My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 793

“Miss, you worry too much about him. There are too many people around Mr. President who will protect him. There is no need for us,” Blake White said. “There are a lot of people protecting him, but I also want to contribute a little.” Karen Joy Kyle smiled and added, “Brother Blake, you will help me right?” Brother Lionel was always in the open, the people who wanted to frame him were in the dark. As the saying goes, it is easy to dodge an open spear thrust, but difficult to guard against an arrow in the dark. Brother Lionel was in the most conspicuous position. His every move was watched by the whole country, and those who wanted to pull him down naturally kept a close eye on him. What if… one day, his men made a mistake in guarding him and those people could take advantage of it, and he got hurt? What should she do then? If she had arranged for someone to protect Brother Lionel by his side, even if his bodyguards were careless, there would still be strength in the dark, those who wanted to defeat him wouldn’t be able to do it so easily. Blake was in a dilemma. “Miss, our job is to protect you.” Karen Joy smiled and said, “My father asked you to protect me, right? Then he must have asked you to listen to me too.” Blake nodded. Karen Joy added, “Then I’m arranging for you to protect Mr. President so that he won’t get hurt. This is an order, not a discussion.” She appeared young, but when she was serious, she spoke like a wise adult. She had been in the Kyle family since she was a child, and she was always with her father, so she learned this trick from her father. Blake didn’t dare to refute her anymore, he answered obediently. “Yes.” Karen Joy smiled, “Brother Blake, thank you! When I get back from the disaster area, i’ll treat you to a meal.” Blake still had a serious look on his face. “This is my responsibility.” Karen Joy smiled and said, “You are not much older than me. Don’t be so serious in front of me. Be happy. Otherwise, you won’t find a girlfriend in future.” Blake’s face flushed red unconsciously. “Then I’ll head off first. Miss, if you have any orders, you can contact us at any time.” “Okay.” Karen Joy nodded and suddenly thought of something, “Blake, you should pay close attention to what happened to Miss Silas. Please help if you can.” Blake said, “Miss, don’t worry. With the help of Mr. President, he won’t let Miss Silas get into trouble.” “Yeah.’ How could she forget that Serene was Brother Lionel’s fiancee? Even if it was only by name, Brother Lionel would not leave her in the dark. But why did Brother Lionel get engaged to Serene? Karen Joy still couldn’t figure it out. … “Little Jar, tomorrow night, the country’s cultural department will be organizing a party to lift up the spirits of the villagers and the workers at the disaster area. Burly and I are going to perform a sketch. Do you want to participate? Or you can do something else.” Yaya walked into the tent with a bucket of water. Karen Joy was soaking her feet in warm water, so Yaya sat beside Karen Joy and asked as she took off her shoes. “I want to participate. I can’t miss out on such a happy event.” Karen Joy sighed comfortably as she could have her short rest In the past, when she was at home, she could use hot water as she wished. She had never expected how happy she would be when she finally had warm water for her feet. “We’ve performed this sketch before. And we are familiar what we’ll do…” Yaya thought for a moment and added, “Let me think about it again and try to add another role.” “Sister Yaya, in that case, don’t change it. I’ll prepare a program by myself.” When Karen Joy was in school, she was very active in the arts department. This was a piece of cake. “Then what are you going to perform?” Yaya asked curiously. “Sister Yaya, should I tell you?’ “Little girl, if you want to keep this a secret from me, be careful that I will take revenge on you by marrying your brother.” “Sister Yaya, don’t forget you don’t know each other yet. If you don’t behave yourself, I won’t introduce you to each other. “My sister-in-law, I am wrong. It’s my fault. Please don’t shut me away from him.” “Mm, serve your future sister-in-law well, then you will have a better life when you marry him in the future.” Yaya rushed to Karen Joy’s side and massaged her back. “Sister-in-law, is this comfortable?” “Not bad. Keep working hard.” Buzz… A while later, her phone rang. She picked it up and looked at it. “Sister Yaya, your future husband is calling.” “Really?” Yaya blushed and even her breath stopped for a moment, as if the man she met only once had really become her husband. Karen Joy answered, and Jayden Elias Kyle’s voice sounded, “Blake told you what happened to the Silas family, didn’t he?” “Yes, he did.” Karen Joy said in a serious tone. Jayden added, “I have some new information here. Do you want to hear it?” “If you want to say it, just say it. Don’t keep me guessing.” Didn’t he call her to tell her about it? Why was he beating around the bush? This person was so annoying. Jayden said, “They found something in Serene’s urine test, she tested positive for a sort of drug that causes symptoms of uncontrollable mania.” Karen Joy pursed her lips and thought for a moment, and then she concluded, “So, someone deliberately caused this incident?” Jayden said, “You can put it that way.” Karen Joy added, “But what does it have to do with me?” Jayden smiled and said, “How can it have nothing to do with you? If Serene is dead, you can be with your Brother Lionel publicly.” Karen Joy said, “I’ve never thought this way before.” Jayden continued, “But someone else will.” Karen Joy asked, “Who? Jayden said, “I don’t know who, but I believe someone will investigate you soon.” Karen Joy added, “I didn’t do anything, so I’m not afraid of being investigated.” Jayden was slightly mad. “Karen Joy, I thought that you are not that naive anymore.” “I know. I will be careful. If I haven’t done anything bad, others can’t slander me.” Karen Joy understood that even if she didn’t do anything, as long as there was someone who wanted to frame her badly, then they could create evidence that she set Serene up. Although she was far away from the city and at disaster area, and it was impossible for her to personally attack Serene, she still had people around her. In other people’s eyes, they could say that she ordered them to do it. She wanted to be with Brother Lionel, and Serene was the biggest obstacle between them. After getting rid of Serene, she could be with Brother Lionel publicly. Hence, she would really have a motive to kill. Coincidentally, she went to the disaster area just before Serene’s accident, and she had met Serene before she left. All of this could show that she was probably trying to create an alibi.

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