My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 788

“Sister Jar, do you have someone you like?” Suddenly, an important question came from the computer’s speaker. Nathaniel Cooper immediately focused on Karen Joy Kyle, waiting for her answer. “Of course I do…” In the computer screen, Karen Joy smiled sweetly and her voice was soft and sweet. “I like my grandparents, my parents..” “Sister Jar, we’re asking if there is anybody in particular that you like?” Some students protested. Although they were young, they knew a lot. The love for her family was different from romantic love. The children were not letting her go. “I do.” Karen Joy smiled and said mysteriously, “The boy I like.. is your Mr. President.” “Wow, Mr. President! Sister Jar likes Mr. President!” The students were happy to hear this answer. The Sister Jar that they liked also liked their hero, so they became excited. “But Mr. President has a girlfriend.” Someone commented. As soon as these words came out, the friends who had just cheered suddenly became quiet. They blinked their eyes and looked at Karen Joy. Sister Jar couldn’t be with the man she liked. They were suddenly very sad. The little children’s unintentional comment was like a heavy punch hitting into Karen Joy’s heart. She felt sad in her heart and almost couldn’t hold her smile. But soon, she suppressed her bad mood and smiled again. “Students, don’t you all like Mr. President too?” “We do.” The students answered in unison. Because Mr. President personally came to participate in the rescue work last time, so Mr. President became a superhero in the hearts of the people at the disaster area, and everyone liked him. “If all of you can like him, then why can’t I like him?” Karen Joy answered them appropriately. All the students nodded in unison. They seemed to understand that the admiration Sister Jar had for Mr. President was the same admiration they had for him too. “We are the citizens of Mr. President and he is our leader. Let’s admire him together and make our country stronger for him.” Karen Joy felt that she was really Brother Lionel’s biggest fan. She did not forget to celebrate him at all times. Karen Joy’s bitterness escaped the children’s eyes, but it failed to escape Nathaniel’s eyes in front of the computer. She did not share the same kind of admiration that the children did, but that she really had a good and different impression of Nathaniel. He thought about what happened last night. She admitted that her feelings for Brother Lionel were just gratitude and dependence, not love. Her feelings for Brother Lionel were not considered romantic, she also told these children that the person she liked was Mr. President. So did she mean that she had a crush for the President instead? Nathaniel’s face turned very gloomy and he squinted his eyes. He felt icy all of a sudden. “Mr. President Helix Inc’s supplies will be distributed this afternoon. Here are the approval papers. Please have a look.” Jason Lesley broke into the office in a very bad time. He did not care what the President was doing, and he hurriedly reported his own matters. As he received a cold and ruthless look from Nathaniel, Jason was a little slow to find that it was not the right time for him to come in. “Greg is the person in charge of Helix Inc, shouldn’t he be the one to look at these things?” Nathaniel raised his eyebrows and said sternly. “But…” Jason seemed to be in a dilemma. For such an important matter that involved so much supplies and funds, shouldn’t he report to the real, big boss of Helix Inc? “But what?” Nathaniel stood up abruptly. He was a six foot tall person filled with anger and annoyance, and Jason couldn’t even look at him. “Greg will take full charge of Helix Inc in the future. You don’t have to intervene anymore.” “Third Young Master, if we don’t intervene, what if… Jason was anxious as he addressed his concern, “If Greg misused Helix Inc, that means the hard work you have put in over the years will go to vain.” “If I ask you to take full charge of Helix Inc, will you secretly do that?” Nathaniel asked. “No, I won’t.” Jason answered with certainty, “My life belongs to you. How could I betray you?” “If I can’t trust you and Greg, then I don’t know who else! could trust anymore,” Nathaniel said. He saved Greg Scott and Jason’s lives. Since then, these two people had been working for him. If he couldn’t trust the two of them, in this complex political vortex, Nathaniel really didn’t know who he could trust anymore. “I understand.” Jason understood his implied meaning, Jason wasn’t with Nathaniel for a very long period, at least it was far shorter than Zuriel Perth’s time. However, in terms of his loyalty to Nathaniel, the only person that could compared with him was Greg. Because Nathaniel trusted the two of them the most in work, he arranged them to be in the two most important positions respectively, so that they could be his right-hand men. In the Silas family. The sun was shining brightly today, and the weather was favorable. After lunch, Serene Silas sat in her own small yard basking in the sun and reading a book. As she flipped through the pages, a yellowed bookmark fell from the book. She picked it up and saw the bold handwriting that she was so familiar with-Serene, I like you! I will make you my bride in the future! That year, she was just 18 years old, and he was just a young man in his early twenties. At her 18th birthday party, he sneaked into her birthday party and gave her a book, then he left without saying a word. At that time, there were a lot of people at her birthday party. She was afraid of that her family would discover the gift, so she hid it. She only looked at the book late at night after. On the bookmark in the book, there was this one sentence. Such a short and dominating sentence, yet it was firmly engraved in her heart. From that day on, she was waiting for him. She was waiting to become his bride one day. As she thought about it, her tears blurred her own eyes. A face appeared in front of her eyes. It was a face that she clearly remembered but he seemed extremely vague. Where on earth was he? Did he know that she had been waiting for him to come back to fulfil his promise to her? “Hey, crying? What can make our Miss Silas cry so sadly?” A strange voice suddenly came from behind her. Serene quickly wiped her tears, not willing to let these people see her weak side. That person walked to her side and sneered, “The Silas family gives you food, shelter, and clothes… You don’t need to do much everyday, what’s making you feel so bad?”

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