My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 802

Karen Joy Kyle really hated the fact that she did not find her Brother Lionel earlier. If she had found Brother Lionel at that difficult time, he would not be alone. He would feel better with her by his side. But she knew very well that she didn’t have the ability to reverse time, and it was impossible for her to turn back time and make things right again. Hence, she had to cherish the present. She wanted to let Brother Lionel know that he had her, and that she would stay by his side. “Miss…” On the phone, Blake White shouted her name a few times, then Karen Joy came back to her senses. “Yes.” Karen Joy took a deep breath and tried to calm down. “Blake, thank you for telling me so much. Please also help me protect Mr. President in the future. You must ensure his safety. I absolutely don’t want anything to happen to him.” After that, she hung up the phone. She looked up at the sky and said softly, “Brother Lionel, you protected me in the past, now let me protect you.” Karen Joy turned on the camera of her phone and took a selfie where she smiled very brightly. She edited the photo and captioned, “Just had lunch, sitting outside the tent to bask in the sun and missing the person like. I’m letting him know that no matter where I am, my heart is by his side.” After editing it, Karen Joy sent it to Nathaniel. She liked him, and she wanted to tell him that, so that he wouldn’t feel lonely. Soon, Karen Joy received a reply from Nathaniel, “Little girl, the person you miss is also missing you. He asked me to tell you that no matter where he is, his heart is still with you.” “Okay, I know now. Thank you for telling me, my dear Mr. President,” Karen Joy typed again and sent it. She smiled gently at her phone. Her Brother Lionel became more and more expressive. He would definitely be able to say sweet words to make her happy under her influence. However, what if he learned these sweet words and flirted with other girls later? “Little Jar, the food is getting cold!” On the other side, Burly shouted loudly. “I’ll be right there.” Karen Joy got up, patted off the mud on her clothes, and ran to the dining hall. At the same time, at North Palace, Nathaniel saw Karen Joy’s text message. He reacted almost the same as Karen Joy did. He raised his lips slightly and smiled gently. However, just as he was feeling slightly better, a second later, Jason Lesley opened his door and rushed in. He said urgently, “Mr. President, the Silas family has released the video of Miss Silas’ murder. It seems that they think that we are hiding Miss Silas.” “It seems that they can’t sit still after all.” Nathaniel chuckled. “If he wants to release it, let him do it. The murderer is from the Silas family, the murdered is also a member of the Silas family. Let’s see if everyone in the country are blind.” Old Master Silas was a founding father of the country, who had accompanied Nathaniel’s grandfather and fought for the country. He had also been in charge of the military of the country for many years. Moreover, he was once more powerful and stronger than the Old Master of the Cooper family. The Silas family almost became the leader of the country. But history was history. There was no “if” or “maybe”, in the end, the Silas family was not stronger than the Cooper family. The Cooper family ruled the country instead. Among the three generations of the Silas family, only Old Master Silas managed to secure high positions and power. His children and grandchildren were disappointing members of the family, and none of them worked in politics. Therefore, when Old Master Silas was old enough to let go of the power in his hands, none of the Silas family members had the ability to take over his position overseeing the army. Since the Silas family had no successor, the third son of the Cooper family, who had always been hiding in the dark appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. Nathaniel stood out among many candidates and took over the country’s army. He became the first President of Country A that also took charge of the military at the same time. Power was more addictive than drugs. Once you enjoyed the pleasure that power brought, it was difficult to put that down again Old Master Silas was also a person who almost stood at the highest place in Country A. Of course, he was not willing to sit idly by and stay at home. Nathaniel had always known that Old Master Silas wanted the Silas family to reclaim their power and status, but the Silas family’s children and grandchildren were all cowards and incompetent. None of them had the ability After struggling for two years, Old Master Silas exhausted all his strength. He accepted his reality and had to let go. And now, the Silas family caused such a big commotion. It was hard to convince others that there wasn’t a mastermind behind the scenes. Nathaniel concluded that there must be someone hiding behind him, and this real murderer was just starting to take action. On Misty Mountain. It was still raining, and the weather was getting darker and darker. It was only three o’clock in the afternoon, but the day looked as dark as night. Serene Silas’ mood was also as gloomy as the weather. Perhaps, her mood was even gloomier than this weather. Serene lay on the bed, half naked, and looked up at the ceiling quietly. The man who was as horrible as a devil tortured her for two hours, and then he left, leaving her to suffer alone. Before leaving, he said, “Serene, I’ve heard people say that you can make a man die of lust. After today, I can only say that you are just mediocre. I’m tired of you already, you can die now.” The demon’s voice was still ringing in her ears. In the room, she could still feel his presence. This proved that she wasn’t in a nightmare… she was living in it. Tired of her? She could die now? Who did he think he was? He could play her just as he wished? He said that he was tired, so she could die already? She didn’t want to! She wanted to live well, and was willing to wait for the day she could kill the devil who had destroyed her chastity Thump! Thump! The knock on the door interrupted Serene’s thoughts. She wanted to hide and pull up the quilt to cover the scars, but before she could do so, the person just walked into the room. “Miss Silas, nice to meet you!” Serene covered herself with the dirty quilt slowly. She didn’t look back and didn’t say anything. Without any response, the woman spoke again, “Miss Silas, if you don’t want to respond, then I’ll start.” She’d start? What else did they want to do? Serene turned around and glanced at the person coldly. She asked weakly, “Who are you? Where is this? Why am I here?” She knew she couldn’t get the answer, but she still asked anyway “I am your professional caretaker, Nina. This is the Misty Mountain. My Young Master invited you here.” Serene thought that she could not get any answers, but this person gave her all the answers. Professional caretaker? The demon tortured her so badly and even gave her a professional caretaker, did he want her to be grateful to him?

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