My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 792

Just after one morning lesson, Karen Joy Kyle had deeply realized how difficult it was to be a teacher. A teacher had to deal with dozens of students at the same time. They really need a lot of patience. She massaged her stiff legs and rubbed her sore waist.. Although it was very tiring, she had never thought of giving up “Sister Karen Joy, this is for you.” The petite girl whose name was Linda Leopold rushed into the temporary office and gave a box of milk to Karen Joy. Karen Joy was surprised, “Linda, is this for me?” “Yes, Sister Karen Joy, thank you for your hard work. This is for you.” Linda nodded and said with a red face. The children could see through their teacher’s intention. If the teacher was good to them, they would express their love and gratitude to the teacher bravely. “Linda, I’m very happy, but I can’t drink this. You’d better keep it for yourself.” Karen Joy returned the milk to Linda. “Sister Karen Joy… Are you looking down on me?” Linda took the milk and lowered her head in disappointment, and tears welled up in her eyes. “Linda, why would you think so? How could I look down on you?” Karen Joy reached out to stroke her head and said, “I didn’t take it because I just finished my meal and my stomach is still full. Also, you are still a child, at this age, you must have enough nutrition so that when you grow up, you can grow taller and more beautiful in the future.” “Really?” Linda asked skeptically “Of course it’s true.” Karen Joy stood up and turned around. “You see, I’m already so tall. I don’t need to grow anymore.” “Okay, I know now. Thank you, Sister Karen Joy!” Linda rubbed her eyes and raised her head high to give Karen Joy a big bright smile. No matter how hard and tiring the job was, when she saw the children’s smiling faces and felt their love for her, she would instantly feel energetic. “Little Jar, someone is waiting for you outside. He wants you to go out for a while.” Someone shouted outside the door. This was the most common way they greeted people at the disaster area. A lot of people were shouting around. “Someone is here for me?” Did Brother Lionel came looking for her again? Karen Joy felt happy in her heart as she turned around and ran out. But.. the person who was looking for her was not the Brother Lionel she missed, it was Blake White, one of the twins in the White family. The two brothers looked almost identical, and Karen Joy only saw them once. It would be hard to tell the twins apart, but Karen Joy could recognize him at a glance. She glanced at the serious-looking man in front of her and waved her hand in front of him. “Mr. Blake, you look so serious. Did something serious happen?” Blake was quite surprised that Karen Joy address him correctly, but he still said calmly, “Miss, Director Kevin entrusted you to the three of us to take care of you before leaving Coast City, so we should be responsible for your safety all the time. Karen Joy raised her eyebrows and asked, “Did you come here to tell me this?” She could protect herself, and she didn’t need anyone else to protect her. Her father underestimated her. Did he really think that she was a three year old child? Blake nodded and said, “Yes, but not just that.” Karen Joy asked, “Is there anything else?” Blake took out a photo from a folder and handed it to Karen Joy. Then he said, “Something has happened to the Silas family, and Miss Silas is in trouble.” “Miss Silas? Serene? How could it be?” Karen Joy took the photo and saw Serene and a strange man in the photo. The man was in a pool of blood. Serene sat next to him with a blood-stained stone in her hand. Karen Joy was extremely surprised. “She… she killed someone?” Blake nodded, “Yes.” Karen Joy asked with a serious expression, “Are you sure she killed him?” A person would never kill another for no reason. To kill a person, no matter what, there must be a motive. What kind of person could make Serene, who was so sweet, gentle, and very considerate, to kill him? Karen Joy had only seen Serene twice. She didn’t know much about the people and things around her and didn’t know Serene’s true character. So she really couldn’t figure out why Serene wanted to kill him. Blake added, “I can be 100% sure that Miss Serene is the murderer. Not only is there a photo to prove it, but the Silas family’s surveillance camera has also captured the whole process.” “The surveillance captured Serene’s murder process?” Karen Joy thought for a while and calmly analyzed, “In this case, Serene must have had a sudden intention to kill, or she killed by mistake. If she had been planning for a long time, she would never have made such a bad mistake.” Listening to Karen Joy’s analysis, Blake nodded his head in agreement and said, “After listening to you, Miss, I have also thought of a suspicion.” Karen Joy asked, “What’s the suspicion?” Blake took out his phone and clicked on a video. “Miss, look at the angle of this camera. Is it a coincidence? It seems that they knew in advance that she will carry out the murder there.” Karen Joy looked at it once, but she did not see anything unusual. She said again, “Can you replay it? I want to listen to what they were talking about clearly.” Blake clicked on the replay and said, “It was quite far, you can’t hear what they were talking about.” Karen Joy watched the video again. The more she watched, the more she felt that Blake was right. There was something wrong with the angle of the camera. It was not like a footage that came from a fixed camera, because there was an angle change. In other words, it was very likely that someone had witnessed Serene’s murder, but the person did not stop her. Karen Joy asked again, “Do you know what the reason was?” Blake replied, “At present, the news we learned is that Miss Silas was very agitated and got triggered, and it was considered as manslaughter. We don’t know what the actual situation was.” Karen Joy bit her lip and she was a little worried, “Miss Silas and Mr. President have countless ties. Please help me keep an eye on them. If there is any movements, please let me know immediately.” Blake said, “Don’t worry. Brock is watching over there. If there is any new information, he will inform us immediately.” Karen Joy suddenly asked, “Blake, can you do me a favor?” Blake responded respectfully, “What would that be?” “Look, I am alone in Country A. No one knows me, and no one will want to do anything to me. I am living a good life by myself. It seems that I don’t need your protection…” Karen Joy looked at Blake and smiled, looking innocently. Her voice was soft and sweet. “Can you help me keep an eye on Mr. President and protect him silently?”

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