My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 794

“Little Jar, did something happen at home?” After Karen Joy Kyle hung up the phone, she did not say another word, so Yaya was a little worried. “Nope.” Karen Joy got under the quilt and wrapped herself tightly, thinking about Serene Silas. Brother Lionel didn’t reconcile with her in public. Only a few people knew about their relationship, and even Brother Lionel didn’t know that she knew of his identity. Then who would put the blame of Serene’s murder on her? Zuriel Perth? Dominic Cooper? The two people knew of her identity and the countless connections between her and Brother Lionel. They even tried to use means to stop her from being with Brother Lionel Could they be the mastermind behind this matter? Although they didn’t want her to be with Brother Lionel, they were still loyal to him. They wouldn’t frame her in such a stupid way. Karen Joy quickly dismissed these two people. Who else could it be? She didn’t know enough about the people around Brother Lionel, so she couldn’t think of the next person who might frame her. After thinking about it, Karen Joy was still worried. She picked up her phone and called Nathaniel Cooper, but he didn’t answer the phone after calling several times. Why didn’t Brother Lionel answer her phone? Did something happen to him? Karen Joy sat up. She even frightened Yaya who was sleeping soundly in the other bed, and she also sat up. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and asked, “Little Jar, what’s wrong?” “Sister Yaya, I have to go back to Coast City” No, she must be at Brother Lionel’s side. Only if she saw with her own eyes that he was fine that she could rest assured. “Little Jar, it’s so late already. It’s very dark outside. You’d better to go back tomorrow morning.” Yaya spoke concerningly “I have to go back right now.” Karen Joy quickly put on her coat. At this time, Brother Lionel’s phone call came. Seeing Brother Lionel’s call, Karen Joy’s body trembled. When she slid over the screen to answer it, her fingers were trembling slightly too. “Brother Lionel, are you… okay?” She was so scared and afraid that something bad would happen to him. “Karen, come out.” Brother Lionel’s voice came from the phone and he whispered softly, “Okay, are you outside?” she asked softly Walking out of the tent, Karen Joy looked up and saw a person He was wearing a set of casual clothes, standing still under the moonlight. The moonlight shone on his body, and his shadow looked very long, like he was a God that descended from heaven. “Brother Lionel…” Karen Joy ran to him as if she was flying and threw herself into his arms. He held her tightly with one of his arms. He lowered his head and kissed her forehead. “Karen, did you miss me?” “Yes, I missed you very much.” She wiggled in his arms and said softly, “I couldn’t even sleep well because I missed you so much.” “Me too,” he said calmly. His voice was deep and pleasant. “By the way, Brother Lionel, how did you find the time to come here?” After such a big thing happened to Serene, shouldn’t he be busy? How could he still have time to come to the disaster area? “Because I miss you.” There were indeed a lot of things that Nathaniel had to deal with, but nothing was more important than confirming that she was safe every day. “Brother Lionel..” Karen Joy raised her head from his arms and looked at his well-defined features under the moonlight. She couldn’t help but to tiptoe and kissed him. “Karen..” Nathaniel felt a ripple in his heart. He put his arm around her waist and kissed her back. The kiss lasted for a long time. Looking at Karen Joy’s pink lips, Nathaniel lowered his head and pecked on her again. Then he took her into his arms and muttered, “Karen.” “Brother Lionel…” “Mm?” Nathaniel said. “I have a crush on a person.” She said with some hesitation. Nathaniel’s body stiffened slightly. Subconsciously, he hugged her even tighter. “Karen, you can’t say something I don’t want to hear.” He didn’t want to hear that she had fallen for someone else, even if that person was Nathaniel. She was his He was Brother Lionel in front of her, not Nathaniel. “Don’t you want to know who I have a crush on? What was Brother Lionel afraid of? Did he think that she fell for someone else? “No, I don’t.” Nathaniel said in a low voice. “But I want to tell you.” She blinked her eyes. Under the moonlight, her eyes were crystal clear, as if she had the galaxy in her eyes. Nathaniel just looked at her silently. Just as he was in a daze, she said, “I like your President. Nathaniel Cooper.” Nathaniel did not want to hear that. He felt as if there was a huge stone coming at him, almost crushing his rational brain. Unconsciously, he tightened his grip on her hand “Ouch. Don’t pinch me!” She was already stating the obvious. Wasn’t he willing to confess to her? “Brother Lionel, just tell the truth. Tell me that you are Nathaniel, and let me be with you as you deal with those who want to hurt you.” Karen Joy thought to herself. She was shouting in her heart. She was waiting for him to tell her. This time, what she waited for still didn’t happen. He slowly let go of her hand and took a step back. Suddenly, he smiled and said, “I’m sorry! I didn’t realize that I held you too tight.” “What did you say? Say it again if you dare.” Karen Joy couldn’t believe her ears. If he dared to divert the topic again, she would ignore him for the rest of her life. “Go back early to rest.” He turned around and was about to leave. “Brother Lionel… Oh wait, I should call you Mr. President.” Karen Joy bit her lip and finally said out loud, sounding very hurt, “Nathaniel, I like you. I want to marry you. Do you understand that now?” Nathaniel turned around and looked at her incredulously. She added, “Do you think I’m still that four-year-old kid? Do you think I don’t have the ability to figure it out? Do you think that I can’t recognize my Brother Lionel?” “Let me tell you, I am no longer the child who doesn’t know anything. I have grown up, I’ve come all the way to find my Brother Lionel, do you think I won’t recognize you?” “Even Zuriel knew long ago that I have already recognized you. Why are you so stupid? Nathaniel, where did your intelligence go?” “Do you think came to the disaster area just because I have too much time on my hands? Do you think I came to the disaster area because I had nothing to do? Let me tell you, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have come at all.” “Let me tell you, I did these things all because of you. I love the children here, because they are all your people.” She was so angry that she said so much in one breath. She thought, if she didn’t pierce through this tough layer, was he going to keep it from her until she died? She did not understand. Was it not better for her to know his identity and have her to help him deal with the enemies together?

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