My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 787

The temporary school was in a relatively spacious tent, and there was a large tent built for each class. It was a little crowded, but the children did not mind it at all, they were all oddly in a good mood today. Just as Karen Joy Kyle walked near the tent, she heard the noise of these lively children. The noise was so loud that it almost overturned the whole tent. “Children are always so energetic.” Hearing the children’s energetic voices, Karen Joy smiled. Children at this age were supposed to be like this, not like her little precious at home. He was obviously 8 years old, but he made himself look like an old man. Karen Joy stepped into the room. A child immediately shouted, “Sister Jar is here. Everyone, be quiet.” Almost in an instant, the small temporary classroom was so quiet that everyone stared at their new teacher with wide eyes. Under everyone’s gaze, Karen Joy stepped forward to the front of the children and said with a smile, “Dear children, don’t be shy. You can do whatever you want.” Do whatever they wanted? Was that a mistake? Was this what a qualified teacher would say? The children were about eight or nine years old, and they were all in their third grade. They were all sensible children. Listening to the teacher’s words, their eyes widened. Was the teacher serious? Could they really do whatever they wanted? Was the teacher fooling with them? In a short period of time, the children got so confused that they looked at each other and finally looked at the new teacher unanimously. “Yes, everyone did very well. Good that you know that you shouldn’t be too loud in class, but after class, you can do whatever you want.” Karen Joy was very satisfied with the children’s reaction, and at the same time, she reasoned with them nicely. “Sister Jar, we like it when you teach.” As the class monitor, Peter raised his hand and spoke on behalf of the whole class. People with good looks would always be popular wherever they went Children did not lie about that. Looking at a beautiful teacher teaching them, of course it was so much different than having an old lady teaching them. “I’m glad that everyone likes me!” Karen Joy bowed to the children and said, “I’ll introduce myself first, then all of you will introduce yourselves one by one. Today, we will tell stories and play games in this class.” “Okay.” The students were in high spirits and shouted in unison. Karen Joy smiled and continued, “Well, then i’ll introduce myself first.” The children at the disaster area had just experienced the earthquake, and they were also survivors. All of them were very lucky to have survived the major disaster. Karen Joy believed that for them, studying was not the priority right now, and she had to bring them out of the trauma they experienced from the earthquake so that they were mentally healthy. Then, they could study more efficiently Under everyone’s curious gaze, Karen Joy said slowly, “My name is Karen Joy, and I will be your teacher for the next month. You can call me Miss Kyle, or Sister Karen Joy, or Sister Jar. Any of these names.” “Sister Jar! The students shouted at the same time, and everyone laughed together. “I have grandparents, parents, and brothers at home. Oh, my brother is eight years old this year, and he is about the same age as you guys. He is also a very filial and lovely child.” Karen Joy smiled and continued, “Now that I’ve introduced myself, who wants to go next?” “Sister Jar, ‘ll go first, I’ll go first… Several students raised their hands and wanted to introduce themselves first. Karen Joy took a look at them and saw a little girl who was relatively short, and she raised her hand halfway. She was so nervous that she withdrew her hand. Then, she took the courage to raise her hand and put it down again… She repeated it several times. She waved her hand and asked for everyone to keep quiet, then she said with a sweet smile, “Don’t rush, students. All of you will have the opportunity to speak. As for the first to speak, how about this little child in a red sweater?” The little girl who was appointed was surprised, and her face turned red. The other students also looked at her. She was the first one to be called by her teacher, which made them envious. “Yes, you. Are you willing to come up and introduce yourself first?” Karen Joy’s soft voice made people feel comfortable. Especially with the smile on her face, she also gave the little girl an encouraging look. The little girl was a little scared at first, but when she saw her smiling face and encouraging eyes, she became bolder and took the courage to step in front of the class. “Let’s applaud our brave classmate together, okay?” Karen Joy took the lead to applaud the little girl, and she was encouraging her bravery at such a young age. The little girl smiled shyly and said slowly, “My name is Linda Leopold. I’m eight years old this year, and I’m in third grade. I also have grandparents and parents living at home.” “Linda, it’s a very beautiful name, and I’ve remembered it.” Karen Joy stroked her head and said, “Linda, do you have any stories you want to share with everyone?” It was the first time that she had been treated so gently by a teacher. All of a sudden, Linda felt that her teacher was awesome, and she resembled her mother who was working far away, which made her feel so warm. “Linda, do you have anything to share? If not, it’s fine too.” Karen Joy squatted down and tried to be on the same eye level as the child. Linda shook her head shyly. Karen Joy touched her head again and said, “It’s okay. You can go back now, let’s have another student come up.” Linda turned around and ran away. Just two steps later, she suddenly turned back and said, “Teacher, I like you too.” The simple words were the best gift Karen Joy could ever get from the children. Since they liked her, it was recognition for what she was doing. In the tent, there were several pinhole cameras placed in very inconspicuous places. Everything that happened in the classroom was transmitted to Nathaniel’s computer. Karen Joy was still wearing the overalls and the white T-shirt that she often wore, but today she had a black and white hoodie on. It was a simple outfit, but when Karen Joy wore it, she looked lively and lovely. Every smile was deeply imprinted in Nathaniel’s mind. Especially when he saw her interaction with the children, her eyes were full of love and gentleness, and she was an excellent teacher. Today, Nathaniel finally saw another side of Karen He was no longer the soft little girl that she used to be. She really grew up!

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