My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 797

 “Karen Serene and I are not what you think.” Nathaniel Cooper thought Karen Joy Kyle was jealous and he wanted to explain, but he didn’t know how to “Then what’s the relationship between you two?” Since he had already brought it up, then she could get some clarity and assurance “She has someone she likes, and that person is a very good friend of mine. She and I are only maintaining this relationship temporarily. When the time comes, we will separate.” Nathaniel explained carefully. “Brother Lionel, so… if she doesn’t have someone she likes, will you spend the rest of your life with her?” Karen Joy admitted that she was very petty. She clearly knew that it was not the case, but she still wanted to bring it up and wanted to hear his words. “You’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with,” Nathaniel said. Hearing what she wanted to hear, Karen Joy showed a big smile and said, “Okay, Brother Lionel, I know now. Please look for Sister Serene.” Nathaniel was taken aback. This girl’s mood was like the weather in June; unpredictable and odd. Karen Joy opened the door, got out of the car, and waved to Nathaniel, “Brother Lionel, send me a message or call me when you miss me.” Nathaniel also got out of the car. “I’ll bring you back.” “Brother Lionel, you don’t have to send me back. Go and find Sister Serene. If anything happens to her, how will you explain it to your friend?” After that, Karen Joy ran away. Karen Joy was very happy. She was hopping while she was running to her tent Tonight, she finally got the courage to clear the air Brother Lionel and made him face her with his real appearance. How could she not be happy? She was floating on cloud nine. She was hopping happily into the camp area and hummed tunes. After running for a long time, she finally found the tent she shared with Yaya. Because she was afraid of the dark, there was a lamp that was left on in the tent especially for her. The warm light illuminated the little tent. Looking at the warm light, Karen Joy also felt warm in her heart. A friend that she had just met could treat her so well, that meant that there were still a lot of good people in the world. Thinking that Yaya should have fallen asleep, Karen Joy walked slowly so that she wouldn’t wake Yaya up. However, just as she started walking lightly, she vaguely heard a sound in the room. Was Yaya worried about her and didn’t sleep yet? “Sister Yaya..” Karen Joy reached out to lift the curtain of the tent and stepped into the tent. Suddenly, she felt someone’s hand coming at her. She reacted very quickly. When she felt the gust of wind, she turned sideways unconsciously to dodge the hand that attacked her. The enemy didn’t subdue her with one move, and the second attack came almost immediately. However, Karen Joy was ready, she dodged again and tried to keep a distance from the enemy, so that she could dodge the enemy’s attack “Who are you?” Karen Joy looked around the tent with the faint light and realized that there was only one person who ambushed her Since there was only one attacker, plus she witnessed some of this persons’s attack already, she could probably figure out this person’s strength. Even if they had a head-on confrontation, she was confident that she could win. The tall man said in a gloomy voice, “Shut the f*ck up. Come with me if you’re so smart. Otherwise, I’ll break your legs. Don’t blame me for being merciless.” “You want to break my legs?” Karen Joy sneered and said, “Try me.” Even when she was facing the enemy alone, Karen Joy still remained calm and analysed the situation calmly. Although it was noisy, but Yaya still slept like a dead pig, and there was a strange smell in the tent. Karen Joy was sure that the enemy placed tranquilizers into the tent before coming and planned to attack after she passed out. However, the enemy didn’t know that she was not there at all, so the enemy lost his chance. “Humph..” The enemy snorted and rushed to Karen Joy at an extremely fast speed, trying to subdue her at once. Karen Joy had practiced Taekwondo since she was a child. Other than that she was smart and was a quick learner compared to others. She earned her certificates and gotten a black belt. Ordinary people were really no match for her. As she saw the attacker inching towards her, Karen Joy did not move. Just as he was about to punch her, Karen Joy attacked first and punched the enemy’s eyes, and she quickly retreated. She smiled and said, “Kid, are you trying to catch me with that lousy skill of yours? Save yourself. Don’t make a fool of yourself before you’re good at it.” “B*tch, don’t celebrate too early.” The enemy became angry because of the humiliation and turned around to pounce on Karen Joy wildly. Karen Joy dodged him quickly, and her petite body flew out of the tent in an instant. The man chased after her in a hurry. However, as soon as he walked to the entrance of the tent, a cold muzzle pointed at his head. “You? How could it be you?” Obviously, the man couldn’t believe who the person was in front of him. He closed his eyes stupidly and then opened his eyes to look at the man with the gun pointing at him. “How dare you fu*king touch my people!” Nathaniel said in a gloomy voice, and his finger pulled the trigger without any hesitation The pistol was equipped with a silencer, so the sound of the gunshot could not be heard, but the shot was still very explosive. As the bullet was shot out, it flew across the man’s ear. Half of the man’s ear flew off, and blood spat out. The enemy instinctively stretched out his hand to cover his ear, it hurt so much that he couldn’t speak clearly. “You… you… how could you..” “Brother Lionel, why are you back?” Karen Joy was surprised. Didn’t he go back to look for Serene Silas? Why did he come to save her again? Although Karen Joy was very confident that she could defeat the enemy who attacked her, it felt different when Brother Lionel came to save her in time. This made her heart beat wildly “Good girl, close your eyes and cover your ears. Don’t ask anything.” Nathaniel ordered gently. Karen Joy followed her instructions like a sensible child. She vaguely remembered that when her mother and her were kidnapped and her father came to save them, these were the words her father said to her too. Now that it came out from Brother Lionel’s mouth, she deeply understood that her Brother Lionel loved her as much as her father. “Mr. President, why are you so angry with this little guy? I only ordered him to invite Miss Kyle out to have a cup of tea.” A gloomy voice echoed from behind. Nathaniel suddenly turned around and saw a tall man standing under the moonlight outside the tent. The man was dressed in a black shirt, and he blended well with the dark night, but his blue eyes looked unusually cold and evil under the moonlight, like a lone wolf.

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