My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 800

Outside the window, the cold wind was blowing, and it was raining heavily. It had gotten a lot colder in Coast City. It was cold outside, but Serene Silas felt like she was in boiling water. Wasn’t she dead already? She even saw Jackie Leves come to pick her up with their child. Why could she still feel pain when she was dead? “No…” She opened her mouth but could not make a sound. She wanted to push her pain away, but she was too weak to move her hand. She only felt that the pain was getting stronger and stronger. It was so intense that she could not ignore it anymore. It was so strong that she felt that her body was about to be torn apart. She tried hard to see clearly who was hurting her. She wanted to see the devil who refused to let her go even when she was about to die. She struggled subconsciously. As soon as she moved, the pain seemed to be more intense, as if it was venting a lot of anger and dissatisfaction. Serene tried hard to fight for a long time. Finally, she slowly opened her eyes. Just as she opened her eyes gradually, the strong light hurt her eyes, and then she instinctively closed her eyes again. After resting for a while, she slowly opened her eyes and slowly adapted to the light… When she finally could see clearly, she saw a masked man lying on top of her, he… Realizing what the masked man was doing, Serene was so scared that she screamed and wildly pushed and hit him. She wanted to push him away. However, the man was as heavy as a mountain on her body. No matter how she pushed him, he was still so strong and powerful that she couldn’t push him at all. “No… Don’t.” She cried and screamed desperately, but she watched helplessly as the man did whatever he wanted. “No? Hehe..” The man sneered. “Serene, that’s not what your body is telling me.” “No…” She waved her hand and scratched the man’s back. The pain and hatred could be seen through her eyes. She roared, “Devil, I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!” “Kill me? Are you sure? You are already a dying person, how will you kill me? Huh?” The man let out a voice like a devil’s groan, full of sarcasm and disdain. “Even if I die, I will make you die with me! You devil!” She glared at the masked man with her scarlet eyes. She couldn’t wait to tear his face apart. “Then let’s have a try. Let’s see when I’m done with you, if you can still get your revenge?” He curled his lips and smiled evilly. “How is it? Can you feel me?” How could she not feel it? He had a strong presence. Not only was he in her, but she felt his aura and dominance in the whole room too. Disgusting! Scum! She was so disgusted she wanted to vomit. When the man got close to her again, Serene bit the man’s ear with all the strength and courage she could muster up. He hurt her didn’t he? Then she would not let him go too. She wanted him to suffer more than she did. She bit his earlobe hard. Blood dripped down on her face, and also staining the white sheets and quilts on the bed. There was a lot of blood, but the man looked like he couldn’t feel pain. The corners of his mouth were still curled up in an evil smile, and he was still strong. “Serene, remember this! Remember this moment, remember how I’m f*cking you.” The man’s voice was low and full of evil temptation Serene bit his earlobe hard and bit off a piece of meat. The blood covered her whole mouth, making her look like a crazy vampire. “Devil, no matter who you are, no matter who sent you, I will make you die a terrible death.. Uh uh.” Before she could finish her words, the man pushed deep again, and she let out an embarrassing moan that she did not want to make She was disgusted with him, and even more disgusted with herself As the man said, her body was more honest than her mouth At such a disgusting moment, she even had a reaction that she should not have. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” She murmured with tears in her eyes. She was sorry for her Jackie, and that she couldn’t head to another world to meet him and their child soon. Sorry! Sorry! It was all her fault. She couldn’t even protect her own innocence. Why? Why did these demons stop her just as she was about to die? Who on earth had such a deep grudge against her? In her life, she had never done anything evil. She lived in this world with a kind heart. Why couldn’t this world be kind to her too? When she was very young, the world destroyed her parents. After she grew up, the world destroyed her beloved man and her child. Now the world had completely destroyed her. In this time of desperation, she felt like she heard a sweet male voice saying to her, “Serene, your parents are not around anymore. Let me protect you in the future.” “Serene, don’t be afraid. Don’t think too much. No matter what happens, you still have me.” “Serene, I like you. In two years, let’s get married. Be my bride! That man only told her these words once, but it was deeply engraved in her heart and she could not forget those words. She had been waiting for him to come back, to take her away from these terrible people, and to fulfil his promise to her. But all of this was ruined by the devil who was on top of her. Even if she killed this man with her own hands, she could not find the courage to see her Jackie after she died. Why? Why? She didn’t understand! She yelled out in her right, why did they deprive her of the courage to die? There was no room for her in this world, and she was too ashamed to go to that world where Jackie might be. Where should she go in the future? At this moment, she didn’t even have the courage to die, Perhaps, she needed to live well and avenge for herself. “Serene… Come with me, I’ll take you to a place.” She seemed to have heard the lovely male voice again, and it was calling her name gently. In a trance, she seemed to see him waving to her and smiling at her. “Jackie… I’m sorry, I can’t go with you, because from now on, I don’t deserve you.” She called his name in the depths of her heart. She slowly closed her eyes, clenched her teeth, and suffered the intense torture. Jackie, let’s not see each other again! “If we could meet in the next life, I will wait for you. I will be clean and innocent then.” The masked man spoke beside her ear: “Serene, if you’re so brave, then stay alive and fight me. Otherwise… I won’t even let go of you even when you die.”

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