My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 786

After living for nearly 30 years, Nathaniel Cooper had lingered on the edge of death many times. He had almost died several times, but he had never been afraid. At this moment, he was actually afraid when he heard that the little girl said that the feelings she had for him might only be gratitude and dependence. What a joke! Since he was born, he had been in the noble Cooper family. Since childhood, he had to learn how to overcome the fear in his heart. At such a young age, he had already mastered the ability to remain calm even if a mountain collapsed in front of him. However, just because of this little girl’s words, it frightened him, even though he was a President of the entire country. “Karen… Do you know how much I like you?” He stroked her tender face and asked her in a low voice. She certainly didn’t know how much he liked her. She didn’t know how important she was to him. She was not only his little sun, but she was more important than his own life. She was a treasure that he was willing to protect with his life. It used to be like this, it was the same now, and it will be in the future… Over the years, as he waited for her to slowly grow up, his feelings for her had changed little by little. He knew very well that his feelings for her were no longer as innocent as it was just being her big brother. He wanted more. He wanted to hold her hand and spend his life with her. No matter what happened in the future, he would never leave her side. He wanted to stay with her forever, to marry her as his wife, and to make her the First Lady of the people of Country A. In the past, he promised her that he would accompany her and grow up with her, but he broke his promise. He owed her. He owed her 14 years of his life. So for this 14 year period, he wanted to repay it with the rest of his life. “Karen.” Nathaniel gently called Karen Joy’s name again. He spoke so genuinely as if he was near and he wanted her so badly No! It wasn’t just as if! He actually did! His heart was true to him, and to her. He really liked her a lot. This little Karen was really the apple of his eye. “Mmm.” Karen Joy replied softly. Maybe because the weather was too cold, she wrapped herself in the quilt and subconsciously moved closer to a place where there was heat. She leaned comfortably beside him and continued to fall asleep. “Silly girl…” Looking at her defenceless look, Nathaniel lowered his head and kiss her forehead. “Karen, if you want me to trust you, then I will trust you. One month later, I will pick you up.” He tucked her in to make sure that everything was alright. Then he turned around and left. Ah.. Before he walked out of her tent, he began to miss her again. How could her magnetic force be so strong? When did he fall under her spell? What Nathaniel didn’t know was that just as he got up and left, Karen Joy, who was sleeping soundly on the bed, slowly opened her eyes. She quietly watched his back as he left. Moonlight fell from the top of the tent, illuminating the lonely back view when Nathaniel left. Looking at how lonely he was, Karen Joy’s heart hurt. She really wanted to catch up with him and hug him, and to tell him personally that as long as he wanted her, she would never leave him. However, she didn’t do so. She couldn’t act recklessly and would do whatever she wanted. Since she was at the disaster area already, she should work hard and do something for him. “Brother Lionel, I didn’t know how much you liked me before, but I do now.” She bit her lip and said softly. … “Mr. President…” When Jason Lesley saw that Mr. President finally came back two hours later after visiting the little girl, he hurriedly greeted him. “Tell the person in charge of Helix Inc to transfer a batch of funds and supplies to help the reconstruction work at the disaster area. Also, assign a few more people to guard the area. If there is an accident this time, I won’t let you get away with that.” Nathaniel said as he walked in with a cold and overbearing tone. Jason followed closely behind him and updated, “I’ve arranged some people to protect Miss Kyle already. I will inform Helix Inc immediately and have them arrange it.” Helix Inc was a newly developed company in recent years. In just a few short years, it developed from a small, unknown company to one of the biggest enterprises in Country A. The person in charge of Helix Inc was a middle-aged man in his early forties, but he was not the real boss. He was just a manager. No one knew who was the main boss of the company. A lot of people had tried digging up some dirt, but they couldn’t find the truth. Some concluded that the big boss was probably a mysterious man. But what could they do with that piece of information anyway? No matter how curious a person was, they still couldn’t find anything about the big boss. The big boss of Helix Inc was so mysterious, but his way of working was not mysterious. In recent years, whether it was through the presidential election or disaster relief work in the country, Helix Inc would always donate money or other resources immediately and gained a good reputation. The next day The sun was shining brightly. The weather was good, everybody’s mood got better too. Last night, Karen Joy almost didn’t sleep all night, but she still got up early this morning. Although her dark circles were a little heavy, it still didn’t ruin her beautiful appearance. “Little Jar, morning!” A middle-aged lady greeted her. They recognized each other when they came to join the rescue team the last time, and many others recognized each other as well. “Good morning, Aunt Joan!” Karen Joy gave a slice of bread to Aunt Joan and asked, “Aunt Joan, where is Peter?” “Peter heard that you were going to be teaching, so he ate his breakfast quickly and went to the tent already.” Aunt Joan smiled happily as she spoke about her own child. “Peter is eight years old already, but I have never seen him so serious about studying before.” “It’s my honor then.” Hearing such good news early in the morning, Karen Joy was in a good mood. The saying was right. Good things will come to those who did good She felt that the world was very beautiful and the people here were very friendly. Therefore, the world repaid her with kind and beautiful people to work with too. So she was determined to repay their kindness and strength with her time and efforts.

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