My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 801

It was lunch time. Karen Joy Kyle found a place to sit, and when she saw Yaya walking into the dining hall looking lost, she immediately waved her hand high, “Sister Yaya, I’ve got your meal here.” “Oh.” Yaya answered. She walked up to Karen Joy lifelessly and massaged her head and sore neck. “I guess I slept in an awkward posture last night. My neck is stiff and I even feel dizzy” It wasn’t her posture, it was obviously because of the drug. She was still affected by the drug. Karen Joy knew about it, but she couldn’t tell her. However, she thoughtfully prepared an antidote for Yaya. “Sister Yaya, drink the soup first, it’ll nourish your body and you may feel much better after drinking it.” Yaya didn’t as further as she took the soup and began drinking it. After she drank the hot soup, she did feel much better. She sighed and said, “Little Jar, it’s so good to have you here. I have been with Burly and Shane for a few years, and I’ve never seen them so thoughtful. “Who’s speaking ill of us?” Burly came over with his food and sat opposite them. “Little Jar, don’t listen to Yaya’s nonsense. In fact, I am very considerate. Let me tell you, if I have a girlfriend, I will definitely take good care of her.” “So what if you are considerate? Do you think you can get Little Jar just because you are considerate? Let me tell you, Little Jar already has someone she likes.” Yaya embarrassed Burly mercilessly. “How is that possible?” Burly didn’t want to believe that Little Jar liked someone else. But after thinking thoroughly, he knew that she was such an excellent girl, so there must be a lot of people who wanted to go after her. It was possible that she could like any one of them too. “Look at yourself, if I wouldn’t fall for you, how can you expect Little Jar to like you?” Shane came with his food and sat down too. He also joined in to mock Burly. “Shane, careful with your words, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.” Burly gave Shane a ferocious look. “I’m just teasing. Bite me if you can.” Shane challenged him again and he was prepared to tease Burly even more. Listening to them arguing with each other, Karen Joy ate her food while thinking of her Brother Lionel Last night, the two of them cleared the air. Brother Lionel also showed her his real appearance. No matter how their future was, she believed that nothing could separate them. When she thought of Brother Lionel, Karen Joy let out a subtle smile silently. “Little Jar, are you laughing at me too?” He didn’t mind if others teased him, but he took it to heart when he saw Karen Joy laughing at him too. “Ah?” Karen Joy was slightly stunned, and she immediately understood what Burly was talking about. She then laughed again and said, “Burly, Sister Yaya has made it clear that I have someone I like. As for me, I’m a loyal person, if I’ve decided on a person, I’ve decided for a lifetime. Besides him, I really do not think other guys would stand a chance. It’s not that they are not good, it’s just that he is too perfect in my heart. Since she was young, Karen Joy was a very assertive child. It was difficult for her to change the things she had already decided After she decided on Brother Lionel, she only thought of him. Her mind and her heart were only filled with him. Burly expressed his dissatisfaction and said, “Little Jar, you’re still so young. Don’t regret it when you meet a more excellent guy in the future.” “A more excellent guy?” Karen Joy pursed her lips and chuckled. Looking around, who else in Country A could be better than Mr. President? Anyway, she knew that the answer was none. “Don’t you think I’m right?” Burly said proudly, “Little Jar. Take advantage of your youth, and date more people. When you get older, you won’t regret it.” “Burly, I don’t agree with you in this.” Yaya interrupted, “When you men think about dating more people, to put it bluntly, you guys are just animals who think with the lower part of your body Buzz… Karen Joy’s phone vibrated in her pocket and interrupted their discussion. She smiled apologetically and said, “Sorry! I’m going to get this.” It was Blake White who called, and he was reporting about Serene Silas. After listening, Karen Joy couldn’t calm down for a long time. Her heart was beating really fast, and she felt some sense of hurt and pain for her. She was not entirely shocked at her news, but she was shocked as Serene was involved in the murder case that happened in Country A a year ago. In the murder case a year ago, the person who died was a member of the top authority of Country A. At that time, the news shook the core of the high-ranking group in Country A. Since the news was related to the biggest power forces in Country A, so the news was covered up. Therefore, even when Karen Joy researched a lot about Country A and about Nathaniel, she had never heard of this news. She knew what the common citizens of Country A knew. She had no idea how Nathaniel had climbed to the position of President and how difficult his life must have been in the past few years. She knew that it was not easy, but it never occurred to her that it would be this difficult. She probably underestimated political strife. A year ago, there was a murder case… a planned and shocking murder case. On that day, the President and the First Lady of Country A, as well as some other high-ranking and important officials, attended a meeting. After the meeting, they were stopped by some “guards” who suddenly rushed in. Some of them died of gunshot wounds before they could ask what was going on. At that time, the First Lady of Country A, Nathaniel’s mother, was shot in the heart and died on the spot. When Nathaniel received the news and rushed over, his mother was on the verge of death as she waited for him. She wanted to say something to him, but she couldn’t He held his mother in his arms and watched his mother took her last breath in his arms. It was also on that day that the noble Leaves family, who had always supported Nathaniel, was killed. Jackie Leves, who was Nathaniel’s best friend, vanished from thin air and no one knew what happened to him. In just one day, Nathaniel lost his mother, his best friend, and his most capable supporter who could help support him as he became President. Within a day, he had lost so much… Karen Joy’s heart was torn as she tried to imagine his pain. She did not know how he endured all these alone. It made sense why Brother Lionel was unwilling to reconcile with her, or why he always wanted to say something but stopped on second thought. He had to always use another identity to meet her. It was not that Brother Lionel did not take her seriously, but he just valued her a lot. He was afraid that what happened a year ago would happen again. He lost his mother and his best friend on the same day… He must be afraid of losing her too. At that time, her Brother Lionel lost a person who was very important to him, and he didn’t even have anybody beside him. Those days must have been tough for him.

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