniel turned around and looked at Jason. “Where is the tracked address?” Jason said hastily, “We’re receiving the information from the communication department. We’ll know the results soon.” Nathaniel didn’t say anything, but his face turned extremely gloomy Soon, Jason received the news, “Mr. President, she is at the disaster area in Long Cove.”

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