My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 798

“Who are you? What do you want?” Karen Joy Kyle sensed danger. She instinctively stood in front of Nathaniel Cooper and wanted to protect him. Nathaniel pulled Karen Joy back behind him to protect her instead. He looked at the man with sharp eyes and said, “It’s you.” “It’s me.” The man seemed to be smiling, but he was not genuine. “Mr. President, it’s been a long time since I last saw you. Do you miss me?” Nathaniel suddenly smiled and said, “Yes! How can I not miss you? I have missed you for three years. For the past three years, I have been thinking about how to capture you back here every day.” Under the moonlight, the man’s blue eyes turned colder and appeared more evil. “So you miss me that much. If I had known earlier, I shouldn’t have hid from you.” Under the moonlight, Nathaniel stared at the man like he was a major threat. He slowly said, “What gave you the courage to see me today?” The evil man smiled and said, “I’m just worried that since you have a lover now, you might forget about me. So I had to come.” Nathaniel was also smiling. “Since you’re here now, you’d better stay here obediently. Don’t leave. I’ve prepared a place for you to stay already, and you’re welcome to stay there.” Under the moonlight, the two of them, one dressed in black and the other in white, spoke pleasantly. However, they were walking on minefield and they were ready to blow. After listening to their “flirty” conversation, Karen Joy widened her eyes to look at Nathaniel and the other man carefully She seemed to have noticed something extraordinary. She was so surprised that her eyeballs almost popped out. “Brother Lionel, you two… you guys…” The man let out a wider smile and smiled evilly. He moved his eyes and stared at Karen Joy. “Little girl, we are just like what you think.” At this moment, Nathaniel finally understood the true purpose of this man’s intentions today. His eyes darkened. “Lucas, what exactly do you want?” Lucas Mallory was just about to say something when he saw another man rushing over in a hurry. The other man said eagerly, “Young Master Mallory, Miss Ivory… she ran away again!” Lucas was slightly startled. His blue eyes darkened and he cursed in a low voice, “Damn it, that stupid woman wants to get killed!” After that, he ignored Nathaniel and turned around to leave. After a while, he turned back and said, “Mr. President, the man has asked me to pass a message to you. He took Serene away already. Thank you for taking care of her.” As soon as Lucas left, Karen Joy also jumped far away from Nathaniel and looked at him as if he was an animal. Nathaniel didn’t know what to do, he approached her and said, “Karen..” Karen Joy gestured for him to stop and said, “Brother Lionel, you should leave now. I need to calm down and think about what happened.” However, Nathaniel did not give up that easily. He took two steps towards Karen Joy and held her into his arms. He knocked on her little head and said, “Silly girl, what are you thinking about?” Karen Joy thought a lot and struggled to escape. “Brother Lionel, let go of me first. Let’s have a good talk.” She couldn’t accept the image in her head. Her Brother Lionel… what should she do? There was no way she could think otherwise now. “Karen, please don’t think so much.” At this moment, Nathaniel wanted to catch Lucas desperately, beat him up. and teach him a lesson. Couldn’t that man just stay in his place? Why did he come to cause trouble again? Did he think that he didn’t have enough trouble? He vowed to put Lucas in prison the next time they met, so that he could never come back “Brother Lionel, who is that person? What is the relationship between you two?” If she did not ask him, she wouldn’t get a clear answer. She needed to hear his answer so she could stop thinking too far. Nathaniel kissed her immediately. He wanted to kiss the little girl so that she could only think of him and could no longer think about other things. In the beginning, Karen Joy resisted, but she gradually grabbed his shirt instead of pushing him away as she entered another dimension. When Nathaniel let go of her, Karen Joy only thought about how Brother Lionel had just kissed her domineeringly. She nearly forgotten about what happened earlier. “Um, um…” Suddenly, a pained groan came from behind, which made Nathaniel and Karen Joy turn back at the same time. “Mr. President…” The man lowered his body. He was very unlucky. His master ordered him to “invite” Miss Kyle out. He didn’t manage to, and even lost half of his ear. He would probably lose his life soon too. The look in Nathaniel’s eyes darkened. “Horatio…” Karen Joy quickly stopped him and said, “Brother Lionel, let me deal with this person.” Horatio had already rushed over, but Karen Joy tried to stop him. He looked at Nathaniel and asked, “Mr. President?” Karen Joy held Nathaniel’s arms, turned back and said to the man, “You can go now. I don’t want to see you again in the future.” It was not because Karen Joy was softhearted, but because she knew that this person’s master knew Brother Lionel She knew that his loyalty lies with his master. Lucas ordered the man over earlier, and by sparing his life, it was a way for Brother Lionel to show respect to his friend. “Thank you, Miss Kyle!” The man got up and ran away as fast as he could Nathaniel looked at her surprisingly and said, “Karen, how can you be so sensible?” “Don’t you like me more when I’m like this?” Karen Joy blinked at him and said, “Tell me if you do, or else I wouldn’t know.” “I like it.” He stroked her face. “I like it so much that I want to eat you up.” “Okay, bite me.” Karen Joy raised her head and closed her eyes, looking like she was at his disposal. “Silly girl!” Nathaniel pulled her into his arms. He wanted nothing more than to carry her with him always, then they would always be together. Karen Joy looked up and asked, “By the way, Brother Lionel who took Sister Serene away? Can that person be trusted? Will Serene really be fine?” “As long as that person is there, he won’t let anyone hurt Serene.” He suddenly recalled what happened a year ago and he looked cautious. That person was still alive and he came back. When everyone thought he was dead, he came back alive. That person must have had a very painful experience for the past year. Now that he came back alive, it was time to end the murder case that happened a year ago, where many people were sacrificed. He would personally deal with those little pricks behind this, and he would make them pay more than the price they should He needed to use his power to let everyone know that he was the ruler of the country.

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