My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 790

Every day, Jason Lesley arrived at work from the East gate of the North Palace. Usually, he would walk leisurely and it wouldn’t take long for him to reach the office area of the North Palace. But today, Jason entered the North Palace from the usual entrance. After entering the gate, he began to run wildly, but he still couldn’t reach the main office after running so quick. He even questioned if this was the same path he took every day. Why did he feel like it was particularly far today? When he heard about the bad news from the Silas family, he was so shocked that he forgot that he had a phone that he could use to just inform the President. He didn’t need to run so wildly From the East gate of North Palace to the President’s office, he had been running for more than ten minutes, yet he was still a long distance away from his destination. By the time he finally made it there, he was already out of breath. After panting for a long time, he said, “Mr. President.” Nathaniel raised his head from a pile of documents and asked in a deep voice, “What’s wrong? Speak slowly.” Jason patted his chest and tried to calm down. “Miss Silas… Miss Silas had an accident. Something big happened. Except for you, no one else can save her.” Nathaniel raised his eyebrows. “What’s the matter?” Jason wiped the sweat from his forehead. “She killed someone. She killed her cousin, Elijah, the son of Mike Silas.” “She killed Elijah?” Nathaniel paused for a moment and said, “Send someone to investigate about the truth of the incident immediately. Also, ask someone to compile the crimes that Elijah committed these years, regardless the scale of his crimes, compile them all.” Jason said worriedly, “Mr. President, if this is true, we might not be able to protect Miss Silas.” “We must protect her, there is no if.” Nathaniel immediately picked up the phone and called Secretary Hart. He ordered, “Postpone all my schedule for this afternoon.” Secretary Hart looked confused. What the hell was going on with the President? The economic forum was such an important matter, how could he choose not to attend? However, the President had already ordered him and he had already disappeared after giving the order. What could he do to the President? As a qualified chief secretary, he was also a secretary the President trusted very much. Secretary Hart knew that he had to try his best to find a person with high status to take part in the forum instead of the President … Nathaniel looked at the grey-haired yet still energetic old man in front of him. He used to be the most influential man in Country A a few decades ago. Now, after Country A had grown massively over the past few years, there were not many people who could be compared with their past glory like he did. Those years, he had been in charge of the country’s military for decades, and his position was high and powerful. He was a very respected figure in people’s hearts who had contributed a lot in growing the country Although the military of Country A was now under Nathaniel’s control, he still respected this old man very much. He said, “Old Mr. Silas, the evidence has been placed in front of you. I’ll wait for your final decision.” Old Mr. Silas did not go through the evidence in front of him. In fact, there was no need for evidence, he was already clear who was right and wrong in this matter. But what he wanted was not the truth of the matter, he wanted something else. “Nathaniel… Can I still call you that?” Old Mr. Silas looked at Nathaniel and asked slowly. “Old Mr. Silas, you are an elder, and we are talking about personal matters here, of course you can call my name directly.” Nathaniel understood that Old Mr. Silas was ready to discuss their personal relationship now. Old Mr. Silas sighed and said, “Nathaniel, I watched your father marry your mother and watched your mother give birth to you. It felt like it just happened yesterday. I didn’t expect that in the blink of an eye, thirty years have gone by. You replaced your father and became the leader of the country.” Nathaniel responded, “Although we have grown up, you are still so energetic, Old Mr. Silas. You don’t look like someone in your eighties at all.” Old Mr. Silas continued, “Nathaniel, you must have put in a lot of hard work to be able to be the president.” Nathaniel said in a serious tone, “I had to work hard, how would I get this position if I didn’t? Of course, I could be in this position because of the support of the citizens, and also you, Old Mr. Silas.” Old Mr. Silas responded again, “No, didn’t support you, was supporting my granddaughter. She wanted to marry you, that’s why I endorsed you. If it weren’t for her, people at my age would just keep silent.” He was right. There was no need for a person at his age to speak up for someone else and potentially offend others. Since he stood up for this cause, this proved that he was still ambitious. Nathaniel said in a low voice, “I know that you love Serene very much. Since you love her so much, why don’t you help her again? You know Elijah’s character and his wrongdoings very well.” Old Mr. Silas explained, “Then I will tell you one more thing. That year, I intentionally shared the news about Serene’s pregnancy to Elijah.” “So you have known about her pregnancy long ago, and you couldn’t tolerate the child in her belly.” Nathaniel was not surprised. After all, he had seen crueler things people did for power. Old Mr. Silas said, “Yes, I just couldn’t tolerate that child. I wanted her to give birth to your child, a child from the Cooper family.” Nathaniel didn’t say anything but he just smiled. Old Mr. Silas was a little angry that Nathaniel didn’t agree with his words. “Mr. President, as the President of the country, you should know that no one is above the law. Even if Serene is your fiancee, she committed murder, so she has to pay with her life. Otherwise, how will you appease your people?” Nathaniel raised his brows, “What do you want?” “Marry her and have her give birth to your child. She’ll be your child’s mother.” After so long, Old Mr. Silas finally mentioned his intentions. He was old, and he wasn’t sure how many years he could still live. If he left this world, Serene would have no family members left. Before leaving this world, he wanted to use his greatest ability to pave every path for her so that she would not suffer in the future. “You know that the person in her heart is not me, but you still want her to marry me and want her to give birth to my child.” Nathaniel sneered, “Old Mr. Silas, is this how you show your love for her?” Born into the Cooper family, he knew that power was more important than anything to these people. Family affection between them could become a bargaining chip that could be taken advantage of at will. Over the years, he had been struggling in this political circle. He was also one of the people who would make use of people close to him, but he would never make use of a woman who was powerless.

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