My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 789

This man was her uncle’s second son, Elijah Silas. He wasted his days away by drinking alcohol, gambling, playing with girls. He never did any work, and was always involved in evil deeds. He was the prodigal son that the people in Coast City hated the most. Because of his doings, the Silas family was so humiliated and he was almost driven out of the family by their grandfather. It was Serene’s uncle, Mike Silas, who knelt down and begged Old Master Silas for the son to stay. In the end, he did not drive Elijah out of the Silas family, but he locked him up for half a year. He was not allowed to leave the Silas house for half a year. Half a year was neither too long nor too short. The deadline was a few days ago, and his mother couldn’t wait to let him out This past 6 months was for Elijah to reflect on himself, and learn that he should have been more careful with his behaviors, but Elijah did not care about that at all. After leaving the house, he caused some troubles already. In other words, old habits die hard. Although he knew that Elijah had done something wrong, Mike felt sorry for his son and couldn’t bear to lock him up again. He personally resolved the matters and tried hard to prevent Old Master Silas from hearing it. He had just been released and already caused a huge trouble. If Old Master Silas knew about it, he would definitely throw out this bastard that had ruined the Silas family’s reputation. He was just a person who would do all sorts of bad things and was shameless. Serene did not want to have anything to do with him. “Cousin.” No matter how Elijah sneered, Serene greeted Elijah politely. As someone younger than him, she had to play her part respectfully. Even if they deliberately wanted to cause trouble for her, she had to make sure that they couldn’t. “You still think of me as your cousin?” Elijah stared at Serene’s chest lustfully, “I’m leaving.” Serene was disgusted at his gaze. She got up and wanted to leave, but Elijah grabbed her. He said, “Serene, did I say you can go?” “Elijah, let go of your hand!” Serene wanted to get rid of him, but his strength was much stronger than hers. She could not get rid of him at all. “What if I don’t?” He suddenly approached her and whispered in her ear, “Serene, what can you do to me if I don’t want to let go?” “Elijah, take your hand away. You should be more respectful.” Serene shouted loudly, trying to scare Elijah away “Respect? Do you know what respect is?’ Relying on the pampering of his parents, Elijah did not take Serene’s warning seriously at all. “Elijah, I’m requesting that you let me go. Serene tried to pull back her hand, but the more she pulled, the tighter his grip. She felt so disgusted that she wanted to puke. “Serene, if you want others to respect you, you have to respect yourself first.” He held her hand tightly and smiled wretchedly. “If our President knows that his fiancee was pregnant with another man’s child before, what do you think he will do?” “You..” Serene was surprised and scared when he suddenly heard Elijah’s words. Elijah continued to say in a strange tone, “Will he immediately dump you? Or will he pretend that he doesn’t know anything and still marry you according to the agreement. Maybe, he would throw you to his dungeons and hide you away from the world?” “How did you know? How did you know about this?” Serene murmured. How did this man know about the child? That year, even the child’s biological father didn’t know about her pregnancy. How could a scumbag like Elijah know about it? “What do you think?” Elijah reached out and pinched Serene’s chin. “My good sister, why are you so attractive?” He circled around her and looked at Serene with reluctance. “I can’t bear to touch you. Why should I let that wild man touch you? You were even pregnant with his illegitimate child, don’t you think he deserves to die? Don’t you think his child deserves to die?” “It’s you! It’s you!” Serene slapped Elijah in the face and roared, “You murderer, you killed my child! It’s you who killed my child!” She couldn’t figure out why she suffered a miscarriage after an afternoon nap. Today, she finally understood that it was definitely not an accident. At noon that day. Elijah must have placed something in her food. That day, she remembered his strange smile… If she knew in advance that he did something to her food, she would definitely not eat them. She would definitely still have her child and the only thing left behind by her beloved man. But she couldn’t turn back the past now.. “Serene, you can shout, roar, curse..” Elijah laughed hysterically. “Perhaps you could gather the family down and let them know that the obedient child in Grandpa’s eyes is a used woman.” “I’m going to kill you, you b*stard.” Serene couldn’t hear what Elijah said. She only knew that the man in front of her was the murderer of her child. She wanted to kill him personally to avenge her child. “Serene, Serene, aren’t you just a wh*re? Don’t act all aloof in front of me.” Elijah grabbed her hand and pushed her back hard. Serene lost her balance and fell to the ground. “Murderer, I will definitely kill you!” Serene screamed with all her strength, and her whole body was in a state of panic. She had already long forgotten about the image she had to keep as the fiancee of the President, nor did she care about the etiquettes she learned since young. Elijah smiled arrogantly and said, “Serene, if you can, then kill me, kill me to avenge your baby. Otherwise, I will come to you every day and gloat in front of you, to remind you that the murderer who killed your child is still alive and in front of you. You can’t do anything to him.” “I’m going to kill you!” Serene angrily gritted her teeth and roared “Release your anger..” Elijah squatted down in front of Serene and looked at her proudly. “But, Serene, what else can you do except to scold and curse me? Do you really think you can kill me?” “What else can I do?” Serene sneered and suddenly raised her hand. She suddenly had a huge rock in her hand. Before Elijah could react, she smashed the road into his head mercilessly. Almost in an instant, his skull was fractured and blood spurted out like a fountain. Serene couldn’t avoid him, or perhaps she didn’t think of avoiding it at all. She was covered in his blood too.

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