My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 796

 This time, he would not face her with his fake identity or appearance again. He wanted to hold her hand tightly and never let go again. Even if they faced plenty of obstacles or go through any bumps in life, he was willing to walk through with them. “Brother Lionel..” When she called him, Karen Joy Kyle plunged into his arms. She was obviously very happy, but the tears welled up in her eyes overflowed and she couldn’t help crying. “Karen, what’s wrong?” Seeing her in tears, Nathaniel’s heart was aching He held her face and wiped her tears clumsily. He didn’t know that the more he wiped her tears, the more her tears flowed. “Karen, I’m sorry! It’s my fault. It’s all my fault. I have made you suffer.” He lowered his head and kissed her tears away. “Brother Lionel, it’s not your fault. You did everything right.” She sniffed, she did not want to cry, but she didn’t know why she was crying so much. “Karen, don’t cry.” He coaxed her patiently, just like coaxing a child. “Brother Lionel, I don’t know why I fell for you..” Karen Joy raised her hand to wipe her tears and continued, “Maybe it is because remembered you since was young and missed you so much. When I grow up, I naturally just think that I should like you. I really do like you.” “Mm, I understand.” Even while crying, she didn’t forget to tell him that she liked him. What did he do in this life that earned her loyalty and love? “Brother Lionel, I have a small request.” Although she was in tears, Karen Joy was still alert. She knew she had more important things to do. He asked gently, “What request?” She wiped her tears and said, “You have to say yes first.” Nathaniel immediately agreed, “Okay, tell me.” There was nothing he couldn’t do for her. Karen Joy said with tears in her eyes, but then she smiled brightly, “I want you to face me with your real appearance from now on.” In the car with the heater on, the temperature was warm and perfect Dim moonlight shone into the car. Karen Joy was as excited as a child. She held Nathaniel’s face as she looked at him again and again, “Mm, just like said, you look the best without your disguise.” “Haven’t you looked at me enough yet?” The little girl held his face and looked at him for nearly half an hour now. She didn’t plan to stop “I will never have enough.” Karen Joy stroked his eyebrows and touched his nose and lips. “Brother Lionel, your eyebrows are really beautiful. Your eyes are also very beautiful, and your nose and lips are all very beautiful.” Nathaniel could not resist lowering his head and kissed her ruddy cheeks. “Compared to your father, who is more handsome?” In Karen Joy’s mind, Nathaniel was always petty. Not only was he jealous of himself, but he was also jealous of her father. “Why should you compare yourself with him?” Karen Joy knew in her heart that Brother Lionel was already jealous, but she deliberately pretended that she didn’t understand his intention Nathaniel said in a serious tone, “Answer me.” Karen Joy pouted and said, “Brother Lionel, don’t yell at me. I’m a little girl. I’m quite petty, I bear grudges.” Nathaniel pulled her into his arms. “Alright, I won’t yell at you. Tell me seriously, who looks better? Me or your father?” “Brother Lionel, don’t you think you’re childish? Don’t forget that you are the President of a country.” Why was the President of a country so obsessed with such a shameless question? “I’m just that childish.” The President admitted without shame, “Little girl, say it quickly.” “Of course, my Dad..” Karen Joy looked at Brother Lionel’s gloomy face and added mischievously, “Of course, you both are equally handsome.” Her father was her family, and he raised her. Brother Lionel was the person she liked and the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. In her heart, both of them were equally important, so they must be equally handsome. Before she could finish her words, he kissed her on the lips. He tasted her sweetness in a gentle and lingering way as if he was savoring the most delicious food in the world. Karen Joy widened her eyes and looked at him, trying to see how he kissed her, but she couldn’t see him at all. She could only see his eyes and brows up close. Nathaniel let out a chuckle as he saw how Karen Joy looked curiously, “Good girl, close your eyes!” Listening to Brother Lionel’s low-pitched voice, Karen Joy felt as if she had been cast under a spell. She closed her eyes obediently and enjoyed Brother Lionel’s kiss. Inside the car, the two of them were kissing passionately, The driver, Jamie, and the bodyguard, Horatio, stood in the cold wind and shivered. The two of them looked at each other and they didn’t say anything no matter how much they suffered. The President was getting more and more ruthless. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Horatio’s cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was from Jason Lesley Jason would only call Horatio when he couldn’t get through to the President At the sight of the number in the middle of the night, Horatio knew that there must be something urgent, so he answered immediately, “Mr. Lesley?” Jason said, “Horatio, pass the phone to the President.” Horatio turned around and knew that if he disturbed the President at this time, he would definitely lose his job. “Mr. Lesley, can this be done later?” “If it could be done later, will I make a call in the middle of the night?” Jason’s voice sounded very urgent. “Wait for a while.” Although Horatio was afraid of disturbing Mr. President, he still knocked on the window. “Mr. President, Mr. Lesley has something urgent to tell you.” As Horatio expected, when the window slowly rolled down, the first thing he received was a cold look from the President He didn’t dare to say much. He quickly handed over his phone and escaped from Mr. President at the fastest speed. “Speak!” Nathaniel spoke in a low voice with a serious and indifferent expression. But when he remembered that Karen Joy was still by his side, he was worried that he would scare her, so he lightened his facial expression a little. Jason said, “Mr. President, Miss Silas is missing.” Serene, who was still recuperating in the hospital, suddenly disappeared. The doctors and nurses in the hospital didn’t know when she left, even the surveillance couldn’t find out how she left. “She’s gone?” Nathaniel’s face darkened. “Are the men you sent to protect her all idiots?” Jason was speechless. you Nathaniel added, “Send more people to look for her right away. Make sure she’s safe.” He hung up the phone and saw Karen Joy staring at him. He said, “Something happened to Serene, I have to go back first. Karen, come back with me.” “Brother Lionel, I promised them that I would stay here for a month. It’s only been a day. How can I leave?” Karen Joy threw herself into his arms and hugged him, saying, “Brother Lionel, take good care of Sister Serene. I should go back first.”

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