My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 799

 The pungent smell of the medicine pervaded the whole room, and drops from the infusion bag hanging on the stand were slowly dripping rhythmically. The liquid medicine was slowly injected into the body of the woman lying on the bed through the fine tube. The needle was stuck on the back of the girl’s hand. The bed was very narrow, so narrow that only one person could lie on it. But the bed and the room were so clean and appeared spotless. The white and spotless sheet made the woman on the bed look paler. She looked so weak and pale that she looked like she could disappear with the wind. Beside the bed stood a man wearing a half mask. Under his mask, the man’s gaze looked wary and angry. He looked at the woman carefully, like he was trying to scan through her. Just as he was staring at her, the woman suddenly frowned and opened her red lips, muttering, “Jack, Jackie..” As soon as she called out his name, the man’s strong body trembled slightly, and his eyes looked at her more fiercely. His eyes looked like he wanted to tear her into pieces, but he also had a mysterious gaze where others couldn’t see through his complex emotions. “No, don’t.” Serene frowned and waved her hand. She squinted and she cried out in pain. Suddenly, the man bent down and pinched Serene’s little chin. He said gloomily, “Serene, you haven’t paid for what you have done yet. If you die, your family will die with you.” The Silas family was the people she cared about the most. In order to protect the Silas family, in order to consolidate the family’s interests, she could even sell her body… Ah, this was the pure and innocent young lady of the Silas family. Her body was beautiful, and she was a natural stunner that seemed like she was born to seduce men. Therefore, if she tried to flirt or seduce anyone, it would be very difficult for any men to refuse her, including his foolish self in the past. He used to be fascinated by her. He even naively thought that she harboured true love for him. He was so stupid that he fell for her genuinely. Serene was already seriously injured, but now her chin was pinched, and it made her feel that she was inching closer and closer to death If she died, would she be able to see her dead child and the father of the child? Perhaps, they had been waiting for her on the other side for a long time. Even if the other world was dark, even if there were countless obstacles, that was okay as long as she had the ones she loved the most. As long as they were there, then that world would be the perfect world for her. Thinking of them, Serene relaxed her eyebrows and let out a subtle smile. “What are you smiling at?” How could this damned vicious woman still smile? Did she think that he wouldn’t dare to break her neck? “That’s great!” She murmured and closed her eyes quietly with a smile. “Wait for me.” Seeing her close her eyes in despair, the man was anxious. He held Serene’s shoulder with both hands and shook it hard. “Serene, if you die, I will strip you naked and hang you in Coast City. I’ll show everyone see how cheap you are.” In a trance, Serene seemed to hear a familiar voice. Familiar, but it sounded different. This voice was the same voice she was familiar with, but the tone was different. How could her Jackie Leves talk to her in such a harsh tone? No, he would never treat her that way. So this must be a hallucination, or maybe they had come to pick her up and bring her to another world. Goodbye! Goodbye to the world that used to be lovely but now only brought her despair! Goodbye to those who looked like they loved her but wanted to take advantage of her all the time. She was finally going to see the people she was missing for a long time. As long as she could find them, no one could hurt her anymore. She raised the corners of her lips slightly and closed her eyes. She could not hear anything else, as if she had arrived at another quiet world. “Young Master Leves, wake up! Wake up! If you continue on like this, she will die.” Hearing the shoutings of the other men in the room, several doctors in white coats rushed in. Some pulled Jackie away, while others hurriedly rescued Serene. “I want her alive! She must live! She owed me too much. What right does she have to die?” The man roared like a madman, shouting that he wanted her to pay for what she had done, but his body was so tense because she had given up on her life The doctor who was checking on Serene’s injury said, “Miss Silas injury is no longer serious. She might wake up at any time. But she doesn’t have the will to live anymore and she wants to die.” “I’ve said it already, she cannot die. If she dies, all of you will die.” The man glanced at the doctors in the room. “If you don’t want to live anymore, then let her die. Otherwise, find a way to have her come back to life. No matter what you do.” Everyone was afraid of death. Even if some people said that they weren’t afraid of death, but when death arrived at their door, survival would be the first instinct After checking Serene’s injury, the doctor quickly injected her with two different medications. “Young Master Leves, we temporarily stabilized Miss Silas’ mood. She is fine for the time being. If she really doesn’t have the will to live anymore, even if God tries to save her, I am afraid there is nothing we can do.” “Get out!” The man roared, but his eyes were fixed on the woman on the bed. “Yes.” The doctors were eager to leave. If they stayed here for a second longer, it would be one more second of danger. Their lives were on the brink of death too. After they ran out, the ward returned to silence again. It was terribly quiet. The man stared at Serene on the bed for a while, then he took slow steps and approached her. He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, Serene, aren’t you a pity? You’ve sold your body to help the Silas family, but you were only used as a pawn.” “Serene, don’t you think you’re cheap? You are already like this and you’re still thinking about them?” As he said this, the man suddenly laughed, and his laugh was ghastly. “Serene, maybe you have long forgotten how you sold your body to protect your family. Perhaps you have long forgotten how you beautiful you were when you were with me.” The man got up, slowly took off his clothes, and got on the bed. He smiled coldly and evilly. “Then let me relive your memory.” Without any preparation, he forced himself into her like a beast. He used the most primitive way to wake her up, it was an intimate intercourse they used to be familiar with. He attacked her little by little, trying to wake her up in such a cruel way.

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