My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 785

The night was very quiet. It was so quiet that the occasional sound of sand and rocks sliding down from the mountain could be heard clearly. Karen Joy Kyle wrapped herself tightly in the quilt and tossed around again and again. She couldn’t fall asleep no matter how hard she tried to. She was really a indecisive person. She had already decided on something, but when she picked up a call from Brother Lionel, she suddenly changed her mind. Was the relationship between Brother Lionel and Serene Silas really like what Jayden Elias Kyle found? Was it just a contract? She couldn’t figure it out. She couldn’t figure out what kind of reason could make Brother Lionel get engaged with a woman he didn’t like at all. Brother Lionel was a strong and decisive person. If that woman was not a woman he liked, even if someone threatened him with a gun, he would not agree to marry her. “Little Jar, what are you thinking about?” Hearing that Karen Joy was tossing around for a long time, Yaya asked curiously, and she couldn’t fall asleep too. “Thinking about the person that I like..” And his fiancee… Karen Joy held back the last half of her sentence and did not say that out. How could she share this with others? “Who is that person you like? You got me curious now.” Like a typical young girl, Yaya was a curious person who liked to listen to such stories. “He is a very excellent and special person.” Karen Joy widened her eyes and looked at the ceiling. Although she could only see some moonlight, she was still trying hard to look through some answers in her messy mind. The President of a country, the leader of a country, was also the person she was thinking about. How could he not be special? “Alright, pretend I didn’t ask then.” Yaya turned over and looked at Karen Joy. She sighed and said, “Little Jar, I can’t sleep either. But I’m not thinking about the person I like, I’m thinking about your brother.” “Thinking about my brother?” Karen Joy paused for a moment and said, “Sister Yaya, did you really fall for him?” Yaya sighed again. “People like to say that women are dangerous. Actually, men are also dangerous. I only glanced at your brother, and my soul was almost taken away by him.” “Sister Yaya, can you do a little better for yourself? What’s so good about him? Why are you so fascinated by him?” Really, no matter how Karen Joy thought, she couldn’t think of see Jayden’s appeal. Yaya said shamelessly, “He is attractive. He is the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life. That was magnetic enough for me. To tell you the truth, I am a superficial person.” Karen Joy just kept quiet. Well, everyone’s taste was different. Perhaps in Yaya’s mind, Jayden’s appearance was her definition of handsome. “Little Jar, what qualities are you attracted to from the person you like?” Yaya asked again. Anyway, she couldn’t sleep even if she closed her eyes, so she tried to make a conversation “Because he is kind to me.” Karen Joy’s reason was so simple. This was the real reason why she liked Brother Lionel Brother Lionel treated her well. He had almost lost his life in order to protect her, and he made a promise to her when she was little. He told her that when she grew up, he would marry her if he wasn’t married yet. So when she was an adult, she came looking for him anxiously. “Because he is kind to you?” Yaya added, “Little Jar, if you meet a man who is sincerely nice to you, you should seize him. Because in this world, good men are getting extinct, and it is rare to meet a good man who is willing to be nice to you. So you must seize the opportunity.” “But.” But he had a fiancee.. His fiancee was very excellent, and he was also very kind to his fiancee. Karen Joy swallowed these words again. Even if she didn’t say it out loud, it was still the truth. Saying it out loud would not help her at all, so she decided to just keep quiet. “But what? Are you having second thoughts about your feelings for him? Do you think that your feelings for him are just stemming from your gratitude for saving you with his life? Are you just grateful to him, and you do not have other feelings?” Yaya asked this question, but it resonated with Karen Joy’s heart. Karen Joy asked herself this question more than once. Most of the time, she couldn’t figure out what kind of feelings she had for Brother Lionel Was it affection? Was it gratitude? Or dependence? She needed some time to think about it. “Maybe it’s just like what you said.” After a long silence, Karen Joy gave such an answer. A tall figure stood outside the tent. He stood quietly, listening to the conversation between the two girls in the tent. When he heard one of the girls ask the other girl a question, he held his breath and waited for her to answer. He wanted to know what kind of feelings she had for him. When Karen Joy answered, he felt like someone splashed with a pail of cold water. Were her feelings for him just stemming from gratitude? Yaya said, “Little Jar, no matter what it is just follow your heart. I’ve heard people say that no matter what you do, just follow your heart. Your heart will never lie to you.” “Sister Yaya, it’s late. Let’s go to sleep.” Karen Joy wrapped herself tightly in the quilt and took a deep breath. She didn’t want to talk about it any more. “Okay, go to sleep.” Yaya rolled around on the bed and suddenly yelled out, “Ah, I never had a man occupy my mind so much that I can’t sleep. Your brother is the first one. What the hell happened to me?” Karen Joy said, “Sister Yaya, I guess you won’t give up until you get what you want. When we are free, I will introduce him to you so that you can see his true colors. Then you won’t be obsessed with him anymore.” “Okay, okay. Please introduce him to me. If I accidentally become your sister-in-law in the future, I will protect you well.” “Then should I thank my sister-in-law in advance?” “Little sister-in-law, don’t mention it.” In the tent, the voices of the two little girls became softer and softer. After a long time, they finally quieted down Outside the tent, the tall man stood next to them to make sure they were asleep. After a long while, he stepped into the tent He walked in very lightly, and it took him quite some time to get to Karen Joy’s bed. Under the bright moonlight, he looked at her ruddy face and couldn’t help stretching out his hand to touch it gently. “Karen..” “Hm?” The little girl in her sleep grunted gently, as if she had heard his call. “Karen..” He had a lot of things to say and wanted to ask the little girl, but he couldn’t. He was afraid to hear the real answer.

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